Day 2 Sunset with Sandy

Quite busy on the streets of Londonderry today cleaning up from Sandy, several roads are still blocked and 65% of Londonderry is without power.

Hovey at 2pm Day 2 the tree was removed in the afternoon not the transformer or wire

School is on for Wednesday

Superintendent Nate Greenberg indicated in a phone call that North School is still without power. PSNH is working tonight to provide service to the school.  If they fail the school maintenance staff has the school on a standby generator.  It will power all the critical needs of the school and many lights.

The school will serve a bag lunch should they not have power from the utility company.

Bus service will be a challenge but to miss more school at this time of year pushes out the last day of school in June should we need snow days this winter.

Town Information

The shelter will be open Wednesday October 31st at 4pm to 9pm.  The intent is to offer a place to shower and clean up.  Be sure to bring your own towels and toiletries. Those who use the facility to keep in mind that male & female athletes will be using the facility at the same time. As a consequence proper decorum should be used at all times The town will re-evaluate daily as the situation changes.

If you have shelter needs please contact Police Dispatch at 432-1118 or Fire Dispatch at 432-1124. The Shelter in Nashua is open with a capacity of 726 with 11 guests at this time.

The town reminds you to stay away from power lines that are down, do not leave candles unattended, keep your generator 10 feet from the house and 10 feet from the gas can. Do not use gas grills indoors or in the garage. Water is available at the fire stations, bring your own containers.

Town Update at 6pm

The Town of Londonderry is re-scheduling Halloween from tomorrow afternoon October 31, 2012 from five PM until eight PM. It will be held on Sunday November 4, 2012, from four PM until seven PM.

“The Town takes this action because most residents in Londonderry continue to be without power, a situation expected to continue through tomorrow for many. Additionally, repair crews, many from out of state and Quebec will be working to restore power throughout Town. Neither the families seeking to enjoy the fun of Halloween, nor those working hard to restore power for us should be inhibited in their efforts.”

Additional information at 7pm

Showers at the High School Gym from 6am to 8am as well as 4-9pm Starting Wednesday

Roads Still Blocked

  • Rockingham – Old Mammoth North to South
  • Manter Mill at Old Derry
  • Auburn Rd at Wilson to Old Derry
  • King Phillip at King Arthur
  • King Edward at King John
  • Darrow at the rotary
  • Hovey just South of 66 Pole and transformer in the Road
  • Charleston at Albany
  • Sparhawk
  • Pine at Loop
  • Kimball at Coventry

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PSNH 5pm Update

Efforts are progressing to restore power to 93,000 PSNH customers who are still without power following Hurricane Sandy. PSNH crews have restored power to more than 109,000 customers since Sandy’s onset. At peak, the storm affected 137,000 PSNH customers.

PSNH line, contractor, and tree trimming crews on Tuesday made steady progress throughout the state and will be bolstered by 75 line crews from Hydro-Québec. The Canadian team is expected to join PSNH and contractor crews, accelerating what has been projected to be a multi-day restoration effort.

The initial emphasis of the restoration has included focusing on ensuring roads are clear of downed lines, trees, and limbs, and restoring power to key public infrastructure like schools, shelters, and water treatment facilities. As of this morning, the NH Department of Transportation reported more than 230 roads across the state were either closed or blocked by downed limbs, trees, and power and communication lines.

At daybreak, crews began conducting detailed damage assessments of affected areas, providing essential information on downed lines and other trouble areas so that PSNH’s area work centers throughout the state can quickly and effectively prioritize their mobilization. Among the hardest hit areas are portions of the seacoast, the southern I-93 corridor, and several communities in the Monadnock Region.

Hurricane Sandy’s impact has resulted in the fourth highest number of customers without power in PSNH’s 86-year history, with the five largest storms all having occurred in the past four and half years. Overall, Sandy has affected more than 8 million people from Maryland to Maine.

While the restoration effort is underway, PSNH is urging customers to use extra caution around downed wires and tree limbs, and when using a generator.

Outage at 7:30pm Tuesday

Londonderry has 6,545 or 62% without power

Windham 99% no power4,484

Litchfield14% 466

Hudson 25% 2,760

Derry 49% 6,902

Auburn 57% 1,278

Manchester 4% 2,525

A chat with PSNH management

Just 24 hours after the event began Gary Long COO and Terry Large Deputy Incident Commander for PSNH held a conference call with regional media outlets.  You can press the play button at the bottom of this story or download it to your portable device.

