Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Entrain and More just Booked in Londonderry!

Ticket Update
RENAISSANCE – To Be Rescheduled.
MARIA MULDAUR – Only 19 tickets remain!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Only 18 tickets remain!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!
STEVE EARLE – Only 8 tickets remain!

This Week
This show is SOLD OUT.

Featuring Mike McDonald, Ryan Gartley, and Chris D, this is going to be a comedy night to remember! For only $18, you won’t find a better deal for two full hours of comedy.

The Long Surrender, the new studio album from the southern Ohio-based husband-and-wife team of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Linford Detweiler and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Karin Bergquist, otherwise known as Over the Rhine, is something rare and wondrous — an intimate epic. Shot through with the joys and sorrows of modern-day existence and the unchanging fundaments of the human condition, the album has the feel of a living thing, senses alert, feet planted firmly on terra firma.
The album title “speaks to our ongoing desire to let go of certain expectations (and much of what we are so convinced we know for sure) in favor of remaining open and curious,” Karin explains. “It seems like many of our friends are currently wrestling with various forms of ‘letting go,’ so hopefully, the ideas conjured by the title feel somewhat universal. And I think the title speaks to the arc of a lifelong commitment to writing and performing regardless of recognition. Learning when to work hard and when to let go. Learning to leave room for grace to billow our sails occasionally. Learning not to white-knuckle everything.”

New Bookings
The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies was established in Eugene, Oregon, in 1989. Formed by singer Steve Perry and bassist Dan Schmid, the band has experienced many membership changes over the years, with Perry, Schmid and trumpeter Dana Heitman currently remaining from the original line-up.
The Daddies’ music is primarily a mix of swing and ska, characterized by a rhythmic rock and roll influence, a prominent horn section and Perry’s mordant lyricism. While the band’s earliest releases were rooted mostly in punk rock and funk, their subsequent studio albums have since incorporated elements from many diverse genres of popular music and Americana into their sound, including rockabilly, rhythm and blues, soul and world music.
Though first establishing themselves in the West Coast third wave ska scene, the Daddies ultimately broke into the musical mainstream with their 1997 swing compilation Zoot Suit Riot. Released at the onset of the late 1990s swing revival, Zoot Suit Riot sold over two million copies in the United States while its eponymous single became a radio hit, launching the Daddies to the forefront of the retro-swing genre, a perceived pigeonholing the band openly denounced in favor of their ska and punk influences.

November 23 ENTRAIN
Dance off that turkey with Entrain the day after Thanksgiving!
Epic in sound and kaleidoscopic in vision, the eclectic Martha’s Vineyard-based six-piece Entrain has been thrilling critics and fans alike since its inception. Entrain has recorded eight albums (one this year), all of which have been praised for their ability to shift effortlessly between musical styles – from rock, blues, calypso and ska, to zydeco, jazz and funk – often within the same song. “The whole Entrain concept is based around the drums and infectious rhythms. Once we’ve got that— anything goes, everything goes,” explains Tom Major (drummer). As Sam Holmstock (conga/djembe/trombonist) says, ”
The most important thing that we try to do with our music is bring everybody together in the spirit of peace, love, fun and a ton of drums!”

February 14 LIZ LONGLEY
Tupelo sweetheart Liz Longley is playing a show on Valentine’s Day! How fitting.
In the short time since her graduation from Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music, singer-songwriter Liz Longley has assembled an impressive resume. While best known for her stop-you-in-your-tracks voice, Liz has steadily developed a reputation as an accomplished songwriter, crafting intimately personal portraits through her music.
In the past two years, Liz has taken home top prizes at some of the most prestigious songwriting competitions in the country, including the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship Competition, the International Acoustic Music Awards and the Rocky Mountain Folk Fest Songwriting Competition. New England named her the 2011 Female Performer of the Year, the Washington Post declared that Liz is “destined for a larger audience” and Dig Boston called her “a rising acoustic sensation.” Even John Mayer is a fan, calling her music “gorgeous, simply gorgeous.”


