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This page is for those that want to be an Contributor, Author or Editor if you would just like to send us a story, press release or picture click HERE

If you like to control and Want to “do it yourself” read on to become an Contributor or Author!

The intent of Londonderry NH net is to provide a forum so residents can tell their own stories, upload and display photographs. It is your site open to what interests you as an active resident of this very special home we all call Londonderry.

How do I get my article on this site?
You need not send us your stories and “hope” that we publish them you are the author!

Our goal is to have as many “hometown news sections” as we have groups, interests and events here in Londonderry, New Hampshire. If you run a preschool play group, youth group, club, sports team, teen group, leadership organization, active adult club, service organization, religious group, or elderly center this is the place to share your activities. As long as what you write falls within our terms of use and privacy rules your information will not be refused, ignored or removed.

What do I do first?If you have found this screen you have taken the first step, you can read and use any of the tools and links available to you here at LondonderryNH.net

Did you know that in just the first few weeks of testing that this site comes up in the top 5 on every search engine when looking for information about Londonderry?”

The first step is to register, this will set you up as a “subscriber” as a subscriber you can comment on any story that has been written! This is an interactive site with the registered readers adding information or contributing new facts to any “Citizen Author’s” story.

What is the next step?

If at this point you are interested in becoming a Contributor go to the end of this page and fill in the form. We would be happy to have you write a story or two. When you do as soon as you press “Publish” it will be posted, right up top for everyone to read. It is that easy, even better if you have pictures to show, you can upload them on your own. Just follow our technical guide to the get the best looking story in Londonderry.

This is Fun, what now?

Once your feet are wet, you may be promoted to “Author” where you can become an expert in your field with other community members looking to you for guidance and information. For those of you who love to manage, and are good at finding errors you may wish to advance to “Editor” where you have the ability to fix others little mistakes or be on the lookout for the extremely rare case of misuse that my show up on your Hometown Online News, Londonderry NH net!

What is Londonderry NH net, and why is it Londonderry’s Hometown Online News?

This is not a blog about one person or subject, it is not a chat room to find new friends, and it is not an open forum to complain about the bad things in Town. It is a gathering place for Londonderry Citizen’s to share what is great about the things you do, the fun you have, the community we are all proud of.

What are you waiting for? Try it out!

  • Search on what has been written
  • Browse your Section of interest
  • Check out the older articles to get ideas

Then, once you are promoted (within 24 hours of your request) Write!

Ready to get started? Click HERE to register!

Now I am registered, what next?

Fill in this simple form and we will promote you to Write! Londonderry Hometown Online News!

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Need technical help on posting a story?

How do I Sign up?

Go to the main page, on the right hand side you will find a box that looks like this screen shot here.

Register Help Screen

Select “Register” by clicking on that word (it is a link)

It will take yo to this page

Enter your name and email when you see this screen

Pick any username you would like, most authors use their real name. Enter your E-mail address, this is only used to send you a password, tell you if someone commented on your work, or send you a new password if you forget yours.

A short cut to the Register For This Site Page is HERE

What happens next?

At this point you are a subscriber, you can write a comment on any other story. Request to be promoted by using the form on this page, we will promote you in no more than 24 hours. (By involving a person in the process we keep out internet robots that just want to spam sites like this.)

I like to write my story’s in word how do I do that?

Word ads formatting if you copy out of word and paste into the page content window directly it will look funny. You should paste into notepad, (in the accessory’s menu) then copy from that program and paste it into the Londonderry Hometown Online News edit window (page content).

I have a long story how do I split the story?

It is a good idea to split a story, it will also help to find out how much people like what you write! We track how many times people “read the complete story”.

In the edit window put your cursor where you would like the break to be. Touch the icon that looks like two boxes with a dashed line between them. Everything above the line will be on the “Front Page” everything below the line can be read by touching the hyper link at the end of the “teaser”.

How to Split a Londonderry Hometown Online News Story

The graphic shows what the screen looks like and provides further instructions. It is good to “tease” the reader to get them to read the rest of the story.

How do I Upload and place a photo?

The best size for every image is 495 pixels wide by how tall it falls (or how tall you want it). This will provide you with a image that is a full column wide in the story if you select “Full size” when it is sent to the editor. JPG files at medium resolution work best. Please save the files with the following prefix, YEAR|MONTH|DAY_. For example the first of August would be “20070801_”, this just helps to keep things straight, and easy to find for the sys-ops. (system operators)

Follow these three steps for adding a story after you have saved your image to the specifications above.

Step 1: Browse for your file by pushing “browse” select the file on your system, ad a title and push upload. The title is important it helps the visually impaired and provides information for the search engines, they can not see pictures.

Did you know that when you search on “Londonderry anything” that this site will almost always come up on the first page?

Upload a file to Londonderry Hometown Online News

Step 2: Select what you would want “Thumbnail” or “Full Size”

Step 3: Put your cursor in the story where you want the photo to appear and push the “Send to editor” button.

You may move the photo around in the story. If you would like the text to wrap around the image (thumbnails) select the image and select the justify left tool. The 8th tool from the left in the tool bar.

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