Fast Facts from the conversation

  • At the peak 137K customers were out at the same time during the storm
  • 190K customers have experienced an outage from  this storm
  • This is the forth largest storm ever, all happened in the last 4 years
  • A little larger than Irene last year
  • Restoration will be similar to that storm where it took four days.
  • Planning started three days before the storm, crews traveled from as far as Texas
  • Some will be taken care of in a day or two others may be longer
  • Assessment is ongoing so exact restoration is not available town by town
  • Hydro Quebec just committed to 75 crews this will speed things up a few days
  • Derry Londonderry and Windham were the worst hit the most resources are applied there.
  • 89 PSNH 2 person crews 15-20 contract crews and 80 crews from Texas and Oklahoma are on the job today
  • Additionally 100 2 person Tree trimming Crews and 114 service crews that focus on pole to house
  • A more detailed plan should be available Wednesday
  • 100K outages have been restored in the first 24 hours
  • Damage assessment is done by PSNH staff
  • Costs are over 10 million, it could go over 20 million, Costs were higher as support crews had to come from further away
  • Funding will be amortized over 2-5 years, and once approved by the utilities commission costs for this event would be in the rate


Day Three of Snowtober in Londonderry

No real updates from Town, State or PSNH since last night. Those updates were unchanged from the ones sent out or posted at around 4pm.  The PSNH 6am update had no new information, the storm update showed a small drop with 408 provided with power overnight.

Power Status in our region

  • AUBURN 1,638    74.15%
  • BEDFORD 4,174    46.31%
  • DERRY 8,686    62.14%
  • HUDSON 9,211    86.37%
  • LITCHFIELD 2,738    83.78%
  • LONDONDERRY  7,846    75.44%
  • MANCHESTER 24,231    43.61%
  • SANDOWN 952    88.81%
  • WINDHAM 4,864    99.69%

The most accurate news we have comes from Sen. Sharon Carson after a meeting with PSNH and other state senators yesterday. According to what they were told PSNH is “estimating up to a week, taking everything day by day.” When the senators asked a week from Monday or a week from the start on Saturday they were told “a week.”  It is expected in the next day that ETR’s (Estimated Times to Recovery) will be available.

Where’s Watty?

One of our readers sent us the most encouraging image yet. Bill P. shot the calvery staged at the Best Western by the Yard Resturant at about 7am this morning, he reports at least 40 Hydro Quebec trucks along with tree crews and PSNH supervisor trucks.

Hydro Quebec Trucks at the Yard Resturant 7am November 1st photo by Reaer Bill P.

No school again today as road cleanup continues. The town stopped listing closed roads yesterday, they had given the all clear until you the readers, in quite a flurry started posting blocked roads.  The Firefighters headed right out to inspect and remove what they could.

This morning Capt. Fred Heinrich just coming off shift recited from memory the streets that are closed. A street is considered closed when a school bus or fire truck can not get down the road.

  • Adams Road between Deer Crossing and Cross
  • Acropolis between 4 and 6 (access is available from both sides)
  • Cortland has a huge tree (the gate is open on 102 for access)
  • Page Road (access is from the Manchester side)
  • West Road is Blocked at number 24
  • Ross Road and Gail Road

Plea for help at the entrance to Acropolis on Route 102 in Londonderry

Report your power as out with PSNH. In the ice storm some areas had no power but when officials went down the street lights were on. That was reported as resolved, in some cases this delayed restoration to the homes.

“We have made great progress since this restoration began in earnest on Sunday, but there is still a long way to go before it is complete,” said Dave Bickford, PSNH Director of Customer Operations. “The devastation caused by this unprecedented autumn storm remains evident as we drive around the state. Clearing trees, setting poles, and replacing wires takes a team effort by our local PSNH crews, and many others from across the nation and Canada”, Bickford added.

As of 6:00 a.m. Tuesday PSNH had restored power to more than 101,000 homes and businesses. The number of customers still without power was about 135,000, down from a peak of 237,000 thousand on Sunday afternoon. In addition to restoring power to customers, Monday’s efforts focused on critical community infrastructure like schools and municipal buildings. The few remaining schools that are without power will be the target of continued attention on Tuesday. Downed trees still litter many towns, and clearing roads remains a high priority in the southern tier of the state.

PSNH asks all customers who are without power, but have not yet reported their outage, do so by calling 1-800-662-7764 or through Customers need only report an outage once.

Hydro Quebec trucks staged at the Yard Resturant Monday morning at 7am

PSNH Shared some photos with us at 11:12am two of Londonderry Showing a tree on the wires. Many others from nearby towns showing reconstruction. You can view them at this link on Flicker.

