Minutes From Home 2009

5 Minutes From Home ClockThroughout 2009, Londonderry Hometown Online News published articles about family events and locations that were just “Minutes From Home.” The goal was to provide information about the museums, exhibits, outdoor gardens, and festivals, and show readers there is more to do in the area than expected.  Many of these places are also less expensive or free. The locations that were discussed throughout last year are now here, in one place, with a brief description. Also included is a link to the location’s website.

The Aviation Museum of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH is located by the airport. Admission is free and exhibits include information about the events, people and more that have affected New Hampshire’s aviation history. Visit the New Hampshire Aviation Museum website.

The Musquash Conservation Area, with over 900 acres and 15 miles of trails, is located right in Londonderry, NH. The area, a combination of wetlands, hills, and wooded sections, is home to many different animals. Some include moose, deer, turtles, and beaver. Go to Musquash Conservation Area, 900 acres, over 15 miles of trails to read Londonderry Hometown Online News’ article on Musquash. Here, you will also be able to download a map of the trails.

The newly built Velocity BMX Track sits on top of what was formerly known as the Londonderry Raceway. It was completed this past July, and the first race was held in August. Many companies contributed to the completion of the track, including Severino Trucking Co Inc. and Bobcat of NH. For more information on the track, you may read the following articles published by Londonderry Hometown Online News, or visit velocitybmx.com
BMX is Back
Progress Continues at Velocity BMX in Londonderry, NH
First Fall Race at Velocity BMX

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