Annual Auction to be Held for Women’s Crisis Center

The Greater Londonderry Business and Professional Women’s group is hosting its annual auction to benefit the local YWCA Crisis Center. All are invited to attend the event, being held on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, at the Yard Restaurant.

The YWCA Crisis Center helps women in need by monitoring the 24/7 Rape Crisis Line and operating a safe house in Southern New Hampshire where victims of domestic violence are sheltered until it is safe for them to return to the community. The center also provides many other resources like crisis counseling, hospital or court accompaniment, and support groups. This local helpline is in need of financial support given the recent government cuts and rise in domestic violence.

There are many ways to participate in the auction event. Supporters can attend the auction, which includes a buffet dinner and a cash bar, donate an item to the auction, make a monetary contribution, or can help spread the word about the auction.

The event will begin at 5:30 PM with the arrival of guests. Dinner will be open at 6 PM, followed by the auction at 7 PM. To reserve a seat, supporters are encouraged to send their name, phone number or email and a check for $25 per person payable to GLBPW by December 1 to:
Carolyn Travers – Treasurer
3 Scollay Circle
Salem, NH 03079

Donations for the auction can be dropped off at Suite 34 LLC, 1F Commons Drive, Suite 34, Londonderry, NH. Monetary donations can be sent to Carolyn Travers at the above address or directly to the YWCA at 72 Concord Street, Manchester, NH 03101.


Help out our Wounded Warriors by Tasting Beer

Plans were conditionally approved for a new restaurant in this buildingBarbara Lambert owner of Barb’s Beer Emporium will be hosting “Hops for Heroes” on Friday, December 7th from 12:00 – 6:00 pm.  The event will take place in her Concord store and her Londonderry store located on Buttrick Road in the Mr. Steer Plaza.  Proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Beer tastings will be going on all day long, featuring brews from Woodstock Inn, Squam Brewing and new to the state Canterbury Aleworks.  Food will be donated by Pizzeria Unos and silent auctions, raffles and giveaways will be announced throughout the day.  Lambert stated, “This is a great event and our way of giving back to the wonderful men and women who protect our great country.”

Barb’s Beer Emporium also sells a number gifts, various cigars, and beer-infused snacks, including candy and chips – both made with beer. A selection of Londonderry’s own Moonlight Meadery meads are also sold at the store. The store boasts a “singles cooler” which allows customers to mix and match a number of single beers into their own personalized six pack. Kegs are also available, some in store but many more can be specially ordered.

The Londonderry store is open Monday through Thursday 10 AM to 8 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM until 8:30 PM, and Sunday 11 PM to 5 PM. Visit the store at 27 Buttrick Road or online. Or stop in the Concord store, located at 249 Sheep Davis Road.


Orchard Christian Fellowship To Break Ground November 30th

Orchard Christian Fellowship, known as The Orchard, has begun construction on a multi-purpose building in Londonderry. Projected completion of the 5800 square foot building and 100 space parking lot is the summer of 2013.  The building will be located at 136 Pillsbury Road.

According to Pastor Ken Glasier, the building will have seating for up to 300 people, a lobby area, an office and a nursery. Pastor Glasier relates, “The Orchard is excited about taking this step of building our first facility – a place for our community to Love God, Love People, and Live God’s Message.”

The Orchard has contracted with Northpoint Construction Management, a design/build firm from Hudson to make their vision of a new church facility in Londonderry a reality. Financing for the project has been arranged through Enterprise Bank and Trust Company in Derry.

Working together with the Planning Department of the Town of Londonderry, Northpoint Construction has put together a site plan preserving many of the apple trees, which have grown on the property for years. Glasier commented, “The Orchard is all about people growing in their faith in God. How great it will be to see the property used for a harvest of a different sort!”

Currently The Orchard meets at Matthew Thornton School on Sunday mornings at 9AM for worship and 10:30AM for Christian education. “We are so grateful for our fantastic working relationship with the Londonderry School District. The staff of the district office and local schools have been so helpful since The Orchard began in September of 2008,” tells Pastor Glasier.

To find out more about the construction project and The Orchard, go to or find them on Facebook – The Orchard.

This just in from Matthew Thornton Elementary School.

