Old and New Doors and Cold in Londonderry

“Geez Louise.” I’m so sorry; I just counted the pages backwards and I think there are 7 this week! You might want to make a sandwich or least get a cup of tea or coffee if you decide to keep reading. Next week, just to see if I can do it, I’ll try for 2 pages only, promise!

Brrrrrrrrr… When Faye from Martinelli Travel sent me an email yesterday she started it off with “Brrrrrrr…”. I thought it was so darn cute, and so right. Can it get any colder out? Shea and I just came downstairs and thank goodness he headed for the door. I opened the main door no problem, but when I touched that metal handle of the screen door, I felt like I was that kid that would test their tongue on the metal poles outside for whatever reason. I reached to turn the handle as I always do, and I have never felt such cold. I thought my fingers were going to stick! Shea looked at me as though he was saying, “Please don’t make me go out,” and then, “Well, come with me like you usually do,” but this morning I couldn’t even step on the deck. Shea was on his own. I think he broke a world record for the fastest tinkle door to yard and back!

This kind of cold always gets me thinking of the homeless, closer than we like to think. Even this week in our own town we had many people, of course people that are struggling to make ends meet, become homeless, evicted from their apartments. Yes, I know landlords have rights, but it’s just so sad. Maybe on a side note if you’re a landlord that wants to just give a nice family a break, maybe a belated Christmas goodwill, let our office know. Londonderrynh.net. Of course it doesn’t have to be for free, but maybe for a fair price to help even one of these families out.

We (I) tend to whine often that we don’t have money for this or that. John often reminds me, “Big House, Big Bills,” and he is right. Many of us know this, but it scares the life out of me to think of this one mom I met On the Road this week, and our paths seem to cross here and there in life often, that had to take her child out of the only home, a very small apartment that he has known. She said, “Well, we are homeless.” I know they are eating and have shelter with a friend somewhere, but wow, how scary is that? Not knowing where your next permanent shelter will be and knowing that you can’t afford much. Help if you can, please.

Oh, my point was on talking about the cold, that if I have another brain freeze this week while writing I know you’ll understand. I’m really not a big coat or boot wearer, but this week if you saw me around, I ran from door to door with a big red coat and black boots on, too. My daughter always tells me that boots give you confidence; I think she might be right. Whenever I put them on I think of Nancy Sinatra, and my dad, “Brownie,” who loved to play her song “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. Well, even in the cold that’s what I did a lot of this week around our town and yes, it was so very cold.

Back to Faye; the reason she emailed me was that she wanted to let Visit Londonderry know that the Rotary Club is having an Open House at the Granite State South Board of Realtors from 6 to 8 PM this Thursday. It will be a wine and cheese social. Even if you have just a few minutes to spare, stop by and learn about our Rotary and all the good they do. Networking for your business and your heart! Visit Londonderry will be there, too. Try not to miss this event.

Now the next thing I want to just throw out there to you, and I guess it is fitting because early in the story we were talking about money, this week I went into Shaw’s to pick up a few groceries. Now one thing I do try to do because of Visit Londonderry is do a little grocery shopping at each store in town. Specials and coupons from each of our three grocery stores. We’ve always done the bulk of our grocery shopping at Market Basket; we just seem to get the most for our dollar there.

I have to tell you I was “Shocked”, yes “Shocked”, at the amount of things I picked up at our Shaw’s this week and how low the price was! There were daily specials all over and they showed up in my final bill. What a pleasant surprise. I looked for the nice Manager Steve, to tell him again what a “Shock” that was. I know they have been really trying on a corporate level to give us more and it shows. I never thought I would be typing that, but what a difference. A pleasant surprise I guess I could say. Yes my mom, Pearl, did work there for years, and it is so beautifully strange to go through what used to be her register and just remember.

Shaw’s was our first Grocery store in town way back when. Hey, wait a minute, there used to be a very small grocery store in the Crossroads Mall, back in the 70’s. I worked there briefly, that’s another story for the down the road. Does anyone remember the name of it? It was quite large too, three or four cash registers I think. How funny is that? If you have a picture send it to us; we’d love to show everyone. Wish I’d run into Kenny Lynch again, he would know all about it!

Finally on Monday, On the Road got started for me and one of my first visits was with a place in town that I had never even driven into their parking lot before. I bet many of you have never either. I stopped in to meet Pastor Dave at the Londonderry Christian Church right at 372 Mammoth Road. I’ve looked over as we passed it many times, but quickly I learned what a treasure we have been missing.

Their slogan is one of the most welcoming and “real” messages I have heard in a long time. It is “Real people loving and honoring the real God in real relationships”. Everyone is truly welcomed. Pastor Dave is friendly, loving and kind. On their site it says, basically, come as you are and you will find a home there. Wear sandals, “Boots” or pumps, be comfortable, be yourself, come alone or bring your family.

They have a wonderful children’s worship on Sundays, and I had no idea they are the group in town that brought us the Trunk Halloween Fun that so many families enjoy each October. We have an amazing mom’s group in town now called Mom’s group North and South. I think that’s it. Well I know many of these great mom’s and they love this event with their families. Well now we know where it all started.

It’s so sad today that many families are forgetting about the support and family that is waiting for them in each of the churches we have right here in town. Even if you question your own beliefs, that’s ok. Good people like Pastor Dave are offering all of us a haven, a place to not only pray, but to think, to walk in a door with our family, all together even if just for that hour and to find peace. Stop by and remember, come as you are. Well again I had to stop typing and take a break to make my daughter’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Toast. Then we like to walk her down as she starts her day and we say goodbye.

Here I go another tangent but this one is about doors. I’ve always had a thing about when someone leaves our home. I have always felt it is necessary to stand in the door, wave and wait until they drive off. I really think it is because I have such a deep fear (I’ve never admitted this before, but I do) that, God forbid, what if we never see each other again. I really think I’m trying to get every possible minute before they drive off into the world that I can’t control. I want them to know I’m there and I care, I guess. Now, this is not just with those I love, I even do this for a service call!

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