Londonderry Police Pursue Suspect, Vehicle Rolls in Derry

A routine call reporting an erratic operator turned into a dangerous pursuit and a car accident with a head injury late this morning. The chase began when Londonderry Police received the call shortly after 11:30 AM Friday, April 15, 2011 and ended just six minutes later when the suspect vehicle rolled in Derry.

According to the caller, the driver was traveling south on Mammoth Road and was “all over the roadway”. It was also reported that the driver had swerved into on coming traffic and had nearly hit a tree.

While contacting police, the caller was able to stay behind the suspect vehicle, providing detailed directions. The caller reported the vehicle ran the red light at Stonehenge and Mammoth roads, turning left onto Stonehenge at a high rate of speed. Police were just seconds behind the vehicle, which then turned right onto Route 28, heading towards Derry.

Police were able to catch up to the suspect vehicle on Route 28 near Seasons Lane. The vehicle, however, did not obey when Londonderry police initiated a motor vehicle stop. According to the officer, the car took off towards Derry, running the red light at Wal-Mart and forcing another vehicle off the road.

The suspect then continued through Derry, heading towards the downtown area. Reinforcements from Derry Police were called in to assist with the pursuit, but the suspect car reportedly rolled on Route 28 shortly before the Derry Police Department.

The pursuing Londonderry officer reported that the suspect was breathing and had received a severe head injury in the crash. The fire department was immediately requested to respond to the scene.

Part of Route 28 was reportedly shut down following the crash and has yet to be reopened. It is reported that between Tsienneto Road and Linlew Drive has been closed.

Update at 5pm from Londonderry Police

Londonderry Police Department received a transferred call from 911 regarding a subject operating a motor vehicle erratically southbound on Mammoth Road. The operator, who was later identified as one Zachary Gloudemans (Age 26) of 6 Blake Street in Concord, New Hampshire, was said to be traveling at a high rate of speed in the wrong lane of travel and had also nearly hit a tree. His motor vehicle was identified as a 2004 silver Honda Accord E.

Londonderry Officers responded to the area as the cell caller stayed on the line and continued to provide updates of their location. It was also determined at this time that Gloudemans, who was the registered owner of the vehicle, had two active warrants for his arrest. The first being a felony level warrant for attempted burglary out of Chichester, New Hampshire and the second being a bench warrant out of the Concord, New Hampshire District Court.

Gloudemans was subsequently located by a Londonderry Police Officer on Route 28 just north of the Derry Town line. The officer activated his emergency lights as Gloudemans crossed the town line. Gloudemans did not stop, but continued into Derry before stopping at a red light adjacent to the Derry Wal-Mart. The officer then activated his emergency siren, which appeared to get his attention. Gloudemans then passed another vehicle on the right and traveled through the red light in an attempt to elude the officer. The officer pursued Gloudemans a short distance before ultimately discontinuing it due to Gloudemans forcing another vehicle off the roadway. Gloudemans then continued south a short distance before striking another vehicle, which caused his own to roll several times. He was ejected from his vehicle and later Med-flighted to a Boston area hospital with apparent serious injuries. The Derry Police Department is investigating this accident.

The Londonderry Police Department will be pursuing motor vehicle related charges for the violations committed by Gloudemans in Londonderry.

Be sure to watch the slide show for more images of the rollover. All photos were captured by Keith Tharp. Images are also available for viewing in our Darkroom.