A GPS Treasure Hunt

The thrill of the hunt means different things to every person. For some it may mean visions of a tasty deer meat stew at the end of the challenge using the honed skill of bow and arrow. Or it may mean casting a line into a well-stocked brook using the skill of rod and reel and the stamina to land a mighty fine trout for dinner. There is even the use of a camera hunting the elusive wild bird of prey or animals of the forest. Even as children we all loved to play a version of hunting called ‘hide and seek’. What is it about human nature that loves the whole concept of this game?

When you think about it there is the challenge to be clever and to think through a complex process within such a simple set of rules. Someone is ‘it’. They count to ten and say ‘ready or not here I come!”. Meanwhile the others who are playing look for a place to be out of view of the person who is ‘it’. The challenge is to try to blend in with your surroundings, stay as still as a statue or ‘play dead’. When time was up if one or two were still unaccounted for there would be a call out, ‘ollie, ollie in for free’. There would be no penalty to come out of hiding. You would be praised all around for not being found and having the most clever hiding place. It was all good fun. A real simple version of hunter/gatherer.

The international logo for Geocaching.

As humans have evolved, the primal instinct of hunter/gatherer has also evolved into some pretty interesting quests. One such game uses a GPS as the weapon of choice. It is called “Geocaching”. Or as a friend of mine repeated back to me, “you mean Geo-k’ching.” I did not understand at first. “You know, k’ching like a cash register sound” referring to the sound of money and in a sense ‘winning the prize.’ I liked her theory because it is very much just like that. The prize is finding the cache, recording your ‘find’ and leaving your name and perhaps a small token.

According the online website, the definition of The Game is: Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden in that location. There is so much to this I recommend visiting their site and get hunting!

It was Earth Day and we were coming back from the festivities at Stonyfield Yogurt. We decided to stop at one of the old cemeteries in town. While reading headstones and contemplating their lives I spied something wedged in the stone wall. It was a medium size plastic pill container. I opened it with reservation holding it away from myself and carefully looked inside.

I immediately knew what it was and yelled for the others to see what I found. We were not playing the game and happened on this by accident. There was a long scroll of names and dates going back to 2008! The items were a random assortment given the small container. “Quick, go to the car and find something we can put in!” Capping the bottle I carefully placed it back just out of view for the next hunter to find.

The list of names and items found inside the pill bottle in a Londonderry Cemetery.

This game is available all over the world. Other types of ‘seek and find’ games you may want to check out are: Mega Event Cache, Cache In Trash Out Event, Earth Cache, Letterbox Hybrid, Groundspeak Headquarters Cache, GPS Maze Exhibit , etc.

In conclusion the basic idea behind a geocaching challenge is: Go somewhere, do something.

Debbie Curtin writes stories about people, places, events and other topics of interest that engage the reader. As a member of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, Debbie keeps ‘in the game’ with other like minded people. She has been an artist and creative person all her life and uses the unlimited sources of inspiration that abound everywhere in her writing as another art form.


Candidates File for Representative Positions

Filing for the New Hampshire State Representative and Republican Delegates closed Friday afternoon, June 15, 2012. Voters will hit the polls on September 11, 2012 to vote in the candidates of their choice.

Candidates were required to file with their local Town Clerk. The following filed in Londonderry:

State Representative
Name Party Town
Baldasaro, Alfred P. R Londonderry
Emiro Sr, Frank R R Londonderry
Fillio, Roger R Londonderry
Introne, Robert R Londonderry
Keegan-Hutchinson, Karen R Londonderry
Lundgren, David C. R Londonderry
Marron III, James R Londonderry
McKinney, Betsy R Londonderry
Packard, Sherman R Londonderry
Tamburello, Daniel R Londonderry
Combes, Edward Ted D Londonderry
Fairbrother, Miranda D Londonderry
Merrill, Bryan D Londonderry
Vermillion, Gary D Londonderry
Whittemore, Lisa I D Londonderry
Republican Delegates
Name Party Town
Baldasaro, Alfred P. R Londonderry
Carson, Deirdre M. R Londonderry
Carson, Gregg R Londonderry
Haken, Lou R Londonderry
Introne, Carole K R Londonderry
Introne, Robert R Londonderry
Keegan-Hutchinson, Karen R Londonderry
Loginov, William A. R Londonderry
Packard, Joanne R R Londonderry
Seppala, Judith A R Londonderry
Tamburello, Melanie R Londonderry


