PSNH Publishes Annual Guide to New Hampshire’s Economy

Manchester, NH (December 12, 2012) Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has published its annual guide to the state’s economy, “The 2012 New Hampshire Economic Review.” The review provides the most recent comparative data of key economic indicators that support the Granite State’s claim as the best place in New England to run or start a business and to raise a family.

“PSNH is committed to the vitality of the communities in which we serve and leading the way in pursuing energy solutions that will support robust economic development, good-paying jobs, and a high quality of life for all New Hampshire citizens,” said Gary Long, PSNH President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are pleased to again provide this guide as part of our efforts to support and grow New Hampshire’s economy.”

Key indicators in the guide include tax climate, education rate, unemployment data, and information on the top firms locating and expanding in New Hampshire. The guide is available to view and download on To learn more about growing your business in New Hampshire and how PSNH can help you succeed, please call Pat McDermott, Manager of Community Relations and Economic Development, at 1-800-490-7764 or visit

PSNH is New Hampshire’s largest electric utility, serving more than 500,000 homes and businesses in 211 cities and towns. PSNH is a Northeast Utilities company (NYSE:NU). For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @psnh


Sparhawk @ Chase

This is what fell at 8:18pm last night.  Most – though not all of the Birds – are without power.  Ledgewood has power – so does Heron.  No cable.

Saw the Londonderry “Forestry” truck roll through 30 minutes ago.  No sign of Watty…… friend tells me they never lose power in San Diego (other than that earthquake thing falling into the Pacific).


PSNH Customers May See Change in Electric Bills

Most customers of Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) will see little change in their electric bills on July 1, 2012 if rate adjustments requested by PSNH are approved by state regulators. PSNH filed this week with the NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to adjust its Energy Service rate and Stranded Cost Recovery Charge rate.

PSNH is requesting the Energy Service rate be decreased from 8.75 cents per kWh to 7.83 cents per kWh. State regulators adjust PSNH’s Energy Service rate at least annually, to reflect the company’s actual cost of producing or purchasing energy for its customers. The primary reason for the decrease in PSNH’s Energy Service rate is low energy market prices and a forecasted reduction in ongoing operating costs at PSNH’s power generating facilities. Customers purchasing energy from a supplier other than PSNH will not be impacted by the Energy Service rate decrease and will continue to pay their supplier rate.

PSNH is also requesting the Stranded Cost Recovery Charge rate be increased from 1.23 cents per kWh to 1.94 cents per kWh, primarily to recover costs associated with an agreement to purchase power from five independently-owned biomass power plants. Taken together, the adjustments to the Stranded Cost Recovery Charge rate, the Energy Service rate, along with a recent adjustment of distribution rates, if approved by regulators, means that PSNH’s Energy Service customers using 500 kWh of electricity per month will see an increase of less than one-half of one percent in their monthly bills. PSNH will update its filings in June.

PSNH Rate Change*
Examples for a Residential Customer
*subject to approval by NHPUC
Energy Consumption April 16, 2012 July 1, 2012
500 $89.06 $89.34
600 $104.56 $104.81
700 $120.06 $120.29

PSNH is New Hampshire’s largest electric utility, generating and distributing clean electricity for more than 500,000 homes and businesses in an environmentally friendly manner.


Don’t Forget to Call Watty

As a reminder, you can report power outages HERE or by calling 1-800-662-7764

Keep your friends and neighbors informed, sending outage information to @LondonderryNH on twitter we will broadcast that information to friends, neighbors and town officials.  If you only have a cell phone you can follow us and our breaking news by texting “LondonderryNH” to 40404. Handheld devices will format our website to the best option for your handheld device.

Remember too, commenting on any storm story will provide nearly instant communications to others in the community.  Many may be away and wanting to know storm information.  Those out of town appreciate your assistance, so do we!

Where's Watty Coloring Book Click for a larger image


PSNH to Respond to Londonderry

Residents will be given the opportunity to ask the tough questions this January when Donna Gamache from Public Service of New Hampshire appears on the Londonderry Access Channel. In a live production, Gamache will read and answer the public’s questions regarding the power outages during Snowtober.

Plea for help at the entrance to Acropolis on Route 102 in Londonderry during Snowtober.

The early season snowstorm that hit Halloween weekend postponed Londonderry, and many other town’s, trick-or-treating festivities. The heavy snow that fell on trees still decorated with leaves caused many branches and limbs, and in some cases entire trees, to snap and take down power lines. By the afternoon following the overnight storm, about 237,000 PSNH customers across the state had lost power. School was postponed and many were left asking “Where’s Watty?” for days.

According to reports, the Town Council had talked about hosting a workshop to address the residents’ concerns regarding PSNH’s response times to the storm, however there has been no word on one being scheduled. Therefore, Senator Sharon Carson has decided to take action and has organized the production on the Access Channel.

Gamache, representing PSNH, along with Kathy Wagner, Carson and possibly Cindi Rice Conley, will participate in the production. Residents are encouraged to submit questions and concerns regarding the response times, procedures, and other relevant topics about PSNH. Submitted questions will be answered during the session.

To submit a question, leave a comment on this story before January 5, 2012. The questions will then be collected to be used during the television production later that month. If you are uncomfortable leaving your questions in the comment section, please submit any through our contact page. Check back for more details on when the session will be held.


Bucks for Boilers

With warm weather approaching, many are becoming less concerned with replacing their old furnace or boiler. New Hampshire’s Electric Utilities, which consists of PSNH, Unitil, National Grid, and NH Electric Co-op, and the NH Office of Energy and Planning, don’t want residents to miss the Home Heating System Rebate Program. This program offers incentives for those who purchase and install high efficiency replacement home heating systems or domestic water heaters.

Part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the program offers “cash-for-clunkers” style rebates. When Hew Hampshire residents replace their listed inefficient heating systems with ones that meet EnergyStar® qualifications, they will receive a rebate. The rebates could range anywhere from $100 to $1000. When combined with the Federal Tax Credit for energy efficient products, the rebate could be up to 50% of the cost of the new heating system.

The NH Office of Energy and Planning anticipates a high number of boilers, furnaces and other appliance will be recycled under this program. The rebate is available for all New Hampshire residents, including municipal taxpayers. Funds are limited and applications will be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis. When funds are depleted, the program will stop!

As an extra incentive to the program, Fred Fuller Oil is offering financing for new boilers. Customers pay only one-third upfront on the new appliance. The rest is then financed interest free for twelve months. Fred Fuller is a leading oil supplier to New Hampshire’s Warm Homes, a program for struggling families and individuals who aren’t able to afford oil to heat their homes.

Buderus, a local Londonderry company, manufactures and sells boilers, furnaces and more systems for home heating. The 125BE boiler offered by the company was produced in Europe, where oil prices are higher and environment restrictions are strict. With this in mind, the boilers are created to be very efficient, using every ounce of fuel, and to have a lower impact on the environment. It was designed after Buderus’ G115, the world’s best selling oil boiler, and is now available in North America.

Londonderry Hometown Online News is not sure why no one has used the term “Bucks for Boilers” on this program… We bet they do now!