Dear MTS Families,
As you may have noticed, there has been quite a bit of construction behind our field next to the Morrison House. A new church is being erected in the orchard. As a part of the construction process there will be some periodic “blasting” for up to 4 weeks potentially starting as soon as this week. District representatives have met with all parties involved, including the construction management team, and we have been assured this will be entirely safe.

The blasts should not amount to much more than a rumble with the possibility of a very small amount of vibration. All blasting times are currently scheduled to take place when there are no students on the playground.  However, in case schedules are not maintained, we have worked out a communication system with the construction team to let us know when blasts will occur. We will use this knowledge to keep students off the “field area” of the playground at those times. This is merely a precaution.

We are optimistic this will be completed quickly.  Thank you for your wonderful children.  We will, as always, take good care of them.

Carol Mack


Fine Jewelery, Travels, Heatlh and Food all Around Town

I’m really feeling a day late and a dollar short… I was supposed to have my On the Road with Sherry ready for Saturday, but somehow here it is Saturday night and I am just beginning to type.  Yesterday I  e-mailed Steve and told him this would be very late because of the Thanksgiving celebrations …he  said…  “Family comes First”.   Family does come first and it’s these beautiful holiday gifts we share that remind us of that….

Just a couple years ago I lost my mom Pearl to an unexpected, out of nowhere cancer.  It was just about this time that everything started to happened…. Growing up here in Londonderry with just my parents and me, and no family close by, we really meant the world to each other.  Then as life should go and we age and grow older, when both my parents were gone it was very hard at times to live here.  I started to forget all the things that I really loved about Londonderry, memories can be beautiful, but hard too.  Thank goodness I have John and my girls.  When Kathy and Steve shared their vision of Visit Londonderry with me, and I started spreading the word about our Commerce and Visit Center to all of you… I started to fall in love with Londonderry all over again, even without my mom and dad being here.  Visit Londonderry is about all of us taking care of each other, helping each other and working together to make this the best place to live work and play.  People ask me “How is Visit Londonderry different than a Chamber of Commerce?”  Oh my goodness Visit Londonderry embraces our entire community, our Londonderry family!

From what I understand of a Chamber, they represent Businesses only.  That’s a great thing too, but why I believe with my whole heart in Visit Londonderry is that we represent everyone….  Yes our businesses (our newest members Giovanni’s and Martinelli Travel, we are so grateful to have you!), but also our churches (St. Jude’s Woman Guild was one of our first members to believe in us <3), our non-profits (one of our newest members the YMCA) our Town (The Town of Londonderry), our students, and our Farms (3 have already become members because they know how much we all appreciate them!).   Even our preschools (Corrie the owner of the Learning Stop)!  Visit Londonderry is here to promote all of us, big and small.  As I go into each of these different places, together we begin sharing all the great things about our town and why we are all here.

This week even, though it was a short week, did bring a few surprises.  .  .
The first involved our own Richter’s Jewelry store.  I have heard wonderful things about Paul at Richter’s for years.  This is another one of those times when I’m a little embarrassed to say that with all the years Paul has had his business in town, I have never walked into his store.  I know that sounds crazy, but because I have been a stay at home mom for years, we never really had any extra money for such beautiful things.  I was so ignorant to the fact that Paul has beautiful jewelry at all different price levels.  Because of Visit Londonderry I walked in…  I told Paul all about our Commerce and Visitors center, he listened and offered me a cup of coffee.  We heard each other’s story.  Paul showed me many pieces of jewelry that he designed and constructed but he also showed me pieces that even my daughters could afford for special occasions.  We also talked about all the beautiful pieces that he had repaired through the years.  That got me thinking… I had two priceless, to me only, rings that I couldn’t wear anymore… one was a a mother’s ring that John had made for me when we lived in up-state New York when our last little daughter was born… the other was a an inexpensive ring that the girls had bought me while on vacation and the pink stone they had picked fell out.  Paul explained that the stone that 6 years ago was very inexpensive now had become very  pricey.  He did say that when we were ready he could replace it with something that would look the same but not cost us as much.   I knew we had to put that one on hold for awhile… About a month after my first visit with Paul I stopped by with my mother’s ring.  I was still really worried about price, but knew I felt at home with Paul, and even if I couldn’t afford to have it fixed, he would be honest, helpful and just appreciative that I walked back in a second time.    I was shocked, and I know I have typed that in these stories before.   The ring was tattered, broken to the point that the silver had separated that held the ring together.   I hated the thought of hearing the price, my guess was $200.  A nice women that works for Paul, evaluated the ring, and gave me the price.  $45 dollars!!!!!  She said it would be ready in a few days.  When my daughter Mackensie and I stopped in to pick it up I almost cried… not only had Paul fixed it, he polished it, cleaned it… and it looked just like when John had first given it to me… all that for $45!  I wish you could see it… it means the world and now instead of it sitting broken in my little drawer, it is back where it belongs on my finger.  I can’t thank Paul enough.   Mackensie loved looking at all the other jewelry Paul has, and we both realized that there are prices that are low enough that she could save for, or pieces that he designed and crafted that we could both put on our wish list for ‘someday’.   Don’t be afraid to walk in, look around, buy a special piece for someone you love or have Paul fix or recreate, with real appreciation for your memory and what you can afford.  Paul also has many great ideas for our community, he is involved and wants to keep serving Londonderry… don’t go anywhere else for fine jewelry, Richter’s has everything you need and can create anything you might dream of.  Again I wish you could see my ring, he gave me back more of a gift than he knows.   He is a good man and we are lucky to have him and his business here in our town.  Thank you Paul!

Now it is Sunday morning and again another day late and more money short…..Life is so strange… on Sunday mornings I love to get up a little earlier and look out my kitchen window for the sunrise… right now it is breathtaking at 7:13… I hope you saw it too…. On Sundays I love the peace of a radio station named Magic 106.7.  Each Sunday morning they have Sunday Morning Jazz.  Usually I have a cup of tea, but lately coffee, from our fancy dancy Krupp’s Coffee Machine.  The only problem I have with these machines is that the coffee never seems really hot to me.  Remember last week I mentioned how my mom had to have her coffee HOT!  She would send it back no matter where we were.  Then it drove me nutty, now I smile to myself, as I have to put my steaming cup of coffee into the microwave because as I grow older it’s just not hot enough for me either!  Wish I could tell Pearl.  She’s say see I told you so!

I have just a two other things to tell you about here…time to stop rambling and focus… Steve has been patiently waiting since yesterday. . .  Oh I forgot to tell you that I really think Richter’s is a place you will see many unexpected friends that found this treasure of a business years ago.  While I was in picking up my ring, Coach Danny K stopped in… I could tell it wasn’t his first time.  Another  great man who gave so much to our High School and our community through the years.

Now as I promised, just two more….  I’ve always thought it was funny that in life there seem to be those wonderful people that you keep crossing paths with over and over again in life.   Often they are also the people that you stop and think of and say boy I wish we had time to get together socially, go to dinner with as couples, or just meet for a cup of coffee together.  Usually because of life though with some people this just doesn’t happen, but still every couple years your paths cross again… and yes I believe God has something to do with this…

Faye from Martinelli Travel has been one of these people in my life.  Long before we formally met, Faye knew my mom from when Pearl worked at Shaw’s as a cashier.  Mom always said Faye was lovely and that Faye always took the time to say Hello and chat with her.  That was years ago when Martinelli first started here in Londonderry.   A few years later we met at Faye and Bert’s granddaughter’s Irish Dance recital.  All the girls were so little then.  We were both surprised to realize that I had been their son’s teacher at the high school, too, now there we were!  The world does get beautifully small.  Next thing you know all of our girls are attending Saint Thomas Aquinas school in Derry.  Faye and Bert were at every event cheering on all of the children and taking pictures of everyone.   It meant the world to so many of the kids who had no one there to make them feel special.  Bert and Faye did.

What can I tell you about Martinelli Travel, I think people run their businesses like they run their lives…something to notice and watch for I guess.   Faye deeply cares about everyone who walks through their doors, calls or e-mails.  She always makes time for that next question or to hear about something exciting you have going on.  Faye and her husband Bert have been committed to our community for years.  They have had their businesses here and raised their families here.  They are vital members of our Rotary Club in town and too many other things to list.  Last week when Tammy from Avandi gave me that great example of being like Cheers, Everyone knows your name… that’s how you feel when you walk into Martinelli Travel!  Don’t hesitate to stop in on your way to Lindt Chocolate or TJ Max, ask a few questions, say hello and dream a little, too.

