State Police Warn Drunk and Reckless Drivers

With the approaching holiday weekend, New Hampshire State Police plan on cracking down on drivers. Extra troopers will be assigned to help reduce traffic violations and accidents. Incidents include speeding, reckless driving, and impaired driving.

“It is our goal to impress upon potential violators the seriousness of these offenses and their potential consequences,” says New Hampshire State Police Lieutenant William Magee. “We implore those who plan to drink, to do so responsibly. Please utilize the services of a cab, limo, or plan ahead to have a designated driver,” Magee continues.

As a final warning, Magee cautions, “If you do drive drunk, know that there will be troopers looking for you and expect to be arrested.”


Slip Sliding, Away LPD had a Busy Night!

The Londonderry breaking News service yesterday afternoon and into the night was, non stop with all the cars sliding off the road.  Yesterday’s Police Log shows a number of car accidents throughout town. During the morning and early afternoon hours, the roads were clear, only slightly wet, and in some spots very slippery from the small amount of snow received from the predicted “storm”.

The reported first accident occurred right around 3:11 PM in the afternoon. Within 17 minutes, another accident was reported to the Londonderry Police Department.

Just eight minutes later, another accident was called in. The pattern continued until just past midnight last night, with an average of twelve minutes between each reported accident. Some accidents were even reported within the same minute. There were also some “Disable Motor Vehicle” reports, for those who got stuck on some slippery roads.

The Superintendent “called it” at 4AM yesterday morning based on a private weather service and conversations with other superintendents, it was determined that the Londonderry School District would close, canceling school for the day.  As a mater of fact over 325 schools in New Hampshire were closed.

While there was debate throughout the town for the necessity of schools actually closing instead of releasing early, the district decided to err on the side of caution.

On Londonderry Hometown Online News, a reader commented on the story “Londonderry Schools Canceled Snow Starts Mid AM.”  This person said, “I seem to remember a few years back when we had the same situation, a storm expected to arrive mid-day. School wasn’t canceled and the elementary buses were slipping and sliding in 6 inches of snow in the afternoon. People were up in arms after that storm that school wasn’t canceled.”

With the 25 accidents, and three disabled cars, that occurred between 3 PM and midnight yesterday, most readers felt it was wise for the schools to be closed.  In addition to the fighting the battle on the roadway Londonderry Police continued to manage and take action on everyday issues in Londonderry.

Please, feel free to leave comments and visit back for the full police log for this week.