NH Democratic Party Calls For Resignation of Baldasaro

NH Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley and DNC member Kathy Sullivan Call on Londonderry State Representative Al Baldasaro to Resign After Saying NH is “Selling Children to Homosexuals for $10,000 each.”

This video inserted into a comment by one of our readers in our January 4th story about Al Baldasaro asking the Town Council to recognize Marriage as One Man and One Woman.  The statement Dem Party chair Buckley refers to is in this video.

Ray Buckley, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, released the following statement after Republican state Representative Al Baldasaro  (R-Londonderry), while testifying before the NH House Judiciary Committee last Wednesday, stated that “The state of New Hampshire is selling children to homosexuals for $10,000 each.”

“Rep. Baldasaro’s remarks have no place in New Hampshire and certainly not from a state elected official.  He needs to immediately apologize for his outrageous statement.  And his Londonderry colleague House Minority Leader Rep. Sherman Packard, as well as Deputy Minority Leader Rep. David Hess of Hooksett and Republican 16th District Senate candidate Rep. David Boutin of Hooksett should denounce these ridiculously hateful remarks and demand his resignation.”

“The Granite State is a place where people of different backgrounds are accepted, not discriminated against based on their, race, gender, or sexual orientation.  To make such an ignorant comment is an embarrassment to his party, his office, and to our state. Republican legislative leaders should take swift and determined action against Rep. Baldasaro.”

Londonderry Representative Baldasaro said, “I was referring to federal money the state receives from every adoption.”  he continued on to apologize for his poor choice of words in the State House yesterday afternoon.

The law he was referring to was passed in 2008 that allowed unmarried same sex couples in New Hampshire to adopt children.  The $10,000 is a federal program that helps the state recoup the costs of adoption by any adopting couple.

Yesterday afternoon WMUR interviewed Al and in their words “Today he apologized, sort of.”

In the WMUR interview Al said, “The bottom line is I meant no disrespect,” he said. “That was a bad choice of words, saying the state is selling children to homosexuals, and it took the Democrats a week later to run with it, and it gave them something to do.”

The Eagle Tribune this morning in an editorial called Al’s statement a “Silly comment no cause for resignation“  While they called his statement ludicrous they complimented Al in his passion he brings to the job of State Representative in his work for our elderly and veterans.

The Tribune also called Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley statements just as ludicrous.

“Baldasaro made a foolish comment. But as an elected representative, Baldasaro has every right to hold the positions that he does on gay marriage. These views may infuriate some Democrats. But many of Baldasaro’s constituents may agree with them.”

“Democracy is better served when political parties get down to doing the work the people elected them to do, rather than lying in wait for the other side to slip up so they can shout, “Gotcha!” and demand resignations.”

From the January 27th Eagle Tribune Editorial

When asked if he intends to resign as demanded by the New Hampshire Democratic Party he said, “I have no intentions whatsoever the people of Auburn and Londonderry voted me in here, those are the ones that will make the decision at the polls.”