Nectar of the Gods

Story and images by Jamie Green

A few weeks ago I purchased a living social deal for a tour, tasting, glassware and $10 store credit for the Moonlight Meadery in New Hampshire. So on Saturday, Tim and I decided to take the road trip to Londonderry. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for driving with the windows down and music up. We arrive around 6pm and are immediately ushered into the production area for a tour of the Meadery with the assistant Mead Maker. He gave us a very in-depth history of Mead, the process of making mead, and the specific history of this meadery, all of which I knew very little about.

Here’s a brief run down of what I remember from the tour:

Mead is easily made in nature- it’s as easy as honey mixing with a little water and allowing natural yeast particles in the air to ferment it. So ancient people thought this was a gift from God because it occurred so naturally in nature. Mead has been found in almost every ancient civilization. That kind of naturally occurring mead doesn’t actually really taste all that good- it’s a much more complicated to make it taste delicious.

Mead became increasingly popular in the middle ages and became associated with everything medieval (and still is now). Mead also started being exclusively drunk by rich elites, which took mead out of the mainstream- which has contributed to the rarity of mead to this day. There are less than 50 meaderies in the US and less than 100 worldwide.

The head mead maker of Moonlight, Michael Fairbrother, started brewing beer at home about 20 years, and mead about 16 years ago. A few years ago, he decided to start a small operation out of his garage, using 5 gallon carboys, and started selling out of bottles immediately. Two years ago, they set up shop in their current location- which they have renovated several times- and now have two large warehouse spaces and a really nice tasting room.

They get their honey from a distributor in New Hampshire- but not all the honey is local from NH because the Meadery actually uses more honey than the state of New Hampshire can produce. But honey comes first from NH, then from the Northeast, then from elsewhere in the US. Most of the honey is wildflower honey, which means that the bees pollenate all sorts of different kinds of flowers. But some of their honey is single varietal honey, which means of all the flowers the bees pollenate, 70% of the flowers have to be the same kind of flower.

Jamie and Tim pose by the Sam Adams and Allagash barrels used to make some meads.

The honey gets shipped in huge containers and then gets pumped into the fermenters, add water, any desired fruit flavors and then yeast. After fermentation, it gets pumped to the bottling tank and is bottled- basically by hand with the help of a few not very high tech machines.

Moonlight also has purchased 20 bourbon barrels from Sam Adams’s Utopia beer series and some from Allagash’ Curieux beer, are aging some of their meads in them. (and selling them for $50/bottle!)

After the tour, we head to the tasting room, where we can each taste 6-8 meads of like 30 that they had available to taste (obviously no one was counting because we ended up trying 19).

So we got our glasses filled and drank a lot of delicious mead. Here are the lucky ones that got graced by my palette:

