Chipotle (Soviet) Mexican Grill

The Phantom has been busy trying local lunch places.  Visiting Wrap Skak and Janie’s in Londonderry and new take-out place on the DW Highway in Nashua called Chipotle.  Posted the review of the Wrap Shak a few weeks back.  Today we take a look at Chipotle in Nashua.

Several decades ago while visiting an Eastern European country the Phantom had the pleasure of standing for several hours in a bread line.  When the Phantom got into the stark looking store there was one item to select from, bread.

I was reminded of that queue at a recent visit to Chipotle in Nashua on the DW highway.  Phantom and guests stood in line for a long time to be presented with just two options.  Taco or Burrito.  Sorry, that would be “Gourmet” Taco and Burrito.  Yes there are other options salad or chips/salsa; but the only thing they serve are Taco’s and Burrito’s.  The corporate chain based in Denver (slightly north of the border) presents a décor in its stores that is as stark as its menu.  Concrete brushed floors, dull steel beams and counters, and communal table and chairs.  Gruff staff and assembly line food construction round out the Soviet style feel of the place.

Now to the food.  Warning, their hot sauce is hot.  Not just hot, but so hot the ‘man vs. food’ guy from TV would have a hard time completing any taco/burrito with hot sauce.  Warning, their mild sauce is hot.  You get the point.  The over-powering heat rendered the meal totally tasteless.  Just as well, as what was left was totally inedible.

Options for taco/burrito fillings are chicken/steak.  Grilled with varying adobe this and adobe that; a profile that just adds to the tongue numbing lip curling heat.  Steak on the burrito was grizzly, tough and chewy.  The chicken on the taco was also dry, over-cooked and over-powered with spices.  Options for completing the taco/burrito included lettuce, tomato, guac, lime-flavored-rice (the only thing all agreed that actually tasted good); black/pinto beans (that were slopped into the taco/burrito, making them mushy); and sour cream.

According to their corporate web-site there are a whole nation of Chipotle fans and they post pictures of their fan-antics.  One shot shows someone throwing a burrito to the crowd.  More appropriately the caption should state throwing away a burrito to the crowd.

Lots and lots of choices for ‘Mexican’ food in and around Londonderry and southern NH.  If you make a list of where to go to next, put Chipotle on the bottom of that list.  Way down.

On our Fat Phantom five-fork scale………

Service – 0 – Soviet Friendly !
Food – 1
Value – 0
Overall – 0 – Like a Moscow bread line in the winter, just stay away

Locally Chipotle is located at 225 DW Highway in Nashua and also can be found at 926 South Willow St. in Manchester

Visit them at There you will discover their corporate culture.  Unfortunately, in Nashua they forgot about the food.