Town of Londonderry

The Regional Shelter is still open for warming and overnight stay at 293 Mammoth Road Londonderry High School. Those wishing to stay overnight are urged to bring personal items such as blankets, sheets, pillows and hygiene supplies. Showers are available as well.

We were asked to communicate that no dogs are allowed state, other media outlets and some individuals are indicating that they are. No dogs allowed at the shelter.

In the evening 45 residents (this term is used for those in the shelter they may be from other areas) were checked in at the shelter. Reports were that Dancing with the Stars was the show of choice. This morning Capt. Fred Heinrich said, “We were expecting a few more to come in last night after the count for the governor. It is so nice to see how good everyone is treating each other at the shelter. These are difficult times for all of us, without power at my own home I can understand everyone’s frustrations.”

Capt. Heinrich also indicated they spent the day yesterday driving through town looking for generators that may be to close to or in a home. Many were found running in garages and the homeowners advised of proper operation. A dozen carbon monoxide detector calls were heard on the scanner yesterday. In most cases the cause was a generator running in a garage. You should have your generator 10 feet from the house and the gas 10 feet from the generator.

Many of our readers have reported that the ability to shower and clean up is priceless. Thanks have been expressed by twitter and in our comments to ALERT and the shelter workers.

State of New Hampshire Update
Note this came in at 11:42am and was not available when this story first published.

Governor Lynch, State Agencies Continue Storm Response and Recovery

CONCORD – Governor John Lynch this morning met with state emergency management and agency officials as part of the ongoing storm response and recovery efforts.

“We continue to communicate with the utilities to stress the importance of restoring power as quickly as possible. I toured several shelters yesterday and I understand the frustration people are expressing regarding the loss of power,” Governor Lynch said. “Many of our people are entering the third day without power and heat, and I urge those who continue to be without power to take the necessary precautions and to seek a warm place to stay if you need it.”

Utilities report that about 150,000 people are still without power, and the utilities continue to state it will likely be several more days before restoration is complete.

About 260 people stayed in shelters across the state last night, which was an increase over the 240 that stayed in shelters the previous evening.

Governor Lynch will again tour shelters in Manchester, Londonderry and Nashua, starting at 2 p.m. today.

As of this morning, all state roads are open, while a number of local roads remain closed.

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation and Department of Resources and Economic Development have dispatched saw crews and wood chippers to some communities to assist with debris removal.

Yesterday, Governor Lynch requested that President Obama declare an emergency for all 10 counties in New Hampshire as a result of the storm.

If the request is granted, the declaration would make communities in New Hampshire eligible for federal disaster aid to help expedite clean up and recovery efforts, including aid in debris removal.


Town of Londonderry Provides Update at 10:30am Monday

Update at 2:30pm Monday

Just announced on school Tuesday November 1st. The school year goes to Monday June 18th… so far.

Tree on Buckingham drive, stood approx 45 ft tall. Collapsed under The weight of the heavy snow on 29-30 Oct. Photo by Stephen Parsons

Highlights on the storm from Londonderry News

  • Shelter is open go to the High School Gym
  • Showers are open if that is all you need
  • It is a good place to keep warm
  • Last night 50 residents (as in people in the shelter) stayed overnight
  • The State Press release indicates Dogs are accepted, the Town Press release indicates they are not. Check with shelter staff.
  • 80% of Londonderry has no power 8,253 homes and businesses (PSNH source)
  • PSNH reporting that 115 Line crews working now, with more from Quebec, Tennessee and Ohio. 120 Tree Crews are working with PSNH in New Hampshire
  • If you need water for drinking or flushing go to any fire station
  • We have no updates on trash pickup changes, Readers indicate pickup is going on today, but few have it out
  • Town of Londonderry Reports all streets open
  • Readers Report the following streets are not passable many with barricades; Adams between Deer Crossing and Cross, Acropolis between 4 and 6  reader report checked by LFD at 2:15pm , you can go around the circle. Horseshoe Lane wires in road at 1:06pm
  • Latest Town and PSNH information follows 10:45am

The latest update as of 10:30am, 10/31/2010 direct from the Town of Londonderry

Informational bulletin
Storm update for Londonderry

Weather is mostly sunny with temperature high’s in the mid forties with light winds. Tonight temperatures will drop to the mid twenties with light winds.