  • Wild- wildflower honey and blueberries- sparkling, good/light blueberry flavor, dry, delicious. 1.25
    Blissful- honey, black currant, blueberry, black raspberry- port-like, very sweet, but not to syrupy. 2
  • Fling- (from the description- “menage a trios between honey, strawberries and rhubarb”), made with orange blossom honey- very good, can distinctly taste the strawberries and the rhubarb. Reminds me of Cape Ann’s Sunrise Saison. 1.75
  • Red Dress- honey and red currants. very tart flavor. 3
  • Sumptous- honey and mangos. amazing mango flavor, delicious, refreshing. 1.5.
  • Desire- honey, blueberries, black cherries, black currants. nice fruit flavors, again sweet but not too syrupy. 2.25
  • Kurt’s Apple Pie- made from local early harvest apple cider, madagasgar vanilla bean, and Vietnamese cinnamon (the best quality cinnamon apparently). definitely tastes like apple pie, I can almost taste the whipped cream on the pie. 2.5
  • Coffee in Bed- honey and coffee. way too strong of a coffee flavor for me, very bitter. 3
  • Paramour- honey, blackberries, blueberries, black cherries, currants. light and sweet, very good. 2
  • Madagascar- honey and vanilla. woody vanilla flavor. Would be delicious with a creamy dessert. Has a coconut/oaky flavor (almost like Kentucky bourbon barrel ale) 1.25
  • Flutter- honey and ginger. light ginger flavor, little tingly like ginger, floral scent, just a tiny bit sweet. 2.5
  • Blossom- honey and apple cider (early season apples). light crisp tartness. 2.25
  • Deviant- honey, apple, ginger- like a ginger beer- very gingery, and nice apple flavor. 2.25
  • Mischief- honey, black raspberry. like an after dinner liqueur. very flavorful. 2.
  • Fury- made with 3 different kinds of peppers- sweeter and nice spicy flavor. tingly on tongue. very interesting taste. better than spicy beers I’ve had. 1.75
  • Mojo- orange blossom honey, mint and lime. modeled after a mojito. Tastes too sweet, like simple syrup in a margarita. 2.75
  • Frisky- blueberries, maple syrup. tastes like an oaky wine. 2.5
  • Utopia- made in the utopia barrels. oaky flavor. crazy aftertaste. very flavorful. 2.
  • Virtue- appley deliciousness. 1.5

After tasting, we splurged and bought 6 bottles of mead… from their very lovely collection.

All in all, I had a lovely experience here. Definitely a great place to spend an afternoon, and I would love to keep coming back to try all their new flavors.
<3 Jamie

Jamie Green is a 28-year-old local resident with an interest in craft beers, wines, and meads. Originally from Wisconsin, Jamie graduated from Northwestern University and Harvard Divinity School and has been living in Massachusetts for 6 years working as a Youth Minister for the United Church of Christ. She enjoys spontaneous weekend drives, brewery/winery/meadery tours and tastings, skiing, yoga, oil painting, playing saxophone, writing Yelp reviews as a Yelp Elite (andrmeda27.yelp.com), and  updating her beer excel spreadsheet (892 beers and counting!).

Her dream is to launch her own brewery-church, where all can gather around a delicious, flavorful freshly brewed craft beer with the purpose of evolving and changing the world – one beer at a time. For now it is a blog that she started after her first homebrew was completed, but one day, it will be a community. Follow the blog here.


