Londonderry Police Foil Attempted theft from Lawn Mower Man

Tractors and Gator at "Lawn Mower Man" four arrested attempting to steal them September 16th 2012

Early this morning September 16th at just after midnight, Detective Sergeant Patric Cheetham of the Londonderry Police came upon a group of five men trying to steal some four wheelers.  Moments after arriving he called in for support, alone at the scene he had all five “down on the ground.”

A well known landmark in town known to some locals as “Lawn Mower Man” Mert’s has been selling used tractors and more recently four wheelers in front of his home on Mammoth Road in the north central part of town.

ATV with Tracks at "Lawn Mower Man" four arrested attempting to steal them September 16th 2012Within minutes two other officers arrived to assist.  Though there were no “runners” the K9 officer arrived at the scene at 12:27am to assist.

Four of the five were arrested.

  • Ryan Tosi-Jutras,  18 year old of Auburn  Attempt to commit larceny, conspiracy to commit
  • Robert Allen Parrella age 17 of Derry  Attempt to commit larceny, conspiracy to commit
  • Joseph Bernard Gifford age 17 of Derry Attempt to commit larceny, conspiracy to commit
  • Justin Francis King 19 year old of Derry Attempt to commit larceny, conspiracy to commit

Bail for each was set at $4,000 personal recognizance they will be arraigned in Derry District Court on October 15th at 8:15am.


Local Learning Center has Certified CPS Tech

The Applewood Learning Center now has our own Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  Traci Davies, the Office Administrator is now certified to conduct Child Passenger Safety Seat inspections. Traci attended the training this past spring which consisted of 40 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on practice.

Applewood is thrilled to be able to offer this convenience to families and the greater community.  “Keeping children safe is our number one priority, so having a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician falls right in line with that,”  states Applewod’s Director, Libby Brunette.

Those interested in having car seat inspections can contact Applewood directly at 603-434-3139 or visit their website for email communication.  The Applewood Learning Center has been a pillar of the Londonderry community for over 20 years as a non-profit serving the care and education needs of southern New Hampshire’s children and families.


4-H Council Launches Another Clover Campaign

The National 4-H Council announced the launch of the fall 2012 4-H Paper Clover Campaign in partnership with Tractor Supply Company (TSC). This event marks the beginning of the third year of collaboration between the organizations on the national in-store fundraiser, benefiting state and local 4-H programming in each of the communities where a TSC or Del’s Farm and Feed Supply store is located.

The fall 2012 4-H Paper Clover Campaign will take place September 19 through 30. Shoppers at the Tractor Supply Company in Brentwood and Derry will have the opportunity to support 4-H by purchasing paper clovers for a $1 or more at checkout. All funds raised will be donated to 4-H and will support 4-H youth development program activities in Rockingham County.

In just two years, the TSC 4-H Paper Clover Campaign has provided more than $1.6 million to 4-H across the country, with 70 percent of the funds returning to state and local 4-H programs. The effort has provided direct support for local camps, afterschool programs and other activities, and has granted scholarships to these events that youth can explore their interests in everything from animal science to robotics.

“Our Paper Clover efforts are one of the key ways our stores can give back to the community,” said John Wendler, senior vice president of Marketing for Tractor Supply Company. “By providing essential funding for hundreds of thousands of 4-H young people, we are able to support local organizations that are important to both our customer and our team members. We’re proud to help improve the many communities in which we have stores through our partnership with 4-H. That is what Tractor Supply is all about.”

4-H is the youth development program of the UNH Cooperative Extension. Through participating in 4-H, youth experience a sense of belonging, learn important life skills, have a voice in shaping their future, and make a positive difference in the world. In Rockingham County, more than 1,000 4-H members and 200 adult volunteers and student interns are involved in 4-H through local clubs, afterschool programs, state, and national events. For more information, contact the Rockingham County 4-H office at (603) 679-5616 or visit the website.


The Value of Art

Art is a funny word. Well, maybe not comedic funny but interesting in interpretation. If you ask people “what is art?” or “what does art mean to you?” the answers show a variety of reasons to that funny word. Is it only paintings and drawings?

According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of ‘art’ is vast. It begins with “the human ability to make things; creativity of man as distinguished from the world of nature.”It goes on to mention craftsmanship, skill, creative work  such as in dance, theater, music, drawing painting, sculpture, etc. Even text in writing is a form of art.

So it becomes an interpretation by an individual to express a broad topic. It isn’t an easy subject to define after all. Would we know it was missing if we had no art? It is so ingrained in our every day that nothing would exist as we know it. “We need more math and science” is the mantra throughout the land. “We’ve got to stay ahead in a technological world! We must cut art programs because they are not as necessary to our ever expanding quest to move ahead and advance in a technological world!”

Whoa, back up and slow down for a minute. How can anyone expect to get ahead (wherever that is) without art. It is the only thing that makes sense. It is the foundation for all we are, do, say and think. Let’s picture an average day. You awaken to the sound of beautiful music coming from the alarm clock that someone had to design. You throw back the covers that someone designed and get out of the bed that someone designed.  Putting on your slippers, that someone designed, you go through your home that someone designed and into the kitchen. The coffee is brewed in a machine that someone designed and poured into a hearty mug that someone designed. Taking that mug to your favorite chair that someone designed , you turn on a light, that someone designed and open up the morning paper that someone designed.

