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Nov 9 Comedy – Only 30 tickets remain
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JEFF PITCHELL – Only 18 tickets remain

This month’s Open Mic Night features WT “Snake” Miller.
Always a great night out, the performers who play our open mic night series will surprise you. For only a $5.00 cover charge, you can’t go wrong.

November 2 CARBON LEAF
This Show is SOLD OUT

This show has been cancelled by the artist for health reasons

This show is SOLD OUT

Sister hazel is of the most revered American alternative rock bands ever. Their unique sound is characterized by an infectious blend of folk rock, pop, classic rock ‘n’ roll and southern rock. Best known for the mega radio hit “All for You”, their music is defined by highly melodic tunes, prominent harmonies and optimistic lyrics. The band’s instrumentation often features abrupt shifts among electric, acoustic and a cappella, with a striking use of tacets.

Sister Hazel’s creative train just keeps rolling. Last year’s well-received “Release” reached the band’s highest ever spot (#37) on the Billboard Album Charts, topping even their platinum disc “Somewhere More Familiar,” and they are keeping the momentum going with “Heartland Highway” (Oct. 12, 2010, Rock Ridge Music), marking the band’s quickest album-to-album turnaround in their 15-plus-year career.

According to bassist Jett Beres, “Release” “sparked a creativity” in the Gainesville, FL-bred band (vocalist Ken Block, guitarist/vocalist Drew Copeland, lead guitarist Ryan Newell, drummer Mark Trojanowski and Beres) that led to “Heartland Highway,” a collection that they all agree is their most diverse-sounding disc. “All of us like a lot of different music,” says Trojanowski, “but we have a vibe together, one that helps to create the Sister Hazel signature mix of Southern pop hooks and country rock harmonies. “There are a lot of moments that have never been in Sister Hazel songs before,” notes Newell, adding, “We strive to give our audience something different each time.”

The group’s 8th full-length, “Heartland Highway” reflects a rootsy journey for both the band and the listeners. Beres describes the album as “American road trip music” while Copeland suggests, “It’s one of those discs you can put on and listen to front to back.” The disc ebbs and flows between rockin’ tracks (Block’s “Great Escape” and Copeland’s “She’s Got A Hold On Me” and “Where You’re Going”) and more poignant numbers (Newell’s “Far Away” and Block’s “Saddest Song [Not Coming Home]“). Listen

When blues legend James Montgomery plays the harmonica, he “brings it on home”. Whether it’s recording with Kid Rock, sitting in with Gregg Allman, or fronting his hot band of thirty years, Montgomery plays with authority. While growing up in Detroit he learned first-hand from the masters – James Cotton, John Lee Hooker, and Jr. Wells – at the legendary “Chessmate.” Over the years, he’s carried on in the tradition and continues to be a vital presence in Blues as one of the most dynamic performers on the scene.

Montgomery has toured with many major artists, including Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, the Allman Brothers, Steve Miller and others. He has jammed on stage with B.B.King, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Jr. Wells, James Cotton, Charlie Daniels, Bonnie Raitt, Greg Allman, Laverne Baker, Patti LaBelle, and Peter Wolf among others, including an impromptu session with Mick Jagger at New York’s “Trax”. Listen

Stephen Kellogg claims that when he was growing up, his musical interests were divided between his father’s record collection, devoted to ’70s singer/songwriters like Jim Croce and Cat Stevens, and his sister’s rock & roll discs, dominated by hair metal acts such as Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe. In a curious way, Kellogg’s music represents a meeting point between these two styles, with songs that delve deep into the personal, but make room for a sense of fun, while the music, which is intelligent and intimate, is also full of passion and electricity. This holiday season, the beloved frontman of Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers strikes out on his own headed for Londonderry for an intimate solo appearance. Listen