Londonderry Breaking News for June 10th – 17th 2012

  • In town for Giant Lacrosse tournament? Be sure to Visit Londonderry Shops, Restaurants and Attractions. http://t.co/Jbv9Rdn6 #
  • MT @MackNH: A Bear. On Wall St. #irony MT http://t.co/10m1j2lH cc: @VisitNH what’s next Muskrat in the Musquash? #
  • Breaking News MVA right in front of Londonderr Central Fire Station. Time out 2:10pm Londonderry Fire on scene 2 car mva 2:10pm Mammoth Rd #
  • Medic evaluating two at 2 car MVA in front of Central Fire Station. Nice to have dispatch nearby the schools with 1000+ today in events #
  • Command Terminated on MVA in front of Central Fire station, no transports. 2:20pm #
  • Did you know? We have now had 272 Reportable MVA’s in Ltonwn so far this year. Know a good shop? #
  • Traffic ALERT LPD enroute to 102 near I93 looking for truck “Tent Rental” with tent spikes falling out of the back of the truck. #
  • Police Log Bits. Overnight, or early morning Saturday, reports of “Food Products” dumped on mail boxes in Gordon and Wedgewood #
  • Breaking News Large Vehicle FIRE by the I93 southbound off ramp exit 4 LFD and LPD enroute time out 8:13am #
  • Update on LARGE Vehicle fire reports of two large trucks hit each other, one a dump truck unknown hazards Rescue 1 enroute time out 8:17am #
  • Live from the scene LPD reports smoke no fire, leaking fluids, could ignite, expidite LFD time now 8:17am
    at 102 and Exit 4 on I93 #
  • Traffic Alert Route 102 down to 1 lane east bound two large trucks colided near the I93 E4 on ramp and the bridge. 8:19am E2 on scene. #
  • Update on 102 Crash “10 wheeler into a 18 wheeler investigating” No fire, leaking fluids, one patient.E3 and Rescue 1 + Command remain 8:24 #
  • Looks as if Traffic will be slow 102 Eastbound over I93 Big Rig tow enroute for Dump full of asphalt, Spec Serv need for 18 wheeler axle bk #
  • LFD toned out to Rockingham Road for alarm activation. Time 10:40 AM #
  • Rockingham Road Fire Alarm Update: LFD on scene reporting building has been evacuated. Time 10:48 AM #
  • Rockingham Road Fire Alarm Update: LFD reporting everything under control; broken wire to the system. Time 10:58 AM #
  • Breaking News: LFD Responding to Norwich Place for medical aid 12:38 p.m. #
  • Breaking News: LFD on scene 12:47 p.m. Medic transporting one to Elliot Hospital 12:57 p.m. #
  • Breaking News: LFD responding to 40 Buttrick Rd for medical aid 1:32 p.m. #
  • Readers: Tuesday is the last regular school day before exams…don’t forget to pass in books, uniforms, money to the cafe etc… #
  • Readers: Reminder..6:00 tonight in the cafe senior project showcase. Open to everyone. #
  • We think a reprint in our News and Tourist service is in order RT @andrmeda27: http://t.co/9TyIeZiq A lovely afternoon @MoonlightMead #
  • Shoping Alert! LPD has stepped up enforcment of Fire Lane Violations this morning. Sounds like many disregard the law. Tickets & Warnings #
  • Breaking News Londonderry Fire is sending Engine 5 to 21 Eastgate Road, Elementary School Reports Smoke in the Building Time out 12:06pm #
  • Police and Fire enroute to Sugarplum for a serious medical time out 12:22pm E5 is nearby responding, M1, E3 Car2 #
  • M1 &LPD On Scene 57 yr old male, not breathing in yard. time now 12:25pm #
  • Other LFD units on scene 12:26pm Sugarplum medical. #
  • RT @MackNH: Fresh eggs, self service in @LondonderryNH Love New Hampshire! Oliver Merrill & Sons http://t.co/Cqq6NsYb http://t.co/RAn101BX #
  • Londonderry Fire is on the scene of a alarm at Capital Hill Drive, no conditions investigating. Time now 3:52pm #
  • Breaking FARM news Farmstand opens this Thursday! Fresh Strawberries and other items. Fields open every day 7-12 http://t.co/nmTSuVF7 #
  • Readers: Exam week begins…Wednesday A and B period exams. School gets out at 11:30. Don’t forget to bring your school books. #
  • RT @Londonderry_mte: Color day tomorrow! Also, Family BBQ rain or shine! A little rain can’t stop us around here. Wet indoor picnic. #
  • Breaking News: LFD responding to 1 Airport Rd for medical aid 9:59 p.m. #
  • Breaking News Update: Companies on scene 10:04 pm. Updated location of 42 Commerce Ave/FedEx for back injury requiring transport to hospital #
  • Good Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: AM Rain, patchy fog, PM rain ending 65-70 Wednesday. Lingering clouds 50′s Weds. night. mie 70′s Thur. #
  • LFD toned out to Bunker Hill Drive for medical emergency. Time 10:34 AM #
  • RT @DD_Londonderry: Follow the new @DD_Londonderry for Local Dunkin Donuts news, prizes, giveaways! @LondonderryCVC @LondonderryNH #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to the Airport Terminal for a medical time out 12:58pm. ~ Did you know, the terminal is entirely in Londonderry? #
  • It is a monumental day when @Logos_Veritas sets up @DD_Londonderry Lets get Social! @MackNH @Sherry_CVC @LondonderryCVC #
  • .@LondonderryCOTC: Who’s coming to the concert tonight? FREE at 7 in the Matthew Thornton Gym, come see “Not Too Sharp” #concertsonthecommon #
  • LFD toned out for mutual aid at motor vehicle accident near Brown Ave and Airport Road in Manchester. Time 3:40 PM #
  • LFD canceled for mutual aid to Manchester motor vehicle accident. Time 3:42 PM #
