Londonderry Drop off Center to close November 14th

Londonderry Drop Off CenterStill hard for the old timers to understand.  “Solid Waste” when it used to be “garbage,” “Drop off Center” when it used to be “The dump”  young and old alike, it is a fun place to go in Londonderry on Saturday through the spring and summer.  Lots of good “stuff” and lots of true bulky waste going into the big green containers off West Road.

The Londonderry Drop Off Center, “the dump” will close tomorrow (Saturday November 14th) at 4pm and will not reopen until April 2010. The date in April is determined after the thaw.

The hours from April to November are 8am to 4pm, try not to show up right at 4pm, you still have to unload. You must bring a check, no cash is accepted. Only Londonderry residents are allowed to use the dump, regulars need no id, the guys get to know you. This transfer station is located off west road, not to far from Route 102.

These items are free.

  • Yards Waste: Leaves, branches, grass clippings. (Limit one 6-wheel dump truck of brush)
  • Textiles: Any reusable item of clothing, draperies and linens for the Salvation Army
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Packing boxes and other packaging cardboard, packed flat.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Please give to attendants.
  • (batteries from camcorders, cell-phones, calculators, and laptops.)
  • Automobile Batteries:
  • Fluorescent Bulbs: Unbroken
  • Cell-phones: Please give to attendant.

These items are fee based on what you have and how much you bring.

  • Scrap Metal: $5.00 per load – Aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and virtually any item
  • made from metal will be recycled except those containing freon.

NO propane tanks take to Benson’s Hardware

NO air conditioners, refrigerators, dehumidifiers or any appliance using freon!

  • Construction Debris: $24.00 per cubic yard –Acceptable Items – Pressure treated lumber, fiberglass, cement, plastic piping, wiring, Sheetrock, lumber, and any other building materials.

Not Acceptable Items – Railroad ties, asbestos, paint cans, gas cans, no liquids of any kind.

  • Furniture: Large Item $14.00 each (sofa, tables, full mattresses etc.)
  • Small Item $7.00 each (chair, twin mattresses etc.)
  • Carpet: $24.00 per cubic yard
  • Tires: 4 Free with car registration, additional tires $2.00 without rim, $3.00 with rim. Electronics: $14.00 commercial size fax and copy machines; $7.00 each all other items. (no charge mice, keyboards, wiring)

We have no “Dump” or transfer station in Londonderry since we have free curbside pickup for residents included in our taxes. This curbside pickup has a extensive recycling program that is very flexible and aggressive for the region. Homeowners that recycle not only help the environment they reduce the tonnage that is picked up by the trash trucks. This keeps the cost down and affects the taxes on your home.  Besides, with the one container for most of the homes, requires some creative packaging of the trash and use of the recycling services!

For information on the hazardous waste collection day Saturday November 14th 2009 read, “Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day Set for November 14th