New Emergency Alert Systems Coming Soon

Coming soon to Londonderry and around the country will be a wireless alert system known as Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).

Simply put, most CMAS/WEA alerts will come mostly from NOAA’s National Weather Service to alert the public to severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The system can be used for other emergencies at the national and local levels, which may include notifications for events for a specific region or neighborhood.  The Town is currently reviewing the implementation of this tool to notify residents of local emergencies.

The alerts will appear as a regular text message over your mobile phone; you may receive alerts for a specific region if you are away from home and traveling through an area, as the system is designed to transmit to all mobile phones by cell towers in that particular region.   Per federal regulations, this service will be delivered to all mobile phones which are capable of receiving the alerts, unless a citizen opts out of the service.

If it is an imminent emergency in your area leave the area immediately or take shelter as well as turn to the radio or TV for further information. For more information on the CMAS\WEA Alert System and how it will work please visit FEMA website.