Week of Hit Shows at Tupelo in Londonderry

BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins) – Only 3 tickets remain!
SONNY LANDRETH – Only 25 tickets remain!
MARIA MULDAUR – Only 40 tickets remain!
CARBON LEAF – Only 15 tickets remain!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Only 35 tickets remain!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!
THE SMITHEREENS – Only 1 tickets remains!


Hello music lovers. Hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Labor Day is right around the corner. These past few weeks we have offered a number of different dishes, these included: Smoked Salmon dip & Crackers, Pasta Alfredo, Swedish meatballs & veggies, Southwest Pasta salad, Potato salad, Chicken Pasta salad, Franks & Beans, Warm Brie & Boursin cheese plate, Beef Brisket, Vegetable & Beef Kabobs, BBQ Ribs, Sliced Sirloin & vegetable plate, Prime Rib dinner, Home Fry potatoes, East/West Egg rolls, homemade Pecan Pie, along with the usual favorites—Keep an eye out for more upcoming specials.

This Week at Tupelo’s
Anna Dagmar is the featured performer for this open mic. The Tupelo Music Hall Open Mic is special. We have lots of great people on stage and many who just choose to sit back and watch. Either way you do it, for only $5, it’s the best deal out there!

September 7 AMY HELM
Amy Helm’s deep musical roots were enriched by a lifetime of exposure to the finest expressions of American musical tradition. Combined with her stunning vocal and other creative gifts, those roots have grown up to reveal a spellbinding artist who moves easily through a broad range of musical styles.

The daughter of music legend Levon Helm and singer/songwriter Libby Titus Fagen,Helm wields a powerful voice that can both stir and soothe, whether she is singing traditional gospel, blues standards or her own heartfelt compositions. She is a gifted musician on both mandolin and drums, and has clearly absorbed the lessons of the many other accomplished artists with whom she has shared stages, including Mavis Staples, Emmylou Harris, and Joan Osborne as well as other uniquely American performers like Dr. John and Hubert Sumlin.

A founding member of the roots band Ollabelle, with whom she has recorded three CDs, Helm has also performed live with scores of notable musicians like Warren Haynes, The Wood Brothers, and Donald Fagen, and her distinctive voice can be heard on recordings by artists ranging from Mercury Rev to Marc Cohn.

The New Riders of the Purple Sage, signed to Columbia Records by Clive Davis, released its eponymous first album in September 1971 to widespread acclaim. In the next 11 years the band toured and released over 12 albums, selling over 4 million records. NRPS began as a part-time spin-off from the Grateful Dead when Jerry Garcia (pedal steel guitar), Phil Lesh (bass) and Mickey Hart (drums) teamed up with John Dawson (guitar, vocals) and David Nelson (guitar). Although early live appearances were viewed as an informal warm-up to the main attraction, the group quickly established an independent identity through the strength of Dawson’s original songs. By 1970 Dave Torbert had replaced Lesh, and Spencer Dryden, formerly of Jefferson Airplane, had joined as the group’s permanent drummer. Garcia remained in both The Dead and The New Riders until he found himself overcommitted, at which time Buddy Cage replaced him and the classic NRPS lineup was born. Original NRPS bass player Dave Torbert and drummer Spencer Dryden have passed away, co-founder John Dawson passed away in 2009 due to ongoing health problems. His considerable talents will be missed but his songs and musical legacy will live on. Before he passed he had given his blessing and was excited to know his music is being heard live again by a whole new generation of fans. The new lineup vows to keep the NRPS spirit and tunes alive by taking them to fans everywhere. The band recently teamed up with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter and released its first CD in twenty years to rave reviews, Where I Come From

The Yardbirds are an English rock band that had a string of hits in the mid 1960s, including “For Your Love”, “Over Under Sideways Down” and “Heart Full of Soul”. The group is notable for having started the careers of three of rock’s most famous guitarists: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page, all of whom were in the top fifteen of Rolling Stone’s 100 Top Guitarists list. A blues-based band that broadened its range into pop and rock, The Yardbirds were pioneers in guitar innovations of the ’60s: fuzz tone, feedback, distortion, backwards echo, improved amplification, etc. Pat Pemberton, writing for Spinner, holds that the Yardbirds were “the most impressive guitar band in rock music”. After the Yardbirds broke up in 1968, their current lead guitarist Jimmy Page founded what became Led Zeppelin.