Public Service of New Hampshire is continuing to do damage assessment and restore power to critical areas first and areas where they can restore to the most customers. Currently 76% of Town is without power and maybe a few days before power is restored to certain areas. They have 30 extra crews as of this am from Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois as well as some from Canada. If you have no power please call PSNH @ 1-800-662-7764

If you have an emergency please call 911

The Regional Shelter is at Londonderry High School at 293 Mammoth Road is open for warming and overnight accommodations. Please bring personal bedding and hygiene products. Showers are available as well. We currently cannot accept pets.

Please be careful with the use of generators and make sure they are placed at least 10 feet from buildings . CARBON MONOXIDE IS ODORLESS AND TASTLESS AND IS FATAL.

Please make sure candles are not left unattended.

Currently all roads are open

For any information Please contact the FIRE DEPARTMENT @ 603-432-1124

PSNH update

PSNH is calling this an “unprecedented” outage, PSNH and other utilities are scrambling to restore power to more than 200,000 homes and businesses still without electricity this morning.

Over 100 crews are working throughout the state, but PSNH spokesman Mike Skelton said it will be a “multi-day restoration effort” and some customers could be out of power for a full week.

At about 10:45 a.m., there are still 187,000 PSNH customers without power in New Hampshire, Londonderry has 8,253 without power still nearly 80% of the town.


Dawn of Day two 8,183 Without Power No School in Londonerry

Making progress overnight PSNH said early this morning, “Your advise to readers is good plan on ‘days’. Specific ETRs (Estimated Time to Recovery) will come, but best for now to assume a few days and plan accordingly.

Londonderry Schools announced at 7:10 pm last night that schools would be closed today.  This moves the last day of school to Friday June 15th.  This is the second snow day of the year, the first was for a hurricane.  The school has all the lots clear and ready for bus traffic and students as soon as the impassable roads are cleared.

The last update from the town of Londonderry was 3:30pm Sunday.

Just in at 9:15am Monday Trick or Treat in Londonderry will be Sunday November 6th from 4pm to 7pm

At 10:24am Monday town website last update is Sunday at 3:30pm

The following roads are closed by the Police Department

  • Wilson road @ Lance
  • King Edward at #12
  • Mammoth at Valley
  • Mammoth @ Old Country Village
  • Stokes Road @ #4
  • King George @ #13
  • Adams between Mammoth Road and Cross Road

Many questions on Trick or Treat tonight, we will provide that in breaking news and via twitter as soon as it becomes available.

The Shelter opened to Londonderry Residents Sunday at 12 noon.  It remained open through the night. It is a great place to get a shower and get warm if you have no method of heating your home.

This notice came in at 7:48 this morning from the state of New Hampshire dated October 30th.

Shelters Opened For People Without Power

CONCORD, NH – The NH Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of Health and Human Services and the American Red Cross announce that the following shelters have been opened to provide accommodations for people without electric power or heat in their homes:

Hooksett – Cawley Middle School, 89 White Hall Road, open at 6 p.m. Sunday
Londonderry – Londonderry High School, 293 Mammoth Road
Manchester – Memorial High School, 1 Crusader Way, open at 5 p.m. Sunday
Nashua – Nashua High School North, 10 Chuck Druding Drive
Newmarket – Newmarket Community Center, 2 Terrace Drive (no pets)
Newton – Town Hall, 2 Town Hall Road
Rochester – Rochester Community Center, 150 Wakefield Street (no pets)

All of these shelters are pet friendly except for Rochester and Newmarket. No pets are allowed at either location.

People going to shelters should take a change of clothing, medications and personal hygiene items. People bringing pets with them should bring food and supplies for their pets.


Federal Law now mandates that shelters be pet friendly.  This following incidents in the nation where residents would not evacuate without their dog. The shelter will be open until further notice, we normally get a 12 hour warning on closure.

Our online scanner is back up, it will go down at times for power adjustments here in the newsroom.

Keep the comments and updates coming, if at all possible put restoration of your neighborhood int he comments it helps others looking for information.



Town Of Londonderry Issues Final Storm Update

March 2, 2010 – 11:00 AM

The Town was impacted by a severe rain and wind storm on February 25, 2010, resulting in wide-spread power outages and scattered flooding. Here’s the latest information to assist residents until services are restored:

PSNH Update – PSNH is responsible for restoring power in Londonderry. PSNH advises that most major circuits are back on-line, with ongoing repairs on Capitol Hill and Wiley Hill. PSNH has 11 crews in Londonderry repairing spot outages throughout the community.

