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The Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center (CVC) of Londonderry, NH works to promote the town and region with the goal of desirable commercial and industrial development, as stated in their mission statement. Part of this mission is to showcase the aspects of Londonderry that make it such a unique place to live, work and play.

From the farms and agricultural locations, to the family-run and industrial businesses, Londonderry has more to offer than most realize. That’s why the CVC makes it a goal to showcase the reasons why “Business is Good. Life is Better!” in Londonderry.

Be sure to watch this video to learn more about the CVC and its mission!

Visit the CVC, join their mission, or learn more about Londonderry at VisitLondonderry.com.


Trails, Texting, and Great Business Around Londonderry

Here it is Friday morning again. It is so very strange but the older you get, the weeks really do seem to move even faster. Probably the first thing I should tell you is that many of you said about my back, “give it a couple weeks, maybe a month,” and it will probably start to feel better. Well, so far you are right. What a slow process though. Opposites again: time passes faster with age and sadly healing most things seems so long and drawn out. The idea of putting on a sock or shoe over wearing slippers, everywhere I go, still would be my first choice. I didn’t need the Cryomax yesterday so that was a big deal. Of course, pain affects our moods, and mine has been a little tainted. When you can’t do the little things you’re used to doing, it’s hard and frustrating and I think lots of us get a little nasty. Well enough about that.

On Monday night, when I remember, the girls and I like to put on the public television channel to, yes watch daddy, and to hear what is going on in our Town. We have never watched the entire meeting, but we seem to be watching more and more. This week I was so glad we put it on right at 7pm. The first thing the council had to address was something related to a text message that John read out to the public, of course with the blessings of the person that took the time to participate and the “Ok” of the council. It was a spur of the moment, unplanned, I think great idea thing. The points were important, it was discussed and appreciated.

Well the next phrase that comes to mind is “GIVE ME A BREAK!” I think I will use that a lot today. Oh it must be my back – I can feel a little “nasty” coming on which usually doesn’t happen often with me. John and the council feel they did the right thing, the meeting had moved on and that was that.

Well of course it wasn’t to someone who, let’s not forget might have a hurt back or something else too, publicly decides they need to dress down the council for that decision. Then we watched as John had to apologize for whoever this was, and I really don’t know or care, but again Give ME A Break. Some people just always look for the nasty, what someone is doing wrong instead of the zillion things they have done right. Now that makes me think of how we all sometimes treat those that are closest to us. Another story down the road; but “back” to this.

How sad. Quotes have been a big part of this week and here’s one a dear friend wrote to me: “No Good Deed goes Unpunished.” That’s how our town council must feel every once in a while.

I need to step back and think maybe the person who was demanding this big text message be addressed hurt their back too or something else. Wish we could all just be nice and even if you really feel strongly about it, say it in a nice way, not that, “Oh I Got You! Ha Ha!” mode.

I thought it was a great idea that someone took the time to send a text. Isn’t that the world we live in now? I bet someday the town will have to hire not a stenographer but a professional texter to screen texts that are sent into various meetings or heck even radio stations before they are read. The kids tell me I have to get savvy on all of this but then when someone tries to it’s a big deal. Too funny really, but oh well.

Oh, one more about our changing world and time moving faster. While I was waiting at Pat’s Peak again Wednesday night, I captured a table upstairs and spread out all my paper work for Visit Londonderry. The table was covered, notes upon notes, sticky notes, big notes, business flyers. I should have taken a picture. Well this nice young waiter, probably just out of college, stops over and says, “What are you doing with all this paper?”

Years ago, or still to someone maybe 40 and up, this would have looked impressive, showed how very busy I am. This cute kid looked at me as though I was Raggedy Ann. Then toss in my back with the Cryomax. What a sight I must have been. I was there for 3 hours. I responded back, “Well, don’t you have a lot of paper?” He responded back, “No Way, I don’t have any paper. I do all my banking, pay my bills, telephone book, pictures – you name it and it’s on my phone.” No Paper! My mouth dropped.

I had to push more, I said come on you must have some paper. He said the only paper I keep is, “business cards, and I have a big stack of those.” Then I said, “How old are you anyway?” He said, “24, what are you?” I said 52. He said, “Oh I would have guessed 28!” With a big laugh. You know, I used to like that joke and now I really hate that one. Funny how things change. What a great conversation though. No paper, what a different world. I guess it’s like the texting, we have to get on board, like it or not. I, like the person who complained, don’t like it either, but it is what it is. Give me a break, no paper!

