Dozens Evicted from Stonehenge Apartments

Apartments on Stonehenge Road have had quite a few moving trucks and activity since Friday night. A unknown number of families have been evicted from the property for non payment of rent.

Brady Sullivan purchased the property last year with the intent of renovating the units to the standards of other Brady Sullivan properties. Arthur Sullivan said, “We closed on this property three weeks ago, I believe the tenants knew about the sale and pending closing well before that. Many of the renters contacted us and made arrangements to get current on their rent.”

Sullivan indicated that collectively those that were past due on rent totaled to $65,000 he did not know how many units were behind and had been served since we reached him at home Saturday morning.

When asked if there would be price increases on the residents that are staying he indicated that there were no increases. “The renters were properly warned, we did delay the evictions as long as possible, we did not want to do this during the holidays.” said Arther Sullivan.

Fr. Bob Couto and Senator Carson had been contacted and were working options to provide relief to displaced residents. Immediately following our interview Arther Sullivan took a call from Fr. Couto.  Following that call Fr. Couto said “The eviction process is not in any way related to the future rehabilitation or upgrading of the buildings. The requests to vacate is based only on those who owe back rent. The claim that every tenant has received a request to vacate is simply not factual.”

Brady Sullivan Properties intends to renovate units as they are vacated. Other renters will be able to remain in their homes. Sullivan added, “This is a nice setting we would like to renovate and update the units to a higher quality. We will also be renovating the exterior bringing the units up to date. Issuing a request to vacate is hard, this is never a good situation. But some of these people just stopped paying their rent.”