Voyageur is less of a departure than it is a journey, and like any transforming trip, it demands that we let go of any preconceptions about the destination. These songs are the perfect travel companions to their own haunted landscape. Edwards guides us through a house full of empty rooms, revealing the sadness behind a public smile and the numbness that follows broken expectations and the casual cruelties of love, until we find ourselves softly drifting down to hell with her. And yet, this isn’t a bummer ride at all – it’s elevating. The Romantic poet William Wordsworth said that poetry is born in “emotion recollected in tranquility,” and Voyageur evokes a spectrum of overwhelming feelings within the atmosphere of a lucid dream. Edward’s characters speak to the grief, loneliness, shock, and confusion that come with endings as well as the hope and irrepressible joy that accompany new beginnings, but the stories are told with a seductively quiet strength. The album celebrates the many pleasures of survival and reinvention, suggesting that an acceptance of life’s changeability is what will allow us to face the hardest of hard times – as well as the exhilarating longing and dislocation of the unknown – head on, with grace. Listen

The Saw Doctors is a group of songwriting musicians from the West of Ireland, hell-bent on celebrating, observing, recording and sometimes poking fun at their own locality, accent and idiomatic use of language whilst dressing their songs up in their favourite sounds and styles from their years of musical fandom.

Loved and revered by their loyal fans, many of whom have been recruited by already fan friends, or friends of friends of fans, if you know what I mean, and often reviled by haughty urban-based media style council as being too rural (Tuam!), painting pictures that the begrudgers believe, from their lofty perspective, don’t exist in the real world, The Saw Doctors continue with a resilience and an effervescent energy that has them lined-up for a six week coast to coast adventure across North America this Spring.

In their own words—

‘Born into a repressed, catholic, conservative, small-town, agrarian, angst-ridden and showband infested society we’re trying to preserve the positive elements of our background and marry them to the sounds which have culturally invaded our milieu through TV, radio, 45′s, fast food restaurants, 24 hour petrol stations and electric blankets.’ Listen

Laurence Juber is a two-time Grammy award-winning fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, also known for his electric work as lead guitarist in Paul McCartney’s Wings. Juber has released 15 critically acclaimed solo albums which feature his celebrated arrangements of popular tunes and genre-crossing compositions. In fall 2010, he released the highly anticipated “LJ Plays the Beatles Vol. 2.” He was voted “Guitarist of the Year” by the readers of Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine and named one of the top acoustic guitar players of all time by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. A dynamic, entertaining performer and an accomplished clinician, LJ brings his passion for the guitar to venues around the world, creating a multifaceted performance that belies the use of only one instrument. Listen

You may not be familiar with Cheryl, but you have probably heard her music. She is very respected as a songwriter by her peers, which can be seen by how many of them record her songs. Chery’s songs have been covered by artists as diverse as Dan Seals, Peter Paul and Mary, Kenny Loggins, Garth Brooks, Suzy Boggus, Melanie, Bette Midler, Maura O’Connell, Sylvia, Kathy Mattea, and Holly Near. If they think she is great, then you owe it to yourself to learn more if you aren’t familiar with her.

From her albums you can tell that she is a gifted songwriter with a beautiful voice. From other people’s comments about her you can learn that she is a natural story teller with a fantastic sense of humor. But until you see her in person, you never really believe what you’ve been told about her. Besides, almost half of the songs she does during her shows haven’t been recorded!

If you have never seen her do a live concert, then by all means do so! I get e-mail from people all the time thanking me for spreading the word about Cheryl. They go to the concert knowing they will enjoy it, and often find it even better than they had thought it would be. If she doesn’t ever perform near you, then try to find a copy of her video and see what you are missing. You can find some clips of her on YouTube, but they are usually only the songs, and not the stories. If she ever performs near you, do what you can to attend. If you don’t, you will kick yourself later for missing a great show. Listen


PRISM Concert set for Saturday/Sunday

Tickets are going very fast for LHS’ PRISM concert which is presented each November, this year on the 3rd and 4th.  The acts have been chosen, volunteers  are lined up and the cafeteria will be transformed on Friday afternoon to a three stage cabaret for the delight of the what is expected to be sold out crowds.  Shows are Saturday at 7 (only overflow seats available), and Sunday at 1pm and 5pm.