Now the real gift – what my daughter and I got out of watching that meeting was that I learned so much about Londonderry Trailways.  Now the real gift my daughter and I got out of watching that meeting was that I learned so much about Londonderry Trailways.  Now I might have some of my information wrong here and forgive me if I do… but I remember Sandy and Russ Legueux dreaming about Trailways, dear me it must be well over 10 years ago, when one of my family’s favorite kids in the world Sidney was in my girl scout troop.  Honestly with all my optimism, I thought it sounded great, but let’s face it NH, New England in general can be very difficult to change.

My daughter Meredith just found a new quote this week, she has inspirational quotes all over her room. This one said something like “For something to be possible, it had to be deemed impossible.” Well Sandy and Russ have so much heart and passion, love for our community that they forged ahead and look at the gift Trailways is creating for our town. I listened to Sandy and Bob at the meeting, sharing their vision for the Trailways Expansion program. Our Town and People really seem to be on board! Thank Goodness!

This vision Londonderry Trailways has, to make us part of something so great and so vast, is simply beautiful. I listened and learned that this project will connect Londonderry to communities all over New England. It will be a gathering place for all of us, young and old.

We all need to give to this effort in whatever way we can. I’m a little embarrassed to say that my family hasn’t done anything to support Trailways, but you can bet we will use it once it’s here for us! Money is tight for so many people, but if we all gave even a little it would end up being a lot and this would get done, as it should. I think the number they said was around $200,000. This would expand things a mile and we all hope it will go beyond that. That number used to sound so beyond the stars to me, but now with our oldest heading off to college next year, that has become the number that people tell us 4 years of college will most likely cost.

It’s huge to most of us, but it’s so little for all we will be getting. Just like college, we need to invest in the future of Londonderry and let’s start helping Trailways so our children and families now can begin to enjoy it. Money is needed of course, and if you’re one of those very blessed people that has more money than they know what to do with tucked away, Dear God, give some of it to this good cause. A dear friend always says “You Can’t Take It With You” and you know she is right. A couple big donations and this would be done. Please help in any way you can. They need our time and voices too! God Bless them (and I apologize that I don’t know the names of everyone beyond the scenes who is working so hard on this) and let’s help them.

At one of our first events for Visit Londonderry, our Family Day at Adams Pond Road, Londonderry Trailways provided free maps of the orchard trails and even had a volunteer there to give information and help out. As a matter of fact, it was Charlie from DG Cycle. Boy can I get on a tangent!

Oh, Sandy and Bob mentioned that they now have PayPal too. Don’t laugh, I’ve never used it before but I will today. I will “put my money where my mouth is” and donate $25 from our family. Please match that or give what you can. You know when you are working as hard as these volunteers are even if you PayPal $5, you’re just letting them know you care and that you are behind this project. If you’re a business in town, what are you waiting for, they need you.

I think I heard a reader out there yell “Next”, I know your right. Move on for Goodness sakes!

Back to a few of the places On The Road Took me this week.

With the New Year, everyone starts to think about Tax Time. Again, the years seem so much shorter now; how did someone establish that this should be done every year? Seems like you just find your receipts from one year and your hunting again for the next. Anyway, I talked with David Picchi; he is a CPA in town and has been helping individuals and businesses for many years. He called to say he believes in the vision of Visit Londonderry and wants to become a member.

How great is that? We are going to meet next week. I really liked talking to him. He got to the point, praised Visit and we made an appointment to meet. I need to get better at that. I think that’s the sign of an exceptional CPA, accurate, friendly, thorough but very efficient, organized and precise. I can tell he will be an asset to Visit Londonderry and if you need help with all that “paperwork” that you have and if all those numbers frustrate you as much as they do me, give David a call 603 432-3394.

Hey I just realized I have two David’s to tell you about this week. This was a first time for me taking to someone in this profession, this David, David Wilder is a Videographer. David heard about Visit Londonderry through a great architect friend in town Jim Wisniewki. Thank You Jim for spreading the word for us about Visit Londonderry and believing in us.

David’s business is in Bedford. http://www.b2bvideonh.com/nh-business-videos/business-video-portfolio. He explained that this all came about when his mom asked him to video tape his grandma so that she could share her stories. Video Biographies was where he began. Now he has expanded into many other areas. If you look on his site, you will see he even does college application video’s, home movie transfers, celebrations and so many other things. That part of his business is called Treasured Memories Video but he has also expanded now to satisfy corporate needs and that is called B2B Video Solutions. He said one of the most powerful marketing tools is having someone go to your site and see a few of your true customers briefly saying what they love about your business. I would love that. You’ll love his site and it got me thinking about so many things.

