The return of NH teen, Abigail Hernandez

We celebrate that Abigail Hernandez has returned home. While many theories are posted online, we hope at some point that there will be some kind of explanation as to whether or not the public needs to be concerned for their own teen daughters.

Abby arrived at her mother’s home Sunday eve wearing the same clothes she went missing in. We do not know how she arrived home, but that she is now safely home and that is a good thing. What is concerning, however, is seeing the released photo, from the NH DA’s office, and the eerie feeling in seeing her clothes laid out on evidence bags. That is normally seen when someone has been located deceased or an unidentified body has been found and the clothing is a clue to their identity. Rarely, if ever that I can recall, a missing person is found alive nine months later in the same clothing they wore at the time missing. I can only make an educated guess that the reason the NH District Attorney is asking “if anyone saw a girl wearing these clothes on Sunday” is because someone dropped her off and they want the identity of that person.

Now I can be wrong here…but what I find as “odd” is that if Abby ran away with someone, out of her own choosing, I would think she was supplied with clothing and would have come home in different clothes and not a heavy sweater that she left in…certainly not on a hot evening. This makes me wonder if her clothing was withheld from her, nine months ago, and perhaps she was able to talk “whomever” into letting her go and they gave back her clothing and dropped her off. However, it’s only a guess and I just find it hard to believe she actually ran away of her own choosing and would casually walk in her home, in the same clothes, after nine months.

I also do not believe all the rumors of her being pregnant and gave birth away from home…as that would certainly implicate many adults covering up from delivery to adoption, etc. I think that is just malicious rumors and ridiculous guesses.

The only other possibility is that Abby refuses to tell where she was all this time and the DA knows that no child could be gone this long without adult assistance….and due to the hundreds of thousands of dollars put into finding her…they want that adult.

With all this said…we are all very glad she is home safe and prayers for her healing and recovery…however, I do strongly believe that an explanation needs to be made, for the public to be calmed. In other words, the public doesn’t understand why the DA cannot come out and say “We just want to let the public know to not be alarmed and fearful for your daughters in that Abigail was not dragged off the street by someone in this community so you need not be alarmed. Use the same normal cautionary teachings for your teens regarding stranger-danger as you do now.” Certainly that is the least they can do?

If Abby was held against her will, we believe the DA has a responsibility to alert the community even if by saying that “Abigail was not a runaway teen and we have a full investigation ongoing. If anyone has information, please call the NH State Police or FBI.”

If someone did hold Abby against her will, the perp is not stupid…they know an investigation is ongoing…they see the DA is asking if anyone saw her that Sunday night in those clothes? How can it hurt for the DA to make a bit more of an official statement…even for Abby’s sake? Halt the rumors of a spoiled runaway teen nonchalantly walking back into her home, or a runaway teen who gave birth? The coming home to heal is hard enough why make it harder for her to face her peers or the public? Clearly her clothes were taken as evidence. People are not dumb. They know law enforcement does not take a runaway child’s clothes as “evidence.”

It’s  also mind-boggling that such a massive campaign existed showing Abby (in the very same clothes) and not one person noticed “the missing child” walking down the street that night? Nobody passed by her and thought “Isn’t that the missing girl?” Course, I can tell you we had a missing man in New York a number of years back and one of his friends actually saw him crossing the street and thought “No, that cannot be him…as he is missing.” This definitely goes to show that more public education is needed on the importance of taking a cell photo and calling law enforcement when one sees someone who resembles a missing person.

Regardless of what happened over the past nine months, Abby is home now and she and her family need to heal together. I do not believe that “specifics” of what transpired needs to be publicly divulged …unless Abby herself chooses to want to tell.

Written by, Cynthia Caron
LostNMissing Inc.


Marine Lance Cpl Brandon Garabrant, 19, from NH , killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan along with two others and a Military Dog

Written by Cynthia Caron
June 21,2014. 4:31 p.m.
Lance Cpl. Brandon Garabrant, a 2013 graduate of ConVal High School, was killed in the southern part of the country by a roadside bomb, according to The Associated Press. Prior to his High School Graduation, he requested to wear his Dress Blues and was denied by his school. It was said that “No student should stand out.” He was required to wear the cap and gown as others. Well, Lance Cpl Garabrant surely stands out from among his peers now for his honor, dedication and the sacrifice of his own life keeping our entire Nation safe. A Hero, gone too soon. Two other American troops and a military dog were also killed. They were assigned to a NATO security force. The attack occurred in the volatile Nad Ali district of Helmand province, according to Afghan officials.

“The bomb was carried on a motorbike and detonated close to an ISAF patrol,” the provincial governor’s spokesman Omar Zawak told AFP.

