Slip Sliding, Away LPD had a Busy Night!

The Londonderry breaking News service yesterday afternoon and into the night was, non stop with all the cars sliding off the road.  Yesterday’s Police Log shows a number of car accidents throughout town. During the morning and early afternoon hours, the roads were clear, only slightly wet, and in some spots very slippery from the small amount of snow received from the predicted “storm”.

The reported first accident occurred right around 3:11 PM in the afternoon. Within 17 minutes, another accident was reported to the Londonderry Police Department.

Just eight minutes later, another accident was called in. The pattern continued until just past midnight last night, with an average of twelve minutes between each reported accident. Some accidents were even reported within the same minute. There were also some “Disable Motor Vehicle” reports, for those who got stuck on some slippery roads.

The Superintendent “called it” at 4AM yesterday morning based on a private weather service and conversations with other superintendents, it was determined that the Londonderry School District would close, canceling school for the day.  As a mater of fact over 325 schools in New Hampshire were closed.

While there was debate throughout the town for the necessity of schools actually closing instead of releasing early, the district decided to err on the side of caution.

On Londonderry Hometown Online News, a reader commented on the story “Londonderry Schools Canceled Snow Starts Mid AM.”  This person said, “I seem to remember a few years back when we had the same situation, a storm expected to arrive mid-day. School wasn’t canceled and the elementary buses were slipping and sliding in 6 inches of snow in the afternoon. People were up in arms after that storm that school wasn’t canceled.”

With the 25 accidents, and three disabled cars, that occurred between 3 PM and midnight yesterday, most readers felt it was wise for the schools to be closed.  In addition to the fighting the battle on the roadway Londonderry Police continued to manage and take action on everyday issues in Londonderry.

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Eggs, Marines and Air Ambulance in Londonderry

Police Log for 12/17/09-12/23/09Boy Throw Eggs at Car

A caller reported a dark, older car on Granite Street with 3-4 boys inside it. The boys were egging cars.

After a night of drinks with friends, at about 1:40 AM, a Marine decided that it was not time for him to go home yet. “Derry Police reports a Marine……refused to go home with his friends” and that he left on foot for the Reserve Center. Upon checking the Center, Londonderry Police did not see anyone. When speaking with his wife, she stated that he had called her from the Center and that his 2 Marine friends were onMarines Drinking their way to the Reserve Center. They were to arrive in a maroon and burgundy SUV and a Volvo in about 10 minutes. At about 2:45 AM that same night, a male caller reported seeing “an intoxicated male walking on Harvey by the runway.” Reportedly the same Marine was “planning on walking home to Milford.” Police picked up the man and returned him to the Reserve Center, where he slept on the couch for the remainder of the night.

On December 20th, a car hit a tree “Broadside in the drivers door” on Gilcreast Road. The DHART helicopter responded to the scene and TAR was activated. The operator and only occupant was trapped in her vehicle for about 45 minutes while the Londonderry Fire Department attempted to free her. Once free, she was transported via helicopter to a hospital in Boston. To read more about this accident, follow the link to the story written about it. The article includes additional news not seen in the police logs.
Crash Victim on Gilcreast Road Evacuated by DHART

DHART Med Flight unit based out of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

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Bewildered Purse in Londonderry Market Basket Found

Police Log for 10-30-09 to 11-05-09

woman Grocery Shopping

First Place A woman found a Market Basket employee to report her purse was stolen while she was shopping. The employee proceeded to call the police department, who sent out an officer. When the officer arrived, the woman had found her purse, in her carriage, in a different area of the store. She had apparently taken the wrong carriage, and failed to notice before reporting that her purse was stolen.

Second Place Londonderry Police provided a “escort” to Derry District Court from the logs, “Transporting 2 to court en route back to station with 1 still in custody.”  Guess it did not work out so well for the other guy!

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While we also create original stories from information in the police log and other sources we, offer you nearly the entire police blotter!  At times we remove small pieces of  information like phone numbers or obscene language. When other media outlets only provide their  “Selections” from the log,  if you select “read more” you select what what interests you  in Londonderry.

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