  • RIP Started work on Elwood Farm age 12 when his dad passed, worked 83 active years growing, nurturing family #Farm http://t.co/uadUGxCT #
  • NWS ADVISORY Dense fog overnight until 3am Thursday Visibilities in Ltown 1/4 mile or less at times this could hamper driving conditions. #
  • Looks like three outstanding days to pick Strawberries in Ltown. Live from the Sunnycrest Fields it’s Sunny! #
  • LFD toned out to Litchfield Road for medical emergency. Time 10:07 AM #
  • LFD toned out for medical at Auto Auction near Exit 4. Time 10:22 AM #
  • .@PelhamNHPolice June 14 is Flag Day. It commemorates adoption of flag of United States by resolution of Second Continental Congress in 1777 #
  • Graduate Readers: Seniors…6:30 at the Palace theater tonight. Parking is always an issue…Manchester is a busy city. #
  • Readers: Friday exam schedule..E and F period. Don’t forget your books. 11:30 dismissal. #
  • LPD investigating a callers complaint of shots in the Musquash #
  • Readers. Cherries are ready!!! PYO 7- Noon at Sunnycrest. YUMMY! #
  • Fact and Fiction on exit 4A RT @LondonderryCVC Exit 4A Forum, Eight New Members – http://t.co/9oDwb0ST Tonight at 7pm! #
  • Fact and Fiction on exit 4A RT @LondonderryCVC Exit 4A Forum, Eight New Members – http://t.co/9oDwb0ST Tonight at 6:30pm! #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to 18 King George Drive to check for reports of a tree on wires @PSNH time out 6:26pm #
  • Power is out to King George Tree on Wires at corner of King George and King Arthur @PSNH Pole # 3G-8 Where’s Watty? on the way soon 2Bsure #
  • Breaking News 1 Edge Hill Road LFD and LPD and Windham tanker enroute for reports of a stove FIRE in the kitchen, time out 9:40pm #
  • Units enroute caller indicates that she thinks her stove is on fire building evacuated. time now 9:42pm #
  • Londonderry Fire on scene of 1 Edge Hill Road at 9:47pm single story wood frame nothing showing. #
  • LPD on scene 9:48pm, LFD reporting no fire most units in service at 9:52pm from the Edge Hill Road reported fire. #
  • LFD toned out to Winding Pond Road for medical emergency. Time 9:11 AM #
  • LFD toned out to motorcycle accident on High Range Road near Sunnycrest Farm. Time 12:02 PM #
  • High Range Rd Motorcycle Accident: LFD responding. Reporting rider is up and walking. Time 12:05 PM #
  • High Range Rd Motorcycle Accident: LFD reporting status 4, no transport for patient. Medic obtaining paperwork. Time 12:08 PM #
  • LFD toned out for alarm activation at Elliot Medical Office building at 40 Buttrick Road. #
  • Elliot Alarm Update: LFD on scene reporting nothing showing, building evacuated. Time 12:23 PM #
  • Elliot Alarm Update: LFD reporting appears to be faulty detector in building. Time 12:28 PM #
  • LPD reporting wires down on Route 28 near Stonehenge Road. Unsure if attached to pole or not. Time 12:38 PM #
  • LFD toned out to Town Hall for medical emergency. Time 2:37 PM #
  • Good Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Sunny 70-75, cooler along coast Sat Low clouds move in off ocean 50-55 Say night. Father’s Day 70-75. #
  • Yard Sale Buzzing at Parrish Hills http://t.co/T3xW7Z8o Open till 2pm #
  • LFD toned out 8:37 MVA I-93 North Bound at exit 4 for a roll over #
  • LFD on scene for a MVA at mile marker 12.2 north of exit 4 for single roll-over of a vehicle. #
  • Medic and Rescue 5 on scene. #
  • Breaking News Motorcycle southbound Side just crashed at the scene of the MVA rollover at exit 4 on I93. time now 8:47pm #
  • Accidents I93 LPD on scene, no state police yet. Rescue 1 asked to report to Motorcycle MVA. One North 12.2 one southbound 12.4 Both sides #
  • Breaking News LPD reporting one subject fled the crash on I93 on foot. Reports of a possible third, many people off the road I93 near Exit4 #
  • Traffic ALERT I93 Northbound will be closed, Derry Firetruck being parked across entrance to I93 @NHDOTI93 seek alternate routes #
  • LPD reports SP enroute with K9 to search for person that fled the scene of MVA. I93 Littered with cars off the road http://t.co/6RI9DJ83 #
  • Medic 1 will transport from Motorcycle MVA, no injury at first accident a rollover. New accident reported at Exit 5 stay tuned further info. #
  • Time now 9pm I 93 closed northbound at Exit 4 for 2 MVA one car rollover, one MC w/injuries will be transported. #
  • Update live from the I93 Medic 1 enroute to the Elliot with 1 Rider from the Motorcycle MVA. time now 9:02pm Exit 5 is a DMV only. #
  • Reports of runner possibly up Hillside in direction of Derry, 9:04 SP reporting DMV is in travel lane near Exit 5 on I93. #
  • Only Engine in service E1 in Central. Station Coverage requested all off duty personnel to central. 9:06pm #
  • Listen in Live to the I93 action at http://t.co/X9vFIojy Live online free Londonderry fire and police scanner audio. #
  • Medic 1 at the Elliot hospital with the MC accident patient from MM 12.2 Northbound on I93 that occurred at 8:47pm time now 9:14pm #
  • Huge MVA, just on the highway side of @MoonlightMead if you are stuck in Ltown Highway closed Visit HERE http://t.co/0niTrrNC Tour & Taste #
  • I93 open again, drive with care enjoy Fathers Day and MC Week! 9:50pm #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed out to check an unauthorized burn near the St. Jude Parish on Mammoth Road time out 11:03am #