The Taliban claimed responsibility via a text message sent to media organizations.

Before becoming a Marine, Garabrant was a volunteer member of the Temple Fire Department, a police Explorer with the Peterborough Police Department and worked at Touchstone Farm in Temple.
In a statement, Gov. Maggie Hassan said the state was devastated by Garabrant’s death.

“As a volunteer firefighter and dedicated Marine, Lance Corporal Garabrant was committed to serving his fellow citizens, and he was tragically taken from us far too soon,” she said. “It is our responsibility as Granite Staters and Americans to come together to support his family and his community.”

Members of the congressional delegation also said the state would honor Garabrant.

“Our hearts are broken by the loss of Lance Corporal Brandon Garabrant, a true American hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country that he loved,” Sen. Kelly Ayotte said.

“Lance Corporal Brandon Garabrant was a hero in every sense of the word. He valiantly served our country and epitomized the bravery and sacrifice of every member of our armed forces for which we will be forever grateful,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said.


UPS Distribution Center Moving Quickly Through Planning Processes

During the June 4th Planning Board Meeting, Peter J King, Irrevocable Trust; Peter J. King, James M. Winston and Martin F. Loughlin, Trustees (Owner) and Prologis (Applicant), proposed Map 14 Lot 49- Conceptual discussion of a proposed Distribution Center at 4 Pettengill Road.

Bob Duvall of TFMoran introduced project team members and transmit the team’s objective of obtaining guidance from the Board in order to streamline the design and approval process because of the applicant’s short time schedule. The goal of the applicant (Prologis) is to be able to finish the Distribution Center for UPS by February of 2015, who will then install their equipment in time for an opening of the facility in June 2015.

Part of the plan to construct the 614,000 square foot facility is to build approximately half of the future Pettengill Rd that will stretch from Raymond Wieczorek Drive to Industrial Drive in order to provide access to the site. Utilities would be extended from Industrial Drive to the site and a new sewer line would be created from the property northward to the Cohas Brook interceptor. The building will offer 300 parking spaces and will be LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified.

Because of the short time schedule, the limits of the building season and the size of the area to be developed, Prologis is seeking feedback from the Board about submitting a separate site plan that could be considered Phase I of the project. The plan would feature no building or development improvements that would instead allow solely for clearing, grubbing and stabilization of the site so that construction can begin as soon as the development plan is approved.

The board supported the idea of the site plan with the understanding that only clearing, grubbing, and stabilization would be taking place with the intent of preparing the site for construction as soon as the Phase II site plan is approved. Chris Davies asked about the increase in parking requirements with the assembly supporting office uses added to the warehouse use. Cynthia May, Londonderry Town Planner, recommended looking at the overall use of the site rather than breaking out the exact square footage’s of the separate  uses, since in this case, the majority of the building will house product and will have few employees for a structure of its size. She also noted that the Planning board has the ability to consider the use of the building as well as possible future uses to determine  an appropriate amount of parking for a given project.

Be sure to watch the video below of the meeting on June 4, 2014.


New England Charity “Ride for the Missing – Poker Run” to benefit LostNMissing Inc. of Londonderry, NH




A Ride For The Missing – Poker Run will be held the weekend of National Missing Children’s Awareness Day and is open to all New England bikers. Families of missing all over New England will be in attendance and the public is encouraged to attend.

In the United States over 2,000 people go missing each day. L-A Harley Davidson, recognizes these statistics and is sponsoring an event. L-A Harley is a motorcycle dealer for new and used bikes, as well as parts and services in Lewiston, Maine, they are main sponsor for the event benefiting LostNMissing, Inc., a 501c(3) Nonprofit, a national missing persons organization based in Londonderry, NH. The organization aids law enforcement and families of missing, at no charge. While their case load is primarily missing adults, they also assists families of missing children.

All motorcycle participants will be given a flag that has a photo of a missing person from New England. Over 150 flags of missing loved ones from New England and NY will have representation. Some of the missing, who will be represented on a flag, are Maura Murray, missing from Haverhill, NH since Feb. 9, 2004, Abigail Hernandez, missing since Oct. 9, 2013 from N. Conway, NH,  Michael Brougham, missing since June 25, 2010, Tammy Belanger, missing from Exeter, NH since Nov. 13, 1984 and Ayla Reynolds, toddler missing from Waterville, ME since Dec. 16, 2011.

LostNMissing has worked with the maternal family of missing child, Ayla Reynolds, since the time of her disappearance, reported on December 16, 2011. “The search for Reynolds is the largest criminal investigation in state history, it is also the third largest search for a missing child in Maine history” according to Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety. Reynolds disappearance is believed to be the result of “foul play.” Reynolds will be the honorary recognized missing person at the event and the maternal family will be in attendance in support of LostNMissing.

