Free and Beautiful in Londonderry

Beautiful free things right here in Londonderry. I never really have any idea where these On the Road stories will take us, but this week’s just started in a direction I never dreamed of before I went to bed, just a few hours ago.

I woke up early, again my mind spinning with so many thoughts of my road this week. Finally I started making little brain storming notes during my days so that I don’t forget some of the important parts. I knew I wanted to tell you about the Londonderry Times this week. I walked down our stairs, house pretty dark, with our dog (no, maybe my dog Shea) and looked up through our window. There, gleaming through my window was the most beautiful full moon surrounded in complete, almost like Halloween, darkness.

I tend to get very distracted when I look up to these free beauties. The stars, heaven, and dear goodness those unpredictable moons. Predictable yes, I know you can check a calendar, but like so many things in life just when you think you know what to expect, it’s on the calendar, you’ve planned, something pops up and changes your definite charted course and you have to switch gears. The moon and stars are like this too. The clouds, the weather, the surrounding lights can change our view. This morning it was perfect.

Now here is what I love about not always having a great plan. My plan was to start writing my story at 5:30 and maybe for once, ramble less and be done in much less time than I usually am. That moon threw my plan out the window! Then next thing I know I’m running through the house trying to find my daughter Mackensie’s phone; she has the best phone out of all of us to take pictures with. Now this is where life gets strange. I turn her phone on and this phrase is her screen saver. Ready, you won’t believe it either:

Shoot for the moon… Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars…

Now that took my breath away. The first part of my morning definitely went off plan beautifully! I hope Jackie, our amazing Office Manager, can download my picture so you can really see what I mean. Jackie can do just about anything with computers and she has a great personality, too! She puts up with all my questions, and I know you must be thinking: and you must have a zillion! She’s always kind and helpful. We are so lucky to have her.

I promised myself only two pages this week, I better get started.

When I came home yesterday to my very messy kitchen counter, I noticed someone (it may have been me the day before) had left the mail there for me to go through. I decided to take a second to clear things off; throw this away, throw that away. But then finally I came to something that is worth taking time to look at; our own town paper, the Londonderry Times. In my distracted counter mess that I was very annoyed at, I stopped and smiled. There looking back at me was this beautiful little girl hanging an ornament on one of the Christmas trees on our town common. I read on to learn that she is one of our little preschoolers from our own Learning Stop Preschool in town. And remember the owner Corrie writes our monthly column “Corrie’s corner”, which gives us all fun ‘free’ craft ideas for our kids.

If you haven’t seen or taken the time to really look at our Londonderry Times, you have too. I promise that picture will make you smile and brighten your day. For me, it kind of kicked off my Christmas cheer. Chris has taken so many memorable pictures for us throughout the years. This one might be my favorite yet. I‘m still turning to look at it as I type and it just makes me stop and smile.

Take time to look at our hometown paper. I know so many people are into their computers, and iPads. Everything really is on line. I know, I know, it’s our present, our future, but I don’t care what anyone says, I still like to flip through a paper, see a picture and circle things with a real pen if I want too. I know many people feel this way about their reading material now too. “Oh I’ll just buy it on e-books, I put it on my Kindle; it’s thin, it can slip into my purse.” Yuk to all that too.

Yes, of course John and the girls bought me a Kindle a while back, and yes of course I do use it and like it, and yes it’s convenient. But I still love to hold a real book, flip the pages, circle things if I want, dog ear the pages or put random things in it to help me remember where I was. I love holding a real book and reading a real newspaper. Seeing real pictures of our kids that I can cut out and put up on my refrigerator if I want too. I hope this never goes away. Oh dear, I’m on another roll. Sorry. Onto my real road this week.

This week I am only going to talk about two places in town. At least that’s my plan right now.

The first I have to tell you about is a business that I bet many of you have never walked into – Gold and Diamond Traders. I have been in and around this store almost every day for the last year and I have never stopped in. Honestly, I think I was a little nervous to. For one, I don’t have any gold or diamonds to trade, so why would I go in? What a world I have been missing, and you too I bet. Kathy and Craig at Pack and Ship have been telling me to go in and meet the new owner Saad for a couple months now. Wednesday I did. I opened the door and there in front of me were lovely jewelry cases with a variety for everyone. Variety on prices too! Truly something for everyone.

Now here is the other part. Saad has watch batteries, does jewelry repair and, yes, if you have some pieces of gold that you might want to sell, even if they are broken or tattered, you’ll be surprised at how much money you will receive for them. What I love the most about opening the door and walking in was meeting Saad. He is a family man, raising two beautiful children. His welcoming eyes and smile say, “Come in and look around.” He is fair and honest. I can just feel that in my heart.

He explained to me that many people get taken advantage of when selling their gold, so be careful. He told me how once he was taken advantage of years ago with gold pieces and he promises to never do that to anyone who walks through his door. He gives you a fair, honest price for what you have. I plan to bring some of the broken gold chains I have kept through the years into Saad and have him look at them. I also plan do part of my own Christmas shopping right there at Gold and Diamond Traders this year, now that I really understand everything they have and can do.

We all need to support these good people and their businesses right here in our town. Sadly, if we forget too, we will lose them. Let’s make it a pact this Christmas to do as much of our shopping as we can right here with our local businesses that support our community and are always there for us. Don’t forget about the game store in town, Countryside for our table arrangements, Lindt for our chocolate; no more empty store fronts, it makes me sad when I see them.

I’m going to begin to end my On The Road story this week, with a business that has been in Londonderry for many, many years. In a sense, many of us have grown through our adulthood with them; Al and Amy at Salon Bogar. I feel like sometimes as part of Visit Londonderry, I ignore them a little, and I would never mean too, but maybe that’s because in some ways they feel like family to many of us. Isn’t it true that often the people we take for granted the most are our family members or people who have always just seemed to be there for us?

Back when I was a very young teacher at our high school, Al took a chance on Londonderry and opened his first business as a very young man too, here in Londonderry off of Route 102. Back then, there was very little on the road compared to now. Al was from MA but knew of Londonderry as a nice place to Live, Work, and Play, even back then. In the beginning Al had I think three chairs in a small area and we would all come in from the back door. We were all starting out in life I guess.

Even back in the beginning, Al always made his clients feel like family and, even back in the beginning when I’m sure he wasn’t even sure the salon would make it here, he was always generous to help wherever he could, donating to help our schools, kids and community. Now I think back to Tammy’s comments about Avandi’s Restaurant, “Everyone knows your name,” and I think that’s Salon Bogar.

Al and his staff, back in 1993, helped me get ready for my wedding day. John and I were getting married at 6:00 pm at St. Jude’s; they were doing my hair and make-up and I was to be picked up at 5:00pm by my dad, to go home, put on my dress, take pictures and begin. 5:15: no one was there to pick me up; 5:20: still no one. Again, being an only child my parents were as frazzled about the idea of a wedding as I was. Somehow the bride wasn’t getting picked up. I will always remember Al, rushing around the salon, like a worried brother, watching the clock, worried, still no one, suddenly Al says, “That’s it, I’m driving you home.” So, so precious. I’ll never forget that.

Of course, just as he headed to get his keys, there comes my dad’s old white Monte Carlo swirling around the corner. Al was right in the heart of it with us. That kind of care and such a grateful heart for each and every client that walks through their doors is what Salon Bogar is all about. That’s just my story, I know there are many. Maybe you have one you could post here. They care, that’s the bottom line and they are grateful that you are part of their Salon Bogar Family. With Christmas right around the corner, even if you’re not stopping by with an appointment or maybe you’ve never gone in, go in. They have so many different, elegant and affordable gifts and services that you could pick for someone on your list. Don’t forget Gift Certificates too.

This weekend is Salon Bogar’s Annual Holiday Shopping Event. Friday and Saturday from 8:30 – 4:30 pm, you get a 20% discount on all products and merchandise if you bring a new unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. I know you won’t see this until Saturday, but head in, you’ll be surprised at how much you can check off your list. It’s great fun, too.

And if you’ve started mailing Christmas presents and cards, Pack and Ship will make it much easier and faster for you. And remember too, they have many great gift ideas also. I have to pick up the maple syrup cotton candy, made in NH, for the girls stockings.

Trivia question of the week: If anyone has a picture of Avandi’s pirate that once stood in the woods near the restaurant, we will give you a gift certificate to the restaurant!

Support our local businesses they really need us….. With A Grateful Heart Sherry<3

The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60′s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Sherry is an account manager for the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center.  You can follow her at


Baldasaro Not to be Loved, “Earns that $100.00 a Year”

Once again, the Governor takes no responsibility with the NH Deficit rising to almost 900 million because he feels that the Tax Payers should be paying more taxes to keep up with his spending habits. In his budget he wanted to down shift cost, make our School District & Town pay out more money towards Retirement benefits and cut education funding along with cutting building aid payments with catastrophic aid to Londonderry.

Just Google his past speech’s on his Budget address/spending which forced us to make so many tough decisions to balance the budget to protect the wallets of the Tax payers to keep NH out of bankruptcy. Is our House budget perfect, I doubt it but I can tell you that Londonderry schools will not lose money and stay level funding for the next two years where we should get our catastrophic aid because we put more money there so it don’t come from the Londonderry Tax Payers.

If you read on the this site, you would think that we are screwing the taxpayers by some of the posters. But if you read between the lines of their comments, you would see that the House position on the Budget is to make tough decisions to fix the NH deficit. Per this site sounds like a site which is the Democrat way of keep paying for all the Social Programs, keep taking from the Tax Payer and let the fraud continue but that is Freedom of Speech from those fake names.

Kathy Wagner is the one who stated the Senate is the adults here, let us see how they balance the budget and how they put back items and shift monies to the Tax Payers. Some Senators usual have a bleeding heart and don’t mind letting the Unions run wild on the Tax Payers but not me and many of our Representatives who voted on not a perfect budget but a balanced one that forces the state to live within our means. Can you keep running your home on borrowed money? After awhile, the payments will come do and you either pay it or cut in other areas so you can feed the family and keep a roof over your head.

To the many Londonderry Residents who sent me a letter that they do not like some of the cuts but understand we have no choice and supported us. I thank You and hopefully when the Senate gets their turn, they don’t cave into all the Special Interest Groups/State Union raises, upping the benefits with less money paying from the employees that takes almost 50 million out of the budget in this budget cycle (Biannual).

So when you hear that the Senate will fix this short fall believe me I will wait patiently wait on how they are the big Adults here per Kathy Wagner. All I can say is beware of the messenger who could be a Democrat crying that we are cutting everything or the RINO (Republican in Name Only) that twist the actual truth as to what is happening that effects Londonderry and our State.

If I don’t believe in something, I don’t vote for it, no matter what Leadership says, check my record and at the end of the day I sleep like a baby knowing I did the right thing to better NH. I stand by my vote on the Evergreen clause, to stop the state union raises that we cannot afford in a very bad economy. Especially where we will force the State Commissioner’s to live within their means and they are the ones who will make the tough decisions on how to spend your tax dollars to keep programs going.

I have posted some other articles for your review to see for yourself and not just my opinion. See, or look at how we are trying to stop future raising of taxes with a constitutional amendment that the Democrats hated and try to stop us at

If you have read postings on this site, you will see some are stating that I do not answer e-mails. I assure you that I try to e-mail back as many as I can in a timely manner but do to the 100′s of e-mail I get a day on controversial issues, it has put me behind on answering them but I will get to them. The person name on the site complaining is confusing because I did a search on all the e-mails I have left to answer and their names are not there. Judy asks them to re-email me and I have not seen it yet, so I question the integrity of the Anonymousness posters on that site.

Please bear with us on the budget process, as we just completed the 2nd stage of a 4 stage process and depending on what the so called adults do in the Senate, we will come together in the 4th stage during a Committee of Conference to finalize the budget. There will be one final vote which will happen by the Senate & the House of Representatives on what comes out of the committee and then the final budget goes to the governor for his signature.

I am trying my dam nest to earn that $100.00 a year I get for doing this job which in my opinion is trying to keep NH the best state to live in with smaller government and less spending where we live within our means. I know anything we Conservatives do opens us up for false attacks, since Democrats will do the opposite of us or this sites Journalist letters don’t give the whole truth on Legislation passed, don’t believe me just read back at the titles and you will see what I am talking about and read the actual bill.