275 Win Lottery in Concord, NH

The adventure of a lifetime is in store for 275 people who have been offered permits to hunt moose in New Hampshire this October. They are the lucky winners in the state’s annual moose hunt permit lottery drawing, held today with great fanfare at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s headquarters in Concord, N.H.

Governor John Lynch kicked off the festivities by pushing the button to start the computerized random selection of this year’s winners. Winners were selected from a pool of more than 13,400 applicants. That’s in addition to more than 1,200 people who submitted an application for a point only, but are not included in the lottery; the bonus point system improves your chance of winning for each consecutive year you enter and are not selected.

Winners will be offered permits to hunt moose in a specific Wildlife Management Unit during the October 20 to 28, 2012, season. Each winner is allowed to enlist a guide and one friend or relative to help on the hunt as a “subpermittee.” In addition to many New Hampshire residents, winners hailed from Connecticut, Maine, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, South Carolina, Illinois, North Dakota, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Alaska.

More than a hundred people showed up at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord to watch the drawing, swap hunting stories and listen in hopes of hearing their name come up on the list of winners. It turned out to be an exciting day for three in the room who were selected for 2012 moose hunt permits. Carl Rackliff of Manchester was all smiles when his 32-year-old son, Jesse J. Rackliff was selected. Carl is counting on being the subpermittee on the hunt this fall. Also present was Steven R. White of Concord, who chairs the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire. He was picked once before back in 1998 and is excited about going again this year with a friend from the North Country. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun!” said White.

Moose hunt permit winner Alice Jenness

Moose hunt permit winner Alice Jenness.

Alice Jenness of New Hampton had to catch her breath after hearing her name called. “I’m ecstatic!” said Jenness, who has entered the lottery every year since it opened in 1988. She grew up hunting deer with her dad, who passed away some years ago, and will be using his .308 hunting rifle. “It’s very emotional for me,” said Jenness. “It would make Dad so proud!”

Thanks to the recovery of moose populations, New Hampshire has had an annual moose hunt since 1988. That year, 75 permits were issued for a three-day hunt in the North Country. The availability of 275 hunting permits this year, with some issued for every area of the state during the nine-day season, has been made possible by careful management of moose populations. The resulting sustainable annual harvest of moose helps to regulate moose numbers and provides a unique recreational opportunity.

Each permit winner is assigned to one of 22 wildlife management units (WMUs) in which he or she can legally hunt. In 2011, New Hampshire hunters took 290 moose, for a statewide success rate of 71%. