Globe Reports Apple Crop Froze. Not So Londonderry!

The Boston roumors of a devastated apple crop with production down just can not be proven in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  The six u-pick locations were packed with cars from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and even Maine yesterday.

A frost that hit this year was well handled by our local farmers.  With many of the fields protected by huge fans powered by giant commercial engines all the farms lost was sleep keeping the fields warm.  According to the farm managers, a little adjustment in thinning was all that was required with this years crop. “Sometimes a little frost is a good thing. ” said Mike Cross at sunrise this May 11th, “It will thin out the apples, we just need to see how they develop.”

Develop they did! The same warm weather giving an early start resulted in the season starting two weeks earlier than normal too!  Like a early snow storm the trick is to make sure those looking to pick apples from Boston, Lowell, Burlington and the North Shore know Londonderry is open and ready for your family!

This weekend AP writer Lynne Tuohy reported in the Boston Globe that the May frosts hurt the apple crop in New England.  They even reported entire crops frozen in Maine and 80% of the apples lost in many parts of New Hampshire.

We can guarantee that 100% of the Londonderry crop on our 4 farms with thousands of trees are ready to pick.  Plus you have all the other agrativities like hay rides, petting zoos, walking trails, picnic tables, the thousand acre Musquash preserve, U-Pick fall raspberries, beans, flowers, pumpkins and most of all memories!

Like to see the big fan in operation?  Need details on the “May 11th spring freeze in New England?  Read “Close call for the Londonderry Apples” here in the Londonderry Hometown Online News.