Tickets are on sale through a link at lancermusic.org and are $12 per ticket.  Online ticket sales offer a bonus DVD of the show for a discounted price of $8 per DVD, (limited to four DVD per order).  All seats are reserved.  Ticket questions can be directed to Paula Smith by email at  lhsprisminfo@gmail.com or by phone at (603) 498-2013.


Man Assault Woman, Leaves Her and Child to Endure Sandy

With the full force of Sandy crashing in on Londonderry at 5:00 Monday evening a Londonderry Police Officer patrolling Londonderry Road happened upon a woman walking on the side of the road, in the rain and wind. The woman was carrying a baby and appeared to be crying. Upon the officers investigation it was revealed that the woman had been assaulted inside of her vehicle moments earlier.

A description of Fox and his vehicle was given out to nearby police officers. The suspect was quickly found at the Sunoco station on Rte 102, near where the woman was found.

The victim stated that she was punched at least eight times in the face and back of the head area by Fox. She and her baby were transported to Parkland Medical Center for evaluation.

Eric S. Fox, 28, of  River Road,  Greenville, New Hampshire was charged with eight counts of simple assault and one count of possession of drugs in a motor vehicle

Fox is being held on $5,000 cash bail. He was arraigned Tuesday, October 30th in Derry District Court.


Power Nevermore

Once upon a Halloween so dreary while I pondered wet and weary over great piles of clothes left dirty on the floor.  While I nodded nearly napping wanting just some water to take a crapping, suddenly there came a tapping as if someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.  Tis another visitor I muttered tapping at my chamber door

Only this and nothing more

Presently my heart beat stronger wishing that no longer “Sir or madam”, said I.  “Truly I implore you.  But the fact is I was napping as so gently you came a tapping, tapping at my chamber door.”  That I’m sure I heard you, wider I opened the door

Darkness there and nothing more

Deep into the darkness peering long there I stood dreaming, dreaming thoughts that no mortal dare dream before.  Was this the PSNH man come a tapping at my chamber door?

Only him and nothing more

Anger now begins me yearning, yearning for the light above my chamber door.  Where is this man that so demeaning keeps tapping, tapping and repeating.  Teasing, teasing all that implore

Tis power we want and nothing more!

Curse you man who will not stop tapping.  Why do you continue to be harassing, harassing me at my chamber door?  Back into the darkened chamber with all my soul within me now burning.  Surely said I, there is something, something at my chamber door.  Why then would he be teasing, teasing with his power cord at my door?  But look again and nothing, nothing at my chamber door

Quothe the powerless, “tease no more”

Then again the tapping, tapping then banging at my chamber door.  What is this mystery that I must now go and explore?

Tis the wind and nothing more.

The darkness in my heart now so strongly beating could my eyes be deceiving, deceiving me into what I wanted to be seeing, seeing at my chamber door.  “You cruel man”,  I began now screaming out my chamber door

“HEY, it is not the power man you’re seeing, seeing out your chamber door.  But us kids a trick-or-treating, treating at you chamber door.

All we want is candy sir, candy sir, and nothing more.”

Editors note:  At the time of writing Trick-or-treating was still scheduled for All Hallow’s Eve.


Day 2 Sunset with Sandy

Quite busy on the streets of Londonderry today cleaning up from Sandy, several roads are still blocked and 65% of Londonderry is without power.

Hovey at 2pm Day 2 the tree was removed in the afternoon not the transformer or wire

School is on for Wednesday

Superintendent Nate Greenberg indicated in a phone call that North School is still without power. PSNH is working tonight to provide service to the school.  If they fail the school maintenance staff has the school on a standby generator.  It will power all the critical needs of the school and many lights.

The school will serve a bag lunch should they not have power from the utility company.

Bus service will be a challenge but to miss more school at this time of year pushes out the last day of school in June should we need snow days this winter.

