Marilyn Ham Donates Book to Londonderry High

Marilyn Ham, a representative from the Molly Reid Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, recently visited Londonderry High School. While visiting, Ham donated a copy of the newly released Daughters of the American Revolution publication, titled Forgotten Patriots – American and Indian Patriots of the Revolutionary War.

Librarian, Gail March, Social Studies teacher, Suzanne Johnson, and DAR representative, Marilyn Ham

The reference volume identifies over 6,600 names of African Americans and Native Americans who strengthened the efforts made to fight for American independence. As the second edition, the book is nearly five times larger than its predecessor, published in 2001. Content of the book includes details regarding the documented service of the Patriots, illustrations, historical commentary on happenings of the time, information about foreign allies, miscellaneous naval and military records, and an extensive bibliography.

The Molly Reid chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution began in October of 1894 with 24 members. It was named after the wife of our most distinguished Revolutionary soldier, General George Reid. The early members included three “Real Daughters.” These were women whose fathers were Revolutionary Soldiers. The Molly Reid chapter has also had two “Real Granddaughters” among its members.