I am proud of my vote to get parents involved with the Education Plan in the decision to quit school of their under 18 year old, which the bill required them to work with the Superintendent. I hope I don’t shock the many Democrats on this site but the age limit to quit school is still 18, but keep that quiet because it was fun reading/hearing all the twisted statements concerning the school age drop out law.

I want to touch on Kathy Wagner’s comments concerning the PTSD Article in the News paper, I have no clue why the Londonderry Times did not talk about the other Sponsors but I can tell you that I am the only Chairman who has pushed for answers on the PTSD/TBI Committee last year asking why it was not held and went to the Senator to ask her to put it back in since the Democrats failed to do anything to finalize the Commission. I can tell you that the Former Speaker did not tell the truth when she stated we never went to her because after I talked to her she passed the buck to Rep Kris Roberts from Keene and he said it was too late to do anything. My Committee has held two hearings on the Veterans needs of the state by bringing in the VA Hospital Director, the Homeless Veterans Program director and many others to get a handle on the issues and keep the lines of communications open since January.

I have stop posting here recently as I had to much going on and I had better things to do than debate the Anonymousness Posters attacks on me, who I believe many of them are the same person but I have been known to be wrong once or twice and I do not hesitate in admitting it.

As my sister-in-Law, a Londonderry Resident said it best to me, “you did not run for office to be loved, you ran to make a difference in people’s lives.” Many of the complainers on this site who are against my votes, probably did not vote for me anyways and I can’t make everyone happy.

If you have any questions on why I voted a certain way, please go to and send me a e-mail through the comments section.

AL Baldasaro
State Representative
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Supreme Court Challenge Withdrawn Against Town of Londonderry

Crowell’s Corner, the company owned by Chris Paul of Nutfield Publishing, has withdrawn its lawsuit challenging the Town of Londonderry’s demand that they comply with town building requirements or cease using the property at 2 Litchfield Road for business purposes.  The withdrawal follows an order from the state Supreme Court telling Crowell’s Corner to hire a lawyer to pursue their suit, or drop it.

The suit had no success in lower courts.  In October, 2010, Judge Kenneth McHugh ruled in favor of the Town of Londonderry, calling the lawsuit “frivolous” and “meritless,” and ordering the company to vacate their building by December 1, 2010.  He stated that “the planning board was being used or strung along by the plaintiffs for several years.”  Nutfield Publishing subsequently ceased operating from the building after more than 1,500 days of occupancy in violation of town rules.

According to court documents, Judge McHugh denied a motion made by Crowell’s Corner to reconsider the case on November 10, 2010. Crowell Corners then filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, but were told they could not file such a motion without an attorney.  During this time, the company also filed a motion to stay with the Rockingham Superior Court. The motion would have allowed Nutfield Publishing the opportunity to continue operating from their building on Litchfield Road. Judge McHugh also denied this motion.

To return to their Litchfield Road building, Crowell’s Corner must first work towards reinstating their site plan for renovating the building. “They will need to pay the required fees and state the reason(s) for reinstatement,” said Arthur Rugg, Chairman of the Planning Board. Timothy Thompson, Town Planner, added that the company would need to show a measure of good faith to ensure the work will be completed, “which is why the restoration and inspection funds precede the request to the Board for reinstatement.”

Fees that Nutfield Publishing would need to pay, according to Thompson, include a $16,000 restoration surety with the Department of Public Works (DPW), a $3,400 site inspection escrow with the DPW, a Traffic Impact fee of $1, 914, a Police Impact Fee of $291.02 and a Fire Impact Fee of $1,207.44. Crowell Corner is also required to pay $9,700 for legal fees, but Rugg is unsure whether these fees would affect reinstatement. “I don’t think that payment of the attorney’s fees could be made a condition, but that would be a question for our attorney.”

Once all fees have been paid, Thompson said, the company must “prepare a letter addressed to Planning Board requesting reinstatement of the site plan, with justification and realistic commitment to complete all required site work and inspections.”  Once that was delivered, Thompson continued, “our staff would review all submissions they have made requesting reinstatement and would make a recommendation. If this is favorable, and they have met all the requirements and paid all the fees, I would think that it is reasonable to say that there would be support for acceptance,” Rugg added.