I’ll stop here but you get the picture. Art is everywhere! Everything man-made had to have started on the drawing table, so to speak – everything! From the smallest widget to the largest item such as the space shuttle. So why do we discard its value as not as necessary as math and science? It is math and science and so much more. To be creative in any way you need the foundation that art teaches. Isn’t that what most businesses ask of their employees, to be creative and think outside the box? And art is more than pencil to paper. It involves all the senses. Nature plays a huge part in our human lives and draws us in to listen to the sounds of the earth. We watch the abundance of creatures great and small as they go about their daily task of survival. Hopefully, we learn that we are all of the earth and all dependant on one another. We are all part of the fabric that makes up a dynamic weave of existence.

Which brings me back to art. Harmony, balance, symmetry, light, color, proportion, and the descriptive words go on forever. Add imagination, wonder and awe and a pinch of humbleness you have the perfect mix of ingredients where anything and everything is possible!

Art! Ask for more!

Debbie Curtin writes stories about people, places, events and other topics of interest that engage the reader. As a member of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, Debbie keeps ‘in the game’ with other like minded people. She has been an artist and creative person all her life and uses the unlimited sources of inspiration that abound everywhere in her writing as another art form.


Corn Maze Growing and Open for Fun

Elwood Orchards, located on Elwood Road in Londonderry, boasts the area’s largest corn maze. Now with its expanded size to twelve acres of corn, the maze is a great way to spend a few hours wandering with family and friends this fall.

A short trip from the Massachusetts border, straight up Interstate 93 to Exit 4, the orchard is a hidden jewel in southern New Hampshire. Featuring shell beans, apples, tomatoes and more, the farm is open from 8 AM, but “you gotta be outta the field by 6!”

The corn maze is open during the days now, but will be open night as well starting in October. What better way to start the spookiest month of the year with a moonlit corn maze? Dress warm, grab a flashlight, a group of friends, and head over to Elwood Farm.  The maze will keep visitors entertained with its twists and turns and blind alleys. Visitors can ask for help at any time, as workers will gladly pull the lost from the maze.

For $8.00 per adult, friends and family can enjoy inexpensive laughs together in the corn maze at Elwood. Children 5 and under are free.


Cats Wrangle with Rams

U6 Struggles’ on Offense – Improves on D-Side of Ball

With the game and victory well in hand and after a long run that brought the ball deep into WildCat territory the Salems Rams were in firm control of the game.  With 49 seconds left in the final quarter and leading 24-0 Salem was facing a 1st and goal from the 5 yard line.  Would Salem preserve the well played victory or would they attemp another TD try.  Salem went for the score.

Making the TD brought on the AYF youth football  “Slaughter Rule” that kicks in when one team is ahead by 28 or more points.  With the score now 30 to 0 and the game officailly over, Salem elected to take the extra point run, and was sucessful.

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.”
Football great Knute Rockne

The WildCat defense, despite the final score, managed several stops of Salem on key offensive series.  A few key mis-ques on special teams including a 31 yard punt return for TD allowed 2 Salem scores.  Below the U6 sworm to the stop.

AJ Thistle was 3 for 5 passing for 18 yards.  One 20 yard pass play to Josh Berube was called back when an offensive linemen was called for being too far down field.  Below #th defense crashes the line to make the stop for loss.

The swarming D did not surrender.  Evan Cormier lead all tacklers with 8 solo stops but he was backed up by the gang-tackling of Olivia Yerian, Jake McEachern, Eric Borque and Devin Rheaume who each contributed 4 solo tackles.  Brian Boyle recorded a fumble recovery to stop another Salem advance.  Though not reflective in the final score the hard fighting U6 squad played hard to the end.  The U6 squad drops to 0 and 2 on the young season.  Below some of the D-13 Cheer team urge the players on.

U3’s Even Record at 1-1 – Rams Run Wild

Salem found a weakness in the U3 WildCat defense they exploited for long runs of 35, 86, 62, and 29 yards for scores.  Salem was continually able to take the “corner” and cutting up field for long gains.  Though the Cat defense was able to stop many advances, the Salem offense kept the ball away from the WildCats for a large part of the game.  Offensively Londonderry was held to 2 first downs through the 2nd quarter.  Some of the D-8 Cheer Squad perform their half-time show for the crowds.

Salem overwhelmed Londonderry early in the 2nd quarter with the lead 28-0 confirmed official as the AYF Lop Sided score rule came into affect and the teams played out the rest of the game as a scrimmage on a running clock.  The U3’s drop to 1 and 1 on the season.  Below #21 James Anderson leads the blockers as they sweep left.


Whast about the rest of the WildCats ?  With both the Salem U4 and Londonderry U4 teams trading scores….who would outlast and win.

What about those U5′s – Did they keep their multi-year regular season win streak alive ??

Selet the link below for more details and awesome pictures.

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