Ok, I promise this is the last thing I have to tell you about this week. I was completely shocked! I have not been into Re-Runs Consignment shop in a couple years. They were wonderful when I had to do something with so many little things in my mom’s home. Since then they have moved to 3A Crosby Lane; I would describe it as right behind Tupelo’s. It is beautiful now, and it was before too, but it was getting a little too crowded in there. Now it’s spacious and that building is simply elegant, lovely. I spoke to one of the staff and she was as patient, kind and peaceful as all of the surroundings. I said to her that I plan to go back with a friend or two and a Dunkin Doughnuts hot tea and just linger around. Stop in and visit, I promise you’ll relax and enjoy even if only for a few minutes. They have everything from contemporary items to very delicate antique treasures. You’ll be surprised too.

Well I decided, just now, that I wanted to end with a quote. I have this little book I love called Commitment to Excellence that’s full of quotes. Sometimes I like to just open it up to a random page and see what it says. Here goes, and the winner is page C16. Funny, it brings us back to Trailways.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

With A Grateful Heart Sherry


Shoveling, Running, Flowers and More, In Londonderry

Here it is Friday morning again… The world did not end on December 21st, another time I worried for nothing.  .  I’m sure the couple I wrote about last week are relieved too!  I wonder if they ended up buying that gift or not?

John says I worry constantly and he is right.  I worry most about my family but you can bet I worry about everyone else too.  You name it I can worry about it.  Wish there was a way I could make money at worrying for people.  I think in years past mourners were hired to cry at funerals and other sad gatherings.  Maybe there is a career in worrying for me.  Before I became a mom I worried about hardly anything.   I dreamed of getting my pilots license just for the fun of it, now I’m afraid to get on a plane!   How life does change in beautiful and difficult ways often unexpectedly.

Christmas 2012 has passed, but for many of us we are still in that Christmas Air until we ring in 2013 next Monday Evening at midnight.    When I thought about writing On The Road this Week, I realized I didn’t have much to tell you about, but then yesterday many things changed… yes unexpectedly. . here goes…

I had pretty much decided that I would take this week off from Visit Londonderry and Kathy and Steve were great with that.  Thursday I started to get that itch to look at my members, contact some I haven’t gotten back too, and do a little work.  All Good All Easy.  It was snowing out and I could hear John getting ready to head out to snow plow and shovel, all those wintery kind of things that need to get done.  For once I decided I should head out and give him a hand.  He was surprised but glad for the help.  I started shoveling the snow, feeling very helpful and strong and then it happened….  I’ve heard about this but never thought it would happen to me… I’m in pretty good shape, not great but good, I thought my legs and back were strong.  John warned me “honey the snow is heavy”, I think I smiled with one of those “I can handle this, piece of cake” looks.

Front steps, no problem heavy yes, but felt great and the snow and fresh air… this is where I need to be!  So I thought…. Back steps, one wrong move, one shovel amount that was too much and Oh No!  what I have only heard about…some of you know what I’m about to type…. One big heave Ho and OUCHHHHHHHHHH

MY BACK!  A horrible pain shot across the entire width of my lower, very low, back!  Oh Dear God, then what do you do?  I hung onto our grill, tried to catch my breath and realized I better not move.  OK, then what.  Suddenly I felt like I was in the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer Movie…. I kept thinking “put one foot in front of the other….”  I think it was Cornelius who sung it!  Dear God Again, I tried…. I decided not moving was a better choice.  John was by the shed, making a path for our dog he kept working.  Finally in what seemed like hours which was probably 10 seconds my daughter had just gotten up and had opened the door to say Good Morning, she could tell I was in trouble.  She got me inside… in a flash I went from that mom who had run the Boston marathon less than a year ago, to a mom that was shuffling to just try and put “one foot in front of the other”.   As my dad George would always say…. “To Make A Long Story Short”.   I went from running on the treadmill one minute to moving slower than molasses the next with pain.

All the things I had taken for granted, getting up, sitting down, reaching, laying down took on a life of their own.  Advil, muscle relaxers, our dear doctor friend, cold ice packs and hot showers… here it is 24 hours later, and boy did my world change.   I promise to not keep going on about this… but it did make me think too of all the people that we know that might be alone or who are struggling within their families.  You never really do know what it is like until you walk in their shoes.  One of our best neighbor friends has had chronic back pain for years and he is a young man.  I’ve watched him lay on the floor in pain when we all get together, just so he can still be with us.  I really had no idea what he has been going through for years.  I know I’m being a bit of a baby too, because already I can tell things are feeling a little better.