Both Rugg and Thompson agreed that Crowell’s Corner would then need to show “active and substantial development” of the property within one year. “Before the building can be occupied, all site improvements will need to be completed and inspected by the DPW, all building and fire code improvements will also have to be completed and inspected by the Building Inspector and Fire Inspector,” Thompson stated. The Certificate of Occupancy would then need to be signed off by the DPW, and Building and Fire Inspectors before Nutfield Publishing could move back into the building.

For links to past stories and PDF files of the court documentation read the rest of the story.

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The Evils of Supporting Candidates, Imagination or Reality?

A recent letter to the Londonderry Times and Hudson-Litchfield News  shows exactly what is wrong with today’s party politics. Instead of talking about what WE can do as a community or a nation the letter writer chose to pull imaginary issues from the darkest regions of there anatomy in an attempt portray a candidate as somehow evil for having more people interested in having her represent them in Concord than her opponent. Lets remember that the voters and the taxpayers are one and the same and when there is a friend to the taxpayer, people out side the district, realizing that it takes more than one vote to accomplish a goal, will contribute to candidates in hopes of spreading a message of fiscal responsibility and an understanding of the plight of working men and women.

Senator Sharon Carson has been recently deemed by opposing party political’s as evil in the sense she has a wide range of support from both individuals and business’s who fear for their very survival. In an attempt to dissuade voters from looking at the facts the writer notes contributions coming from all over and deems contributions from those in business to be an evil deed that the public should use as a reason to support the oppositions candidate. Said candidate who by the way cannot find enough people to agree with her positions to fund any furtherance or dissemination of her ideas to the general public.

The idea of a free election system includes allowing for those who support a message to also support that messages ability to reach all the people. A bad message, a bad plan for the state of NH, gets little if any attention and little if any financial support to broadcast that bad idea.

Sharon Carson has worked hard as a legislator in the House and even harder as a Senator for the district. She has asked local constituents to donate to a local charity rather than her campaign on many occasions and the local community has done just that. For Senator Sharon Carson its about the issues, about the people, and about doing what is right for NH. People who believe she is fair , open and honest have contributed to her campaign. They believe integrity is as important to the process as the ideas that will be debated. Sharon has the highest level of integrity one could ask for. You may not always agree but you can never deny she is open and honest making her decisions in the light of day. Her work on behalf of the people she serves both locally and statewide is well known and very much appreciated.

No person running for a voluntary job paying $100 a year should ever have to be subjected to the party politics that seem to creep into every election at the last minute. Sharon Carson deserves to be respected for her record as a veteran of our armed forces, a mother of two wonderful daughters, a teacher of our youth at the college level a phenomenal wife according to her husband and a member of her community who over the years has given hundreds of hours with no expectations other than to hope to have assisted others in their time of need.

Sharon Carson deserves our support and she deserves our thanks as someone we have been able to count on to serve with honor and distinction whenever the call for volunteers has been made. I will be voting for Sharon Carson for Senate. She demonstrates the kind of leadership we need to work together to find our way. I hope you will look at what Sharon Carson has done over the years and join me in asking her to serve by voting for Sharon Carson for Senate in November.

Sen Bob Clegg
Hudson NH

Senator Bob Clegg represented Londonderry, Auburn and Hudson prior to Sen Sharon Carson’s election two years ago.


Court orders Londonderry Times to cease doing business from 2 Litchfield Road by December 1

Lawsuit termed “frivolous” and meritless; threatens jail for failure to obey

2 Litchfield Road Londonderry, NH Used by Nutfield Publishing without Certificate of Occupancy since Sept 2006

Superior court judge Kenneth McHugh’s ruling on Nutfield Publishing’s appeal of the Londonderry Planning Board’s order to cease using its property at 2 Litchfield Road for business purposes was released on October 18. The judge ruled in favor of the Town of Londonderry and against Nutfield Publishing, calling the suit “frivolous” and “meritless,” and stating that “the planning board was being used or strung along by the plaintiffs for several years.” The judge also found that “for four years now the plaintiff has been illegally occupying” the premises.

Nutfield Publishing, owners of Londonderry Times and two other local weekly newspapers, will no longer be allowed to conduct business in the home on Litchfield Road after December 1, 2010.

Since 2006, Nutfield Publishing has asked for three extensions on their site plan to bring the building up to code. The Town of Londonderry, in the spring of 2010, ultimately denied the company’s third request for an extension after no progress had been made in the preceding year and none could be assured in the upcoming year. This decision led to the law suit filed by Nutfield Publishing against the Town of Londonderry in June, 2010. A court date was subsequently scheduled for the morning of October 13.

When no representative from Nutfield Publishing appeared in court, Judge McHugh spoke in private with the Town’s attorney and issued the Final Order. The order indicated that “the plaintiff’s failure to process its site plan application was lack of finances. That reason does not justify the plaintiff’s extended illegal occupancy of the premises.” The order also stated that, “Under the facts of this case, the filing of the within Planning Board appeal can only be deemed to be frivolous.”

Superior Court Ruling Snapshot

  • The Publisher has been using the building illegally for 4 years
  • The owners have been stringing the planning board and the town along for several years
  • The Publisher must stop using the building for a business by December 1st, 2010
  • The Court warns that the principal owners could be fined or face incarceration for contempt of court if they do not obey the order

Judge McHugh dismissed Nutfield Publishing’s appeal and granted the Town’s Requests for Findings of Facts and Rulings of Law. The order ends, saying, “The plaintiff is given until December 1, 2010 to cease all commercial use of the property. A failure to do so shall subject the plaintiff to additional penalties which may include a finding of contempt of court, which prescribes as a potential remedy incarceration of the plaintiff’s principal. The defendant is also awarded all of its reasonable attorney fees in having to defend this meritless appeal.”

When asked what the enforcement action by the town will be Town Manager Dave Caron said, “The Court Order requires that all commercial operations cease at that location by December 1,  should that not occur, the Court will be notified that the property owner is in contempt of a Court order.

Planning Board Chairman Art Rugg when reached for comment said, “All I can say is that due process has been pursued, and finally justice has been served. This begs the question of what has the Town Council been doing the past four years concerning this.”

To read a complete copy of the Final Order in Court, and links to past stories click Read More.

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Nutfield Publishing, Londonderry Times missed Court Date

On June 11th 2010 the Londonderry Building Department issued a notice to Chris and Deb Paul of Crowell’s Corner Property Management about the Nutfield Publishing Site Plan for the home they have been using as an office since September 2006.  In the notice the town of Londonderry allowed the owners 60 days to discontinue all activity associated with the operation of three weekly papers and vacate the building.

2 Litchfield Road Londonderry, NH used by Nutfield Publishing without Certificate of Occupancy since Sept 2006

Richard Canuel, Senior Building Inspector with town indicated in the letter, “This will establish a deadline date of August 10, 2010, after such time you shall be cited for a violation for operating a business without appropriate approval and for occupying the building without an approved Certificate of Occupancy. It will then be necessary for this office to proceed with the appropriate legal action to obtain your compliance.”.

June 11, 2010 60 day notice PDF file

When contacted on August 20th Mr Canuel indicated that “The matter is currently in litigation, which presently forestalls further enforcement action.”  On contacting the Town Manager Dave Caron that week, he indicated the trial date was scheduled for today October 13th.  No further information could be provided in August.

Hearing on Merits of the Case

The case was scheduled to be heard at 8:30 this morning in the Rockingham County superior Court.  The purpose of a merit hearing is to determine if the matter should go to a full trial.

According to Assistant Town Planner Tim Thompson “Waiting over an hour after the scheduled start time, the judge met with the town Attorney Bart Mayer, when it was clear the Paul’s and their attorney would be no shows.  He met with Judge McHugh in chambers for 45 minutes, I was not allowed in.”

It would appear that the Judge is taking into consideration the filings made by Thomas P. Grodt of Derry attorney for the Paul’s and the town of Londonderry’s Memorandum of Law and Requests for findings of fact and rulings of law.  These written documents,  and the conversations in chambers with the Londonderry attorney Mr. Mayer.  Had both parties been in court as ordered the session would have been open to the public.  Links to pdf files of the documents are available as noted.

No further information is available from the court on the outcome of the case.  When it becomes available it will be published here.

For the four year history read the last story at the end of June 2010 “Malicious, fraudulent, bad-faith effort by the Planning Board to damage Crowell’s Corner…” including links to stories as far back as 2007.