The current band lineup is Andy Mitchell- lead vocals, harmonica, Ben King – lead guitar, Chris Dreja – rhythm guitar, backing vocals, David Smale- bass guitar, Jim McCarty – drums, backing vocals.

September 29 LOS LOBOS
We are bringing Los Lobos to The Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy in Derry to perform Kiko, the band’s most critically acclaimed album, in its entirety, including songs like “Kiko and the Lavender Moon,” “Angels With Dirty Faces,” and “When The Circle Comes.” They will also be playing hits from other albums. This is a very special show at a very special theatre. Listen

What do you get when you fuse the sounds of jazz and folk? Eric Hutchinson, of course! This singer-songwriter is making waves across the States and the only way to find out what everyone’s buzzing about is to get tickets to see him live! So hurry up and get tickets to see Eric Hutchinson live while there are still some left! Listen

The Blues Project is a band from the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City that was formed in 1965 and originally split up in 1967. While their songs drew from a wide array of musical styles, they are most remembered as one of the earliest practitioners of psychedelic rock, as well as one of the world’s first jam bands, along with the Grateful Dead. Current Lineup– ORIGINAL MEMBERS: Danny Kalb (guitar), Steve Katz (guitar), Roy Blumenfeld (drums) plus Dave Richards (Bass) Listen

December 9 TOM RUSH
Tom Rush is a gifted musician and performer, whose shows offer a musical celebration—a journey into the tradition and spectrum of what music has been, can be, and will become. His distinctive guitar style, wry humor and warm, expressive voice have made him both a legend and a lure to audiences around the world. His shows are filled with the rib-aching laughter of terrific story-telling, the sweet melancholy of ballads and the passion of gritty blues.

Rush’s impact on the American music scene has been profound. He helped shape the folk revival in the ’60s and the renaissance of the ’80s and ’90s, his music having left its stamp on generations of artists. James Taylor told Rolling Stone, “Tom was not only one of my early heroes, but also one of my main influences.” Country music star Garth Brooks has credited Rush with being one of his top five musical influences. Rush has long championed emerging artists. His early recordings introduced the world to the work of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and James Taylor, and in more recent years his Club 47 concerts have brought artists such as Nanci Griffith and Shawn Colvin to wider audiences when they were just beginning to build their own reputations. Listen

February 9 GANDALF MURPHY & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams have been called “the hillbilly Pink Floyd,” which is an apt description, particularly if you throw in elements of Incredible String Band, Neil Young, The Band, Dylan, and maybe even some Frank Zappa as well. Upon returning recently from the U.K. this fall where they spread their contagious brand of quirky Americana from Glasgow to Penzance, the band completed work on their fourth studio album, “The Grand Slambovians”.

Together since the late 90′s where they met in art school, Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams are shedding their skin and come out boldly as ‘The Grand Slambovians’ in 2011 touring the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. in support of their latest creative effort. Unleashing their hauntingly signature songs on the world once again, the new album is getting rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Manically melodic, the bold, new songs knit into the band’s classics like an old paisley quilt wrapped around a very large family. Known for electrifying live performances and great original music, they have a devoted and growing international fan base. Listen


New Londonderry Bookings and Los Lobos in Derry!

Ticket Update
BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins) – Only 5 tickets remain!
SONNY LANDRETH – Only 30 tickets remain!
MARIA MULDAUR – Selling fast!
CARBON LEAF – Only 28 tickets remain!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Selling Fast!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!
THE SMITHEREENS – Only 30 tickets remain!

This Week
August 29 THE FIXX
This show is SOLD OUT.