All families of missing in New England are invited and encouraged to attend. Each family will have an awareness table for their missing loved one with posters and information for the public. An “open-mike” will follow the event in which those with local musical talents may play and families of missing may talk of their loved one’s cases. Media is encouraged to attend.

According to the NCIC (National Crime Information System / FBI) in 2013, 627,911 missing person records were entered into NCIC in the United States. “This figure does not count those missing, such as runaway teens, who are not entered or adults who may be mistakenly reported as missing due to non-communication with family members.” says Cynthia Caron, President-Founder, of LostNMissing.

Overall, according to Caron, over 2,000 loved ones go missing each day. She further adds, “This event has been designed to not only help support our mission but also to help bring awareness to the public of those missing in New England.” Mary Vitt, VP of LostNMissing, further adds “Each stop the bikers make will have tables set up for bikers to pick up their poker card and will have informative brochures and information for the public to pick up, as well.”

Local businesses participating as stops will have an LNM representative to give safety and awareness information and brochures to the public from 9-11:30 am. Those businesses will include, L-A Harley in Lewiston, Hodgeman’s Frozen Custard, of New Gloucester, the American Legion, Post 86, in Gray, and Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill, of Gray. The event begins at L-A Harley and will end there, as well, with a BBQ lunch, raffles and door prizes and local performers have donated their time to provide entertainment.

Those performing are MB Padfield, an acoustic pop-rock singer/songwriter from Manchester, NH, Vincent ( DJ KOOL V ) Oden one of New England’s Premier DJs, and Lewiston’s own hip-hop artist Pius Mayanja, who goes by “Pallaso” onstage will perform his moving tribute to “It’s Cold (Tribute to Ayla Reynolds).”

L-A Harley is offering the first place prize of a $500 store gift card and Central Maine Powersports is offering the 2nd place prize of $150 for their shop. Entrance Fee for bikers is $20.00 (Includes 5 Poker Cards / 1 Raffle Ticket / BBQ Lunch) Non-riders and the public can enjoy the BBQ Lunch at $10 per person, ages 6-12 is $5, under the age of 5 is free. A number of business have donated raffled prizes in which tickets are 2/ $5.00 or 5/$10.00,, of Nashua, NH, donated four $25.00 gift cards, a $50.00 gift card to “The Common Man” Restaurants has been donated by the John Caron Family, of Londonderry, NH. Handmade crafts and jewelry will also be awarded as raffle gifts. Dunkin Donuts has donated the coffee for the event.

For more information, see any of the below links: , and on Facebook,

For those who may not be able to attend,  but would like to donate to LostNMissing Inc, please click here.


Local Teen Has Been Located Safely!

Local Teen, age 16 in Red Honda Odyssey
Has been located safely.

Poster removed for privacy.

Thank you.


LostNMissing Inc., is an all-volunteer national tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “code”) and qualifies as a public supported organization under Sections, or Categories: P99 (Human Services – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.); M99 (Other Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Relief N.E.C.); I01 (Alliance/Advocacy Organizations). LostNMissing is organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. We never charge a fee for our services. #Missing


“Inklings” and a Happy Happy New Year 2014’

Very strange but I had started a whole story to you a few days back about something I saw on Fox News that bothered me, and now I just can’t find it anywhere.  I have an “Inkling” that it might be God’s way of telling me don’t start the first column off of the year with a negative, let’s spend time on the happy positive things that happened this week….  I will tuck it in at the bottom, but now you know it’s coming so once you get the first “Inkling” that we are close to the end just stop reading, I’ll understand.

I didn’t plan to title our story “Inklings” but when I just typed it to you, I decided that should be our title.  The definition of “Inkling” is having a little idea or some knowledge about something.  I love the way this word sounds when I say it or think it.  Inkling, I bet you agree.  We don’t use it much anymore, but it’s a keeper for me.

The first “inkling” I get each year around New Year’s Eve is that the Millennium Mile event will be happening sometime soon.  Did you know that this year marked the 15th anniversary?  We should all thank John Mortimer and Matt Downin for bringing this event to us and hosting it here in Londonderry each year.

John and I first came across it by accident, when our girls were very little.  We were leaving my mom and dad’s home over at Kendallwood Condominiums, and we tried to drive down Mammoth Road, only to find the road blocked.  We realized it was some type of race, so we got out of the car to see what was going on.  Remember this would have been one of the first years for the Millennium Mile.  We were able to stand right at the end of the course and watch some of the fastest runners in the country dart across the finish line in less than 4 minutes.