I guess my thought on all of this is that we all need to be more empathetic and helpful with each other… we are all moving so fast that we often don’t look next door or try to understand what another family is going through.  Look, question and help if you can.  Pick up the phone, knock on a door, bring over a meal, but check on that person you know could use a little help.  Even if it’s someone you think is fine, probably their not, and could use a little cheer, too.  My mom use to say “you never know what goes on behind closed doors” you don’t have to ask, but just check in…

Well even though all that happened with my back somehow a few nice things did still happen with Visit Londonderry.  On Wednesday, I received a call from another George, George Brooks.  George is the owner of Brooks Real Estate Services right here in town.  We had planned to meet Thursday at 10am because he wanted to join our Commerce and Visitors Center, Visit Londonderry.   We had met at the Rotary Meeting last week.  George decided that we could talk on the phone because of the bad weather and that he would join on line.  He is our newest member and we are grateful to have him.  I think George really appreciated the fact that we are not just a wine and cheese type group, where you just pass out business cards.  George and his wife made Londonderry their home when they first started their life together.  George served our country and then decided that Londonderry was the place that they would raise their family.  George’s wife like me grew up here; he grew up in Manchester.  George appreciated that Visit Londonderry is here for our entire community.  Our churches, schools,  businesses, farms, even clubs like the St. Jude’s Women’s Guild.

We talked about how the real estate market has changed through the years and what his business is all about.  Brooks Real Estate Services is one stop shopping for all of your Real Estate needs.  Their greatest focus is on real estate appraising, tax abatement, and consulting.  Having been a teacher for years I was surprised to learn that Brooks Real Estate Services also offers many continuing education classes too.   Many of the topics were ones that us lay people could use to.  Go on line and see everything he has to offer us, right here in our town.  We’ll be interviewing George soon and then you can read his story, they offer so much to our community.  Another good man that is vested in our town, Londonderry.

I can tell with this painful back of mine that sitting in this chair is not going to be an option much longer so I’ll try to wrap this week up… (I know some of you are thinking, Dear God, how does she go on and on….:)  I wanted to tell you more about George’s business, but we will down the road….

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Commerce and Visitors Center Works to Promote Town and Business

The Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center (CVC) of Londonderry, NH works to promote the town and region with the goal of desirable commercial and industrial development, as stated in their mission statement. Part of this mission is to showcase the aspects of Londonderry that make it such a unique place to live, work and play.

From the farms and agricultural locations, to the family-run and industrial businesses, Londonderry has more to offer than most realize. That’s why the CVC makes it a goal to showcase the reasons why “Business is Good. Life is Better!” in Londonderry.

Be sure to watch this video to learn more about the CVC and its mission!

Visit the CVC, join their mission, or learn more about Londonderry at VisitLondonderry.com.


Art Inaction, Londonderry Today, anything but!

What a busy little town today in Londonderry, New Hampshire Dozens of activities all over town.  Just drive around, if you can get past the orchards without a stroll in the blossoms you will find Craft fairs, art shows, plant sales and Giant Yard sales.

Proud contestants in the regional special Olympics were the first to receive awards this morning. Londonderry Fire and Police volunteering for this special duty and helping with an event that draws special athletes from all over southern New Hampshire.  Thanks to Keith Tharp direct from the field for the tweets and the photo. He said it all at 11:30 this morning when we did some breaking news from him and said “film at 11.” His response, “Maybe 11:30. :) LFD and LPD stepping up again volunteering at the event. I love this town!” We all do and it shows!  Make sure to offer a hand to our many visitors to Londonderry today, if they feel welcome they just may come back!

Andy Mack Jr. has been going social networking bonkers this morning, so excited about all the things going on in town.  Kathy ran up to the DI sale on the common and resisted the BBQ, but came home with a huge tomato plant.  Now we need a garden.

Titled “Art Inaction… Is statue?” this image gives just a glimpse into some standalone fun in Ltown today.  Brought to us by Twit Pic and shot by Andy Mack Jr., anyone else remember when that was a bad word?

Statues today in Londonderry are Londonderry High School Art students.

Why not Visit Londonderry today? Sit a while, or walk, or browse, or shop, or hike or just enjoy the blossoms in our 4 orchards and at other farms and homes throughout town.