Jon Herington is the veteran touring and recording guitarist for Steely Dan, a position he continues to hold after 11 years.
The Jon Herington Band is currently the hard-hitting, stripped-down guitar, bass, drums power trio version of the band which is specifically designed for the club and theatre concert scene, with a blues/rock/pop vibe and an emphasis on the SONGS and the GUITAR PLAYING. There is plenty of killer guitar for fans of Jon’s playing, and the lyrics are often funny in addition to being clever and compelling. Great support is supplied by a no-nonsense, take-care-of-business band featuring Dennis Espantman on bass and Frank Pagano on drums. All three band members sing, providing a much bigger sound than a typical trio.

August 31 RIK EMMETT
Come join Rik Emmett, lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Triumph, for a special performance at Tupelo! Rik will be performing a mix of classics, acoustic , jazz and blues, as well as performing as part of the Strung Out Troubadours with guitarist Dave Dunlop. It is a show not to be missed as these two master guitarists duke it out on stage.
Emmett and Dunlop (from the rock band Full Nine) first played together during a master class session at the National Summer Guitar Workshop in 1990. Much of their material originates from their acoustic guitars, with Rik singing lead vocal on some selections.
In 2007, Strung-Out Troubadours won “Album of the Year” and “Group/Duo Of The Year” at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, where they were the most heavily-nominated act. Both Rik and Dave were also nominated for “Best Guitarist”, a category that Emmett had captured back in 2005.

Breaking every cliché associated with the blues while producing some of the most powerful music of the 21st century comes as natural to Albert Cummings as swinging a hammer while constructing one of his award-winning custom built homes. The Massachusetts native learned the requisite three chords on the guitar from his father, but then switched to playing banjo at age 12 and became a fan of bluegrass music. Like everything he tackles, he threw himself headlong into the pursuit, going to festivals and winning several picking contests in high school. Before graduating he heard the early recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan, however, and was floored by the virtuosity. While in college in 1987 he saw Vaughan perform and he returned to the guitar with a new outlook and resolve. He had another tradition to live up to first, however, and he studied the building trade in order to follow his family into the home building business. Not until he was 27, an age when other musicians were either already established or had long ago put their dream aside for the realities of life, did Albert finally decide to go for it.

New Bookings
This is high-powered Celtic music like you’ve never heard and this new band is quickly picking up steam! The Fighting Jamesons deliver a traditional style of music with an aggressive and energetic modern-day approach. They’ve shared the stage with legendary Irish rock acts such as Dropkick Murphys, The Saw Doctors, and Young Dubliners.

September 29 LOS LOBOS
We are bringing Los Lobos to The Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy in Derry to perform Kiko, the band’s most critically acclaimed album, in its entirety, including songs like “Kiko and the Lavender Moon,” “Angels With Dirty Faces,” and “When The Circle Comes.” They will also be playing hits from other albums. This is a very special show at a very special theatre.

With the release of her latest CD “Crazy Love”, Karen Grenier continues to make her mark as a both a gifted songwriter and crafty lyricist. Drawing in both new and faithful fans, Karen’s songs resonate in the heart and leave listeners anticipating the next song and humming her catchy melodies. A polished performer, Karen’s smooth, penetrating voice, rhythmic acoustic style and positive emotional energy make for an excellent concert experience. Voted the 2009 Boston Pride Idol winner, Karen was also named a semifinalist in the 2006 Peacedriven Songwriting Contest and won a songwriting award from Nashville’s Music City Search in 2002. In addition, several of her songs have been featured on the Dawson’s Creek DVD. Karen has spent the past thirteen years as a seasonal performer in the Cape Cod vacation destination of Provincetown, MA. She makes her living both as a guidance counselor and a professional musician. “You’ve got to reach for your dreams—it’s an attitude I’ve always tried to inspire in my students—now I’m living mine!” Karen has performed at clubs, festivals, coffee houses and colleges throughout Northeast. Currently promoting her “Crazy Love” CD, Karen continues to impress audiences with her catchy melodies, intimate lyrics and gutsy performances. For Karen, it’s all about being genuine and connecting with people. “If I can do that, I’ve achieved success.”


