Derry Teen Hits Londonderry Tree, Sustains Minor Injuries

Londonderry Police and Fire worked together yesterday afternoon to extricate a teen trapped inside his car after hitting a tree on Old Derry Road. The accident was first reported at about 2:30 PM on January 26, 2012 and the incident lasted nearly an hour while crew members worked to get the driver and sole occupant of the car out.

Londonderry Police were first to respond to the accident, with Fire responding shortly after. According to the first responders, the accident occurred in the area of number 15 Old Derry Road. The car reportedly struck a tree and the airbags had deployed. The driver was also reportedly trapped inside the vehicle.

Within ten minutes of the first call, Police and Fire arrived on scene, confirming there was one car involved and the driver was still inside. Just two minutes later, Fire personnel began extricating the driver, reportedly an 18-year-old male from Derry, New Hampshire. During the extrication, police reported that the driver was conscious and alert, but did not comment on the injuries he sustained in the crash.

Less than fifteen minutes after the extrication began, the driver was reportedly removed from the vehicle and was being prepared for transport to the hospital. He was described as a “Status 3″ patient, giving indication that what injuries he did sustain were not serious at the time. The driver’s mother reported this morning, “Amazingly he is ok. He has a broken nose and bumps and bruises. Very lucky.”

During the incident, which ended around 3:25 PM, Londonderry Police shut down the area of Old Derry Road. It was reopened after the vehicle was towed and fire and police personnel cleared the scene. For more pictures of the scene of the accident, visit our Darkroom.

Photos by Cory Nader of Londonderry Hometown Online News.

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Late Night Copter Rescue Impeded in Londonderry

A motor vehicle accident shortly before midnight last night, September 1, 2011, almost required a helicopter transport and left the driver unconscious and in a pair of handcuffs. A caller reported the single car motor vehicle accident in the area of 15 Scobie Pond Road at 11:40 PM.

Though there was some confusion about the location of the accident, Londonderry Police and Fire personnel responded and it was eventually confirmed by both 911 and the caller that the accident actually occurred on Old Derry Road. The caller reported to police and fire that the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle was a male and was unconscious and breathing. He was also reportedly trapped inside his vehicle.Hearing the described injuries, Londonderry Fire requested a status check for the DHART helicopter. Londonderry Police arrived on scene within minutes of the call and reported it looked like a rollover and that the man was unresponsive but breathing.

Londonderry Fire Dispatch reported that the DHART helicopter was out of service, but the Boston MedFlight would be available in 20 to 25 minutes. Fire Command on scene reported that the MedFlight wouldn’t be needed and that the companies were working on heavy extrication. Moments later, Fire Command requested to send MedFlight.

A landing zone at the corner of Rockingham and Liberty Roads was established by police and it was determined that Londonderry’s ambulance would take the patient to the location. As police arranged the landing zone, medics continued to remove the man from the wreckage. He was reportedly a 45-year-old male with head injury and orthopedic injuries.

This "S" curve on Old Derry Road was the scene of the rollover accident late last night.

While being packaged for the transport to the landing zone, Boston MedFlight reported that it would not be able to respond due to the amount of fog. Londonderry Fire personnel reported that they would bring the patient to Elliot Medical Center, and to notify the hospital to activate the trauma team.

As Fire and Police personnel remained on scene cleaning up, Police requested a flatbed tow truck for the involved vehicle. According to the officer, the car was “in a few pieces.”

An officer followed the ambulance to the hospital, where the driver reportedly refused a blood test to check his blood-alcohol content. The driver, 40-year-old Rock Philoppon of Derry, was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Liquor and Reckless Operation. No court or patient information is available at this time.

Be sure to listen to the audio of the incident, from first report until arrival at Elliot. Please keep in mind however, the audio has been edited down to remove irrelevant information and long pauses.