Town Information

The shelter will be open Wednesday October 31st at 4pm to 9pm.  The intent is to offer a place to shower and clean up.  Be sure to bring your own towels and toiletries. Those who use the facility to keep in mind that male & female athletes will be using the facility at the same time. As a consequence proper decorum should be used at all times The town will re-evaluate daily as the situation changes.

If you have shelter needs please contact Police Dispatch at 432-1118 or Fire Dispatch at 432-1124. The Shelter in Nashua is open with a capacity of 726 with 11 guests at this time.

The town reminds you to stay away from power lines that are down, do not leave candles unattended, keep your generator 10 feet from the house and 10 feet from the gas can. Do not use gas grills indoors or in the garage. Water is available at the fire stations, bring your own containers.

Town Update at 6pm

The Town of Londonderry is re-scheduling Halloween from tomorrow afternoon October 31, 2012 from five PM until eight PM. It will be held on Sunday November 4, 2012, from four PM until seven PM.

“The Town takes this action because most residents in Londonderry continue to be without power, a situation expected to continue through tomorrow for many. Additionally, repair crews, many from out of state and Quebec will be working to restore power throughout Town. Neither the families seeking to enjoy the fun of Halloween, nor those working hard to restore power for us should be inhibited in their efforts.”

Additional information at 7pm

Showers at the High School Gym from 6am to 8am as well as 4-9pm Starting Wednesday

Roads Still Blocked

  • Rockingham – Old Mammoth North to South
  • Manter Mill at Old Derry
  • Auburn Rd at Wilson to Old Derry
  • King Phillip at King Arthur
  • King Edward at King John
  • Darrow at the rotary
  • Hovey just South of 66 Pole and transformer in the Road
  • Charleston at Albany
  • Sparhawk
  • Pine at Loop
  • Kimball at Coventry

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PSNH 5pm Update

Efforts are progressing to restore power to 93,000 PSNH customers who are still without power following Hurricane Sandy. PSNH crews have restored power to more than 109,000 customers since Sandy’s onset. At peak, the storm affected 137,000 PSNH customers.

PSNH line, contractor, and tree trimming crews on Tuesday made steady progress throughout the state and will be bolstered by 75 line crews from Hydro-Québec. The Canadian team is expected to join PSNH and contractor crews, accelerating what has been projected to be a multi-day restoration effort.

The initial emphasis of the restoration has included focusing on ensuring roads are clear of downed lines, trees, and limbs, and restoring power to key public infrastructure like schools, shelters, and water treatment facilities. As of this morning, the NH Department of Transportation reported more than 230 roads across the state were either closed or blocked by downed limbs, trees, and power and communication lines.

At daybreak, crews began conducting detailed damage assessments of affected areas, providing essential information on downed lines and other trouble areas so that PSNH’s area work centers throughout the state can quickly and effectively prioritize their mobilization. Among the hardest hit areas are portions of the seacoast, the southern I-93 corridor, and several communities in the Monadnock Region.

Hurricane Sandy’s impact has resulted in the fourth highest number of customers without power in PSNH’s 86-year history, with the five largest storms all having occurred in the past four and half years. Overall, Sandy has affected more than 8 million people from Maryland to Maine.

While the restoration effort is underway, PSNH is urging customers to use extra caution around downed wires and tree limbs, and when using a generator.

Outage at 7:30pm Tuesday

Londonderry has 6,545 or 62% without power

Windham 99% no power4,484

Litchfield14% 466

Hudson 25% 2,760

Derry 49% 6,902

Auburn 57% 1,278

Manchester 4% 2,525

A chat with PSNH management

Just 24 hours after the event began Gary Long COO and Terry Large Deputy Incident Commander for PSNH held a conference call with regional media outlets.  You can press the play button at the bottom of this story or download it to your portable device.