PSNH advises that all customers should have power by the end of today (Tuesday, March 2). If you (or someone you know) are still without power at the end of the day, please contact PSNH at 1-800-662-7764.

Shelter Information – The regional shelter has closed; should you need shelter this evening, please contact the American Red Cross at 624-4307.

Road Closures – All roads in Londonderry are open, with the exception of Capitol Hill, which should be open to traffic this afternoon.

Questions/Assistance – Please contact the Town Office at 432-1100 X120 or email For emergencies, please dial 911. We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding during this time.

Dave Caron, Town Manager


Londonderry, Derry, Auburn Update as of 2:00 pm today

Update 6:45  pm. Received an email from Dave Caron.  He will update again in the morning.  Roads bad with Rain, Sleet and Snow.  Please drive slowly. Six crews from CT are working in Londonderry as of 5:00 pm according to Dave.  We saw two PSNH yellow truck on South Road at 5:00 pm.  Looks like Watty is around, not like last time.  Keep us posted with Watty updates.  Have a good and safe night Londonderry.  Watch the generators make sure they are not under overhangs that they are a good 10 feet from the house.  LPD and LFD have enough issues, please everyone be safe.

Update 2:00 pm

Shelter being setup.  No hot meals this evening.  Meals will start tomorrow.  High School Basketball is still happening this evening.  Wrestling Match has been moved to Nashua North for Saturday.

From Town Manager Dave Caron

The Town was impacted by a severe rain and wind storm on February 25, 2010, resulting in wide-spread power outages and scattered flooding.  Here’s the latest  information to assist residents until services are restored:

PSNH Update

PSNH is responsible for restoring power in Londonderry.  PSNH is currently assessing damage within the Town, and is repairing two major circuits which feed power into Londonderry.  PSNH estimates that power will be restored to most properties in Londonderry within the next 72 hours.

Near Miss of huge pine tree on Mammoth Road in the central part of Londonderry, NH

Shelter Information

The regional shelter is located at Londonderry High School Gymnasium, Mammoth Road, Londonderry.  The shelter will open on Feb. 26 @3:00 pm; no hot meals will be served on Feb. 26.  The shelter will remain operational until such time as power is restored to the community and residents continue to use the facility.

Road Closures  – Due to downed power lines and trees, and flooding hazards the following roads are currently closed:

  • Auburn Road@Wilson West
  • Hall Road, East of #75
  • Buttrick @ Orchard View
  • Litchfield @ Alexander
  • High Range @ #260
  • North Wentworth @ Frito lay
  • Woods Road
  • Wilson Road
  • Mammoth @ Oak Ridge Drive
  • Perkins Road @32
  • West @ Marrow
  • Parmenter @ Route 102
  • High Range from Rte 102 to Severance
  • Pillsbury
  • Chase Road @ #40
  • Valley @ Loop
  • Adams Road @ #45
  • Old Derry from Hunter Mill to Manter Mill
  • 1-90 Constitution Drive
  • Acropolis
  • Holly @ Meadow
  • Pillsbury @ Ash
  • Gilcrest @ Sugar Plum
  • Granite @ Boulder
  • Burbank
  • Brookview

Dugout at LHS block walls blown down by winds in Feb 2010 storm

Initial Response

The Town immediately mobilized its force to insure the safety of it’s residents, and to provide support to the utility companies who are responsible for restoring power, cable and phone service in Londonderry.  The Police, Fire and Public Works departments are involved in the following activities:

  • Traffic Control to direct vehicles away from downed power lines
  • Closing roads which were impacted by downed lines and trees
  • Opening and continued operation of the shelter with the American Red Cross located at Londonderry High School Gymnasium
  • Response to emergency calls for service
  • Removal of brush and other debris along the rights of way.

The Town also would like to thank members of the ALERT team, a group of citizen volunteers who assist with traffic control, shelter operation and debris clearing.  These citizen volunteered long hours during the initial recovery phase assisting their neighbors through the community.

Looking forward

Click for more photosThe Town will post regular updates from PSNH regarding the status of power restoration in Londonderry.  We will notify the community when PSNH advises that all areas have power.  After that time, if you still do not have power,  you need to contact PSNH.

PSNH advises that homes with individual power service lines which are down, will likely be the last to be reconnected.  We need to make sure PSNH is aware of these situations.  PSNH phone number is 1-800-662-7764


Please contact the Town Office at 432-1100 x 120; currently the Town website and email systems are without power. is assisting with publicizing information during this time.  For emergencies please call 911

We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding during this time.