We were in awe, and really had no idea that in the years to come some of our best family memories would be running with our little ones, our neighborhood family, and even our family from Connecticut that we spend New Year’s Eve with each year.

About 6 years ago Mackensie broke her arm while sledding down wild terrain; well that was where they were headed anyway.  What really happened was before the sledding event a dear friend decided to treat all the little ones to Hot Cocoa at our own Londonderry Dunkin Donut’s as they drove to the “mountain”. Next thing we knew…Mackensie tripped over a sled rushing out of the van to get her treat, broke her arm, and that ended the great sledding adventure for everyone that day.  Again “Life really is like a box of Chocolates” you never know what you’ll get in a day.

“By the Grace of God”, another one of my favorite sayings…. Mack really was fine, but she did need a full arm cast.  It didn’t stop her from running the Millennium Mile though.  Wish I could find a picture to show you, I just might still.  That’s what John and I have always loved about what John Mortimer and Matt created.  It’s for everyone, families,  serious runners or just walkers who want to start the New Year off outside, or I think “Right”.

My most precious memory this year happened after the start… My sister Christine, my nephew Dan, and I were rushing back to to our car so we could drive to the finish, and who do we see but Regan Schohanic…. and three little ones, hustling to the start line to begin the race.  Yes, the race had already started, but what a Kodak moment!  That’s what life is all about, not always getting hung up on life’s starts and finishes, but just enjoying the steps that get you there.  Again wish I had a picture, all the runners flying past and there was this precious little group running against the crowd to get to the official start… Melted my heart!
Just a couple other “Inklings” I heard about this week that I want to share with you….

“Our” own Visit Londonderry member, Martinelli Travel, will be having a wonderful event that we should all try and to attend on January 14th, 5:30 – 8:00pm.  It’s called…….

Travel The World with Martinelli Travel.  This will be a great chance to speak with travel experts that can help make all of your travel dreams a reality.  Also if you have not been to their new location in the Londonderry Commons plaza, near Whippersnappers this will give you a chance to say hello.  Don’t let planning your vacation be intimidating, Faye will make you feel at home, and help you determine what you can and should spend.  Martinelli has been there for all of us throughout the years, they give back to the community constantly and I promise you, you will be glad you went.

Another member of Visit Londonderry “our” own House of Samurai will be offering a Community Self Defense class tonight.  I will tell you all about it next week, on the Road.  Hanshi Bernard is another member of our community family who constantly “gives back” and asks nothing in return.

Next week I promise to not just jog, kinda of walk really, on “our” roads but I will get back into my car and learn more about “our” great town, businesses and places we should all “Visit”.

With A Grateful Heart Sherry<3

Okay I warned you here goes… I know you have an “Inkling” it’s coming…

Okay, this is what upset me this week… John likes to put on the morning news as we are both getting ready for work.  Fox News it was this morning.  Two anchor people, one male and one female, were suddenly showing a video of a Federal Express employee, only his hand mind you, but throwing a package onto a deck from a distance.  Well “of course” because the home owner had a surveillance camera this was caught on tape.  Well another “of course” the home owner made a stink about it and shared it with the company.  That’s why we got to watch it on the news.

I have an “Inkling” that there was nothing more than a light book in the box.  You could tell the way it landed.  Well the anchor people went onto tell us, LAUGHING mind you, that well that federal express worker got quite a surprise, “ha ha ha” soon after he received a pink slip and was fired for this!  I was so ashamed of those two reporters!  Laughing because someone, who probably has been a devoted worker, has a family, was probably just trying to have a little fun, like throwing a newspaper, now has lost his job over this foolish thing right before Christmas!  I’m even getting unnerved again just typing it to you here!

What the heck is the world coming too!  I hate to type it but I think they should be removed from their jobs for doing something stupid and mean, much more deserving of losing a job then just throwing a package.  Now don’t you dare think it was breakable or perishable?  These men and women who make deliveries to all of us, are well trained, and let’s face it if it was “fragile” it would have been written all over the package.  Even the reporters said, it was pretty clear it was nothing that could be damaged.  Now that I think of it, I bet it was something ordered for the family like a piece of clothing… very light, again even I could tell just watching the video.

Okay, that’s it… but it scares me, since when do we laugh at someone losing a job!  It reminded me of the scene on Hunger Games ….. smiling and laughing as he’s introducing the contenders that would be soon be killed in the hunger games.  In the movie, it was his role, and it was powerful, but in real life……paid anchor people doing it …Just plain wrong!

(I just investigated more, and it turned out it was an American Girl Doll clothing item…. I was right and I could tell that from just watching the clip, what a shame)