Now to end last week before the new week begins tomorrow…. I have to tell you about my time getting reacquainted with Giovanni’s Roast Beef and Pizza.  Teddy and his family started Giovanni over 25 years ago and it has always been in the same location.  Another place I haven’t been for awhile.   Now I have been back twice in the last week…. Yes in the last week.   Tuesday while we had Giovanni’s interview, the homemade smells drove me crazy.  When we were done I had to order lunch!  Then Friday night when our family from CT was here, we stopped by and ordered dinner to go.  Part of our interview involved walking around in the back, seeing what’s going on, how things are prepared, not with any notice really either.  The hustle and bustle we saw goes on everyday.  When Teddy says the food is homemade it is!  I watched the roast beef being taken out of this large oven, dripping with juice and being sliced fresh… Dear God!  Oh how could anyone resist!  Oh Oh OH and they have homemade horseradish sauce or barbecue to go on it. I promise you have never had a roast beef sandwich like this one.  Also I loved seeing a zillion heads of ‘real’ romaine lettuce being cut up and prepared for ‘fresh’ salads.  One thing I really hate (sorry just don’t have a better word right now) is places that use bagged, prepared salad greens. Yuk, I know many places use it but remember I was a Home Ec teacher.

Another “Cheers” moment too, every time you do go in you will see familiar faces.  Teddy hires from within our community.  Many of our local High School students are given a chance at Giovanni’s as their first job.  I saw one of my favorite students, from when I taught at the High School, Jimmy there.  He has been Teddy’s right hand man for years.   Also Teddy, gets involved and does everything he asks his employees to do… There all in it together, he too, works hard and is a good man.

Now it’s time for me to end last week and get ready for the new week ahead I wonder Where the Road will lead me this week…..  Thank you yes, a zillion times for taking the time to read this…   Sherry xo


December Art Show Coming to Coffeeberries Cafe’

A Londonderry cafe’ will host a special art show featuring holiday and winter scenes by award-winning local artists throughout December. Titled “Winter Scenes at Coffeeberries”, the display will change over the course of the month, highlighting a variety of styles and mediums. Original paintings, drawings and prints will be shown framed and ready for sale, direct from artist.

Meet the artists and do a little early Christmas shopping at the informal artist reception Sunday, December 2nd from 2pm-4pm at Coffeeberries.

Featured artists will include Susan Hanna, Elaine Farmer, Sherry Burnette, Jennifer Wolf Love, Corinne Dodge and Patti Crowley. Ross Therrien will also display some excellent watercolors painted by his mother, the late Dorothy Campbell Therrien.

“Cloud Scatter” by Susan E Hanna, 20″ x 16″ Oil

Show is curated by Andy Mack Jr. Please contact for further information.


“Greeley Park Cross-country Skier” by D. Campbell Therrien, watercolor.



12th Annual Lessons and Carols at St. Jude Parish December, 9th

The St. Jude Parish adult choir will present the 12th Annual Advent Lessons and Carols on Sunday, December 9th at 4:00 PM.  The concert will feature traditional and contemporary Advent music and readings from Sacred Scripture heralding the expectation of the birth of Jesus Christ. This spiritual musical event is an opportunity to slow down from the busyness of the season and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Advent (from the Latin word adventus meaning “coming”) is a season observed in many Western Christian churches, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. It is the beginning of the Western liturgical year and commences on Advent Sunday, called Levavi.

Latin adventus is the translation of the Greek word parousia, commonly used in reference to the Second Coming. Christians believe that the season of Advent serves a reminder both of the original waiting that was done by the Hebrews for the birth of their Messiah as well as the waiting of Christians for the second coming of Christ.

The concert is a joyful sound interweaved with stories of the first Christmas.  The sprinkling of contemporary tunes with beloved classics helps those who attend to reflect on the reason for the season the birth of Jesus Christ.  Treat yourself to the blessed and grace-filled performance.

For questions contact St. Judes Parish 432-3333.  St. Jude Church is located at 435 Mammoth Road