Fast Facts from the conversation

  • At the peak 137K customers were out at the same time during the storm
  • 190K customers have experienced an outage from  this storm
  • This is the forth largest storm ever, all happened in the last 4 years
  • A little larger than Irene last year
  • Restoration will be similar to that storm where it took four days.
  • Planning started three days before the storm, crews traveled from as far as Texas
  • Some will be taken care of in a day or two others may be longer
  • Assessment is ongoing so exact restoration is not available town by town
  • Hydro Quebec just committed to 75 crews this will speed things up a few days
  • Derry Londonderry and Windham were the worst hit the most resources are applied there.
  • 89 PSNH 2 person crews 15-20 contract crews and 80 crews from Texas and Oklahoma are on the job today
  • Additionally 100 2 person Tree trimming Crews and 114 service crews that focus on pole to house
  • A more detailed plan should be available Wednesday
  • 100K outages have been restored in the first 24 hours
  • Damage assessment is done by PSNH staff
  • Costs are over 10 million, it could go over 20 million, Costs were higher as support crews had to come from further away
  • Funding will be amortized over 2-5 years, and once approved by the utilities commission costs for this event would be in the rate


Digital Forensics: Cracking the secrets of today’s technology

Manchester, NH—A slick, sunglass wearing detective picks up a cell phone left behind at the crime scene. Within minutes he’s punched a couple buttons, cracked the case and stares off moodily into the sun before delivering a one-liner summing up the past hour of television life.

On TV, digital crimes are solved fast and with seemingly little effort. However, in real life, the work is painstaking and requires skill, patience and insatiable curiosity.

“The whole idea of forensics is whatever you are doing, should be done in manner that will be acceptable at trial, like in court,”  says Jonathan T. Rajewski, Assistant Professor of Computer & Digital Forensics at Champlain College. “The misconception is ‘I’m just going to quickly investigate and present my findings and everything is going to be great like they do in the TV shows.’ But the reality is there’s a process you have to follow, a legal process, there’s best practices you have to follow.”

“So while the CSI effect is this great, sexy hook to pull people into the room, there’s really a lot more to it.”

And it’s also a little sexy. After all, these digital detectives are digging for the secrets hiding in plain sight on every electronic device and doohickey available on the market today, while at the same time trying to stay a step ahead of what’s next. And they do all this to protect a business’ assets, catch the perp and stop sinister plots.

On Nov. 1, UNH Manchester will share a slew of these insights in a presentation on Digital Forensics from 6-8 p.m. Led by Rajewski , who is also a Computer Forensic Examiner with the Vermont Internet Crimes Task Force in Burlington, Vt., the presentation will cover current trends in computer and digital forensics, cybersecurity, mobile device forensics and malware analysis. At the end of the presentation, Rajewski, will give the audience a chance to play armchair investigators through a “real-world” cyber investigation demonstrating each of the disciplines discussed in the presentation.

Rajewski is uniquely qualified to deliver this talk, given his experience in both civil and criminal digital forensic investigations and in providing expert written and oral digital forensic testimony. He has served many high profile confidential clients and has worked alongside international and local, state/federal governmental entities. He said he’s hoping the presentation appeals to everyone from local high school students to business leaders to law enforcement.

“I’ll be teaching at a level that non-technical people can appreciate as well as enough to keep technical people engaged,” he said.

Rajewski said he plans to discuss what digital forensics is, how it’s used in cyber investigations by both corporate and government entities, how it can assist human resources investigations and how it’s used in litigation. He will also touch on cell phone forensics, including what can be retrieved and what can’t and privacy issues surrounding digital forensics.

This presentation is part of a series coordinated by the Computing Science Department at UNH Manchester and has been funded by the Saul O Sidore Memorial Foundation. This year’s series focuses on innovations in computing that enhance human capabilities and creative expression, from decoding cybercrimes and national security to resolving buggy software and agile development, to learning with mobile devices and cloud services.

The free and program is open to the public and will be held in the third floor auditorium. For more information visit http://manchester.unh.edu/campuslife/public-programs/advances-computing-technology)

UNH Manchester, the university’s urban campus, is a learning community promoting the growth and success of students, the city and the region. UNH Manchester offers liberal arts and applied science and technology programs with an urban focus. Learn more at www.manchester.unh.edu.

Submitted by UNH
Written by Melanie Plenda, Freelance Writer