Comedy Show this Week, New One Booked, and Much More!

Ticket Update
BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins) – Only 5 tickets remain!
SONNY LANDRETH – Only 32 tickets remain!
AL STEWART – Only 3 tickets remain!
MARIA MULDAUR – Selling fast!
CARBON LEAF – Only 36 tickets remain!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Selling Fast!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!

This Week
This comedy night with Bob Seibel and Frank Santorelli is going to be a blast! I guarantee you these comedians will have you laughing!

August 25 CORKY LAING and The Memory Thieves
This show has been cancelled.

August 29 THE FIXX
This show is SOLD OUT

New Bookings
September 22 VANCE GILBERT (Free appreciation show)
Vance Gilbert burst onto the singer/songwriter scene in the early 90′s when buzz started spreading in the folk clubs of Boston about an ex-multicultural arts teacher who was knocking ‘em dead at open mics. Once word got to New York about this Philadelphia-area born and raised performer, Shawn Colvin invited Gilbert to be a special guest on her Fat City tour. Gilbert took audiences across the country by storm. “With the voice of an angel, the wit of a devil, and the guitar playing of a god, it was enough to earn him that rarity: an encore for an opener” wrote the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in its review of a show from that tour.

This special comedy night features Mike McDonald, Graig Murphy, and Chris D. Always a hilarious time and still the best deal going for a full night of entertainment, our comedy nights are a great reason to get friends together.

Over the past three albums and five years, Toronto’s Celtic rock band Enter The Haggis has found itself at the center of a grassroots success story ever teetering on the brink of mainstream success. From playing Celtic festivals to headlining them, and from the festival circuit to selling out multiple nights in rock venues, ETH has blazed a path with heavy and almost constant touring up and down the East Coast, to Canada, the West Coast and back again, winning over success one fan, one town, one region at a time.
The band has made waves in the genre, landing high Billboard and iTunes World Music chart positions as well as major television appearances on shows like Live With Regis And Kelly, A&E Breakfast With the Arts andPB’ popular program Out of Ireland, with its multi-influence style of Celtic rock.It’s the kind of overall sound and devotion package that has created not only die-hard fans, but “Haggis Heads” that follow the band from gig to gig.

Often referred to as an “old soul” by fans and friends alike, twenty five year old New Hampshire based singer/songwriter Tristan Omand has stories beyond his years. They all unfold in the songs, though, and are accented by an unchained, yet clear and galloping style of folk flat-picking that he has honed over the last fourteen years. The lyrics are the main course of each tune, painting pictures with words, maybe even spinning a good yarn or two of fiction. But the easiest thing to detect about his writing, is a sense of honesty and wounded perseverance. Omand independently recorded, and released “Tolled Stories” in 2011, which has quickly become a favorite amongst music fans in the New England area. Now with two tours of the east coast from New Hampshire to New Orleans under his belt, the hunger and drive to play and write is still there, if not stronger than before. Tristan has had the pleasure of opening for acts ranging from Livingston Taylor, to Side One Dummy Records artist Audra Mae, and nationals Larry & His Flask, among many others all over the east coast. New album due out December 4th on Raised In A Barn Recordings.

Brandishing heavy guitars and an unabashed fetish for British Invasion Pop, The Smithereens carved their niche on album rock radio and earned a reputation as a great concert attraction with sizzling pop songs including:


Six New Bookings and Great Shows this Week!

Ticket Update
BOB SCHNEIDER- Only 25 tickets remain!
BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins) – Only 17 tickets remain!
SONNY LANDRETH – Only 35 tickets remain!
AL STEWART – Only 11 tickets remain!
MARIA MULDAUR – Selling fast!
CARBON LEAF – Selling Fast!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Selling Fast!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!

This Week
This show is SOLD OUT!

Bob Schneider is not new to this game. He has built his career as a working class musician and as a result has an institution of faithful followers all across the country with a mega-fan-base epicenter in Austin. There have been highs – the near-breakthrough success of ‘Lonelyland,’ and the next-big-thing hype that surrounded it. And lows – he was subsequently dropped by two labels. Through it all he sustained and even flourished as an independent artist releasing five albums, hundreds of digital singles, and fronting three bands simultaneously.

True to the title of Sonya Kitchell’s 2008 album This Storm, the 22-year-old singer songwriter’s life has been in constant whirlwind mode since the release of her critically acclaimed 2006 breakthrough Words Came Back To Me. While she’s performed with everyone from Angelique Kidjo and Ben Harper to Jamie Cullum, India.Arie, Los Lonely Boys and Madeleine Peyroux, her career picked up international steam when jazz legend Herbie Hancock tapped her to tour the world with him in 2007.
Singer/songwriter Myra Flynn spends her career embracing dichotomy. Half Irish and half African American, her original indie/soul/folk songs blend soulful vocals with a lyrical delivery that doesn’t let one get too comfortable. As the New England Deli Magazine puts it, “Her vocal influences have as much in common with Ani Difranco and Shawn Colvin as they do with Rihanna and Jill Scott.”
Flynn spent her Vermont childhood clad in leopard print and platform shoes, singing and dancing atop anything that looked remotely like a stage. These days, not much has changed. She has since shared literal stages with: Ivan Neville, Alexa Ray Joel, Slick Rick, Anais Mitchell, Gregory Douglass and Lee “Scratch” Perry.

New Bookings
This special comedy night features Mike Hanley, Joey Caroll, and Greg Boggis. Always a hilarious time and still the best deal going for a full night of entertainment, our comedy nights are a great reason to get friends together.

It’s been over 25 years since breaking through to critical and commercial acclaim with his 1982 self-titled debut and its infectious, era-defining pop hit “Someday, Someway.” Classic Crenshaw attributes include an indelible sense of melody and tuneful essence combined to create a rich warmth and intimacy on every song.

Over the last three decades, singer, songwriter and guitarist Gary Louris has built a deeply compelling body of music whose artistry and integrity has won the loyalty of an international audience and the respect of both critics and his peers. Best known for his seminal work with The Jayhawks, Louris is one of the most acclaimed musicians to come out of Minnesota’s teaming rock scene.
Gary began his recording career with the fabled Minneapolis indie combo Safety Last before co-founding the Jayhawks with Mark Olson, who in their initial two-decade career rose from their indie roots to international prominence. Concurrent with his time in the Jayhawks, Louris was a charter member of the part-time alt-rock supergroup Golden Smog, which at various times also included members of Soul Asylum, Wilco, the Replacements and Big Star.
Along the way he also found time to lend his writing, performing and production talents to albums by acts as diverse as the Black Crowes, the Dixie Chicks, Counting Crows, Joe Henry, John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, Roger McGuinn, Maria McKee, Nickel Creek, Carrie Rodriguez, Tift Merritt, the Sadies, and the Wallflowers.
Most recently, following his first-ever solo album (Vagabonds in 2008) and a duo album with his former Jayhawks partner Olson (2009′s Ready For The Flood), the two reconvened the classic Jayhawks lineup for a new record and tour. The resulting album, Mockingbird Time, marked a well-received return to the group’s trademark blend of dustblown harmonies and pop sensibility, and they relished the opportunity to introduce their timeless catalog to new audiences around the world.
Now embarking on his first solo endeavors since reassembling the band, Gary looks forward to showcasing songs spanning his entire 30-year career in select venues this fall.

November 24 THE MYSTIX
This is a special show because the band will be making a LIVE RECORDING of their performance for release. Come be a part of MYSTIX history!
The Mystix are back on the road with their Roots Ramble Tour in support of their fourth and most ambitious album to date, “Mighty Tone,” paying tribute to those influential blues, gospel and country artists that were the “true vine” of American Music, including some original material of their own. As the group’s leader Jo Lily says, “This is a music of celebration, innovation and revelation—this Americana ramble has been a project infused with joy which we will share with our audience.”
The Mystix (Jo Lily, Guitars, Vocals, Marty Richards, Drums, Marty Ballou, Bass, Bobby B. Keyes, Guitars, Tom West Piano) will be joined on stage with some outstanding guest artists including harp legend Jerry Portnoy from Muddy Waters and Eric Clapton’s band.

Special CD Release show!
The Adam Ezra group has been compared to the Dave Matthews Band, or to a hipper Dan Fogelberg. They’re known for a dynamic acoustic roots/rock sound combining smart well-written lyrics and powerful musicianship. In 2007, they were rated one of New England’s top five mountain bands by Ski Magazine. In the past years, they have shared the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, Guster, John Mayer, Aerosmith, Dave Matthews Band, Carbon Leaf, The Wailers, Pete Seeger, State Radio (from Dispatch), The Pat McGee Band and more.

January 11 PETER MAYER
Peter Mayer writes songs for a small planet – songs about interconnectedness and the human journey; about the beauty and the mystery of the world. Whimsical, humorous, and profound, his music breaks the boundaries of “folk”, and transcends to a realm beyond the everyday love song, to a place of wonder at the very fact of life itself.
“His guitar work is breath-taking, his lyrics mind-spinning, his singing soul-soothing and his feet-on-the-ground optimism nothing short of healing.”


Three Great Shows and Two New Bookings this Week!

Ticket Update
PAULA POUNDSTONE – Only 2 tickets remain for first show.
BLUE SKY RIDERS (with Kenny Loggins) – Only 21 tickets remain!
SONNY LANDRETH – Only 36 tickets remain!
AL STEWART – Only 25 tickets remain!
MARIA MULDAUR – Selling fast!
CARBON LEAF – Selling Fast!
“Live’” ED KOWALCZYK – Selling Fast!
JEFF PITCHELL – Selling Fast!

This Week
Evolving out of the San Francisco rock scene of the mid-1960s, Big Brother was in the forefront of the psychedelic music movement. Originally called the Blue Yard Hill, with various members floating in and out, Big Brother became a reality in September of that year. They played their first official gig in January 1966 at the Open Theater in Berkeley. Within a short time they became the house band for Chet Helms at the Avalon Ballroom and began to develop a loyal following of fans. Highlights of their early performances included “Coo Coo”, “That’s How Strong My Love Is”and “Hall Of The Mountain King” usually relying on Peter Albin for lead vocals. Later, Peter would also sing the lead on the early versions of “Down On Me”, and “Summertime”.
Janis Joplin debuted with Big Brother on June 10, 1966, at the Avalon Ballroom. The majority of Big Brother fans approved of the addition, and Janis became an instant hit.
The current edition of Big Brother & The Holding Company is one you don’t want to miss. The hits are as alive today as they were back in the 60’s.

Appearing on stage with a stool, a microphone, and a can of Diet Pepsi, Paula Poundstone is famous for her razor-sharp wit and spontaneity. The Boston Globe said, “Poundstone improvises with a crowd like a Jazz musician, swinging in unexpected directions without a plan, without a net”. Paula is so quick and unassuming that audience members at her live shows often leave complaining that their cheeks hurt from laughter and debating whether the random people she talked to were “plants.”

New Bookings
August 29 THE FIXX
The FIXX coming to Tupelo for a last minute added date in August. Come sing along with this iconic 80’s and 90’s band that helped define a generation of music.
This band known for such smash hits as:
“Red Skies”
“One thing Leads to Another”
“Saved By Zero”
“Stand or Fall”
This is going to be a GREAT show!

Artist, musician, and pioneering band leader Commander Cody helped invent a whole new style of music during the early 70’s, a period regarded as the height of rock innovation. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen were one of the original groups to fuse divergent strains of American Roots Music-stripped down basic rock and roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, bop, country, western swing, and rockabilly-and create an innovative, yet familiar and convincing sound.