Londonderry Fire First Responders to 93 Rollover

A double rollover on Interstate 93 kept one lane of the highway closed for more than an hour this morning. Both Londonderry Fire personnel and New Hampshire State Police Troopers responded to the rollover on 93 northbound. First on the scene, Londonderry Fire determined that two cars had rolled into the median in the area of mile marker 14, between Exits 4 and 5.

The call originally came in to the Londonderry Fire Department at about 8:44 AM this morning. Londonderry fire responded immediately and arrived within seven minutes. Londonderry Police were called in to assist with traffic, but were canceled when troopers from the state police arrived.

Jeffrey Banta, 55, of Melrose, Massachusetts, was driving one of the vehicles, a 2000 BMW. Edward Norton, 47, of Brockton, Massachusetts, was operating the other vehicle, a 2003 Ford Focus. Neither occupants sustained injuries during the crash.

The Londonderry Fire Rescue truck responded to a very similar rollover on the same side of the highway back in June, 2010.

Excessive speed appeared to be a contributing factor in the crash. Both drivers were issued citations. The left lane of the highway was closed while the vehicles were uprighted and removed from the road. According to the Department of Transportation, the lane was reopened at 9:51 AM.

The crashes are still under investigation. Anyone with more information or who witnessed the crashes are encouraged to call Trooper Jeffrey Tenczar at 603-223-8691.

Londonderry Factoid: a traffic camera is located near Exit 5 in Londonderry. The camera overlooks the highway, pointing south in the southbound side of Interstate 93. Click here for a live video feed of the camera and to view other local cameras.

Be sure to listen to the full audio fire coverage of the rollover. Keep in mind that some pieces of sensitive information, as well as long silent periods, may have been removed.


Dual Rollover on Friday Three More Walk Away

“No transport” all three occupants were out of the two cars that rolled over on Route 93 yesterday in the town of Londonderry between Exit 4 and Exit 5. In the last two weeks at least 5 cars have rolled over on this straight but sometimes deadly two lane stretch of roadway.

Two cars rollover on I93 Northbound, Londonderry Fire on scene entering through the window of the car on its roof in the center of the roadway. The other rollover can be seen in the median at the far right of the picture. Click on the image for more photos of the crash by Londonderry Hometown Online News Photographer Cory Nader

In these accidents reported in our breaking news, each rollover had a happy ending, at least for life and limb. With a little paperwork the crash victims did not need a ride to the hospital. The roadway between Exit 4 and 5 is not always known for it’s kindness. In past years many crashes are severe enough to require evacuation by helicopter and several in the last decade have taken lives.

Although the roadway is being improved up to the weigh station including Exit 3,  north of Exit 3 to the Manchester 293 interchange the roadway remains a set of bridges and intersections “under construction”. Presently although the plans (as in documents) are complete for the widening of I93 in this area, there is no funding  to allow for completion.  Again, there are no plans to start work on widening I93 from Windham to Manchester.

What will remain when the bridges are done, is a modern set of interchanges connected by a 1970′s two lane highway. With the present budget shortfalls in the state of New Hampshire and the lack of federal support, widening to four lanes remains a dream. Clearly, the last four rollovers teach us that it pays to have your seat belt tight when traveling on 93 in southern New Hampshire.


Dramatic 93 Rollover Ejects Two from Car “Medflight 6 minutes out”

Route 93 in Londonderry once again came to a grinding halt Thursday night.  Two Manchester residents traveling north in there car when the driver rolled the car over just north of Exit 5.  The driver drifted off the right side of the two lane highway, onto the shoulder and rolled several times coming to a rest by the tree line, right in front of a highway sign.

Both were ejected from the car in the violent crash, reports from the scene indicated they may have not been wearing seat belts.

DHART Med Flight unit based out of Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

The highway was shut down for an hour with Londonderry Police assisting New Hampshire State Police in rerouting traffic on local roads.  On arriving at the scene Captain O’Brien of the Londonderry Fire Department asked for med-flight status.  You can hear the surprise in his voice on our exclusive Londonderry Hometown Online News Police and Fire scanner audio about the arrival time.

The call came in at 7:48pm Thursday night.  While at the scene evaluating the crash at the 8 minute mark, Captain O’Brien was told that DHART had provided a 6 minute estimated time of arrival at the crash location.

This is the first use of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Advance Response Team (DHART) in Londonderry since they relocated to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.  Rather than flying in from distant locations this unit is “on the ready” at the north east corner of the field close to the Route 93 and Route 293 interchange.

The Dartmouth Hitchcock center committed that, ““Out-basing” a helicopter in Manchester will provide faster response times to the largest population centers in New Hampshire.  Faster response times mean that critically ill or injured patients will arrive sooner at the closest appropriate hospital, setting the stage for better outcomes. Having a second base also means DHART helicopter response will not be limited by the weather conditions in a single location.”

See the full story “DHART has new base of operations“  This story also has a demonstration of the night vision technology used Thursday night in the rescue.  In the on-demand scanner audio you can hear the pilot asking for the white lights to be turned of at the Landing Zone on Route 93, the short video illustrates why.

One of injured went directly to a Boston Hospital by air, the other to the Elliot Hospital and was later transferred by air to Boston.  The Eagle Tribune reported that the male driver of the car airlifted off the roadway was Mengez Zhenge and the female passenger was Ya Mei Yan.

State Police are investigating the crash. Anyone who saw the accident or has any information on it is asked to call state Trooper Sean Harrington of Troop B at 666-3333.

Today, Friday October 9th is your last day to comment on the widening of Route 93, “Deadline for 93 Expansion Comments.”

The on-demand scanner is real time, so you will have times of no audio.  You can fast forward and rewind, the action starts right away.