Londonderry Tax Rate Set for 2009

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The State Department of Revenue Administration has established the Town of Londonderry’s 2009 tax rate at $19.68, an increase of $1.20 from the 2008 rate of $18.48. The Town adjusted property assessments to reflect current market values, which resulted in the reduction in value for a number of properties, with the town’s overall tax base decreasing from 2008. A smaller tax base will result in a higher tax rate, even if appropriations remained constant from year to year.

Without any changes in value, and after applying the County assessment, residents could have expected a 6.5% increase in their property tax bills. As a result of the reassessment, the actual tax impact will vary among different property types. Generally, economic conditions have resulted in the largest adjustments being applied to mobile homes, and middle to upper priced residential properties. Despite the increase in the tax rate, some property owners will be experiencing a reduction in their property tax bill.

The Town portion of the rate is now $4.65 per thousand. The Local School Rate is $11.79 and the State Education Property Tax Rate has been set at $2.30, which results in the combined tax rate to support public schools at $14.09. The Rockingham County allocation increased to $0.94.

20090302_good_to_be_king_taxesWant to know if you will save money this year?

Step 1 go to the Town Assessments, look up your home address.  Look at the Card 1 Value in the right hand center of the page.  Make a note of your “Total Value.”

Step 2 go to the taxpayer white paper provided by the budget committee, this is a excel spread sheet that will open directly as long as you have the program.

Step 3 If the top of the page indicates “For Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009″ you will need to make some changes.

  • Change in row 8 (1 Tax rate for Fiscal Year 2009)
  • County from .86 to .94
  • State Educ. Tax 2.21 to 2.30
  • Town Tax 4.38 to 4.65
  • School Tax 11.03 to 11.79
  • Your total Tax was $18.48 it should now read $19.68

Step 4 Enter your Assessed Value on Line 13 (6 Enter Your Asses Value to the Right) use the number you made a note of in step 1.

Step 5 read your total tax on the same line all the way to the right highlighted in yellow.  Compare to last years bill to see if you did in fact go down.

The preceding method allows you to see all the details of where your tax payments go.

That is to hard do you have a simpler way?

Thanks for asking and thanks to “Kevin C” one of our readers for some quick code!

Easy two step Londonderry tax bill calculator

Don’t forget July payments are estimated, December payment is on the actual taxes the two bills will not be the same amount.  The total will be what you calculate here.

Tax bills will be printed and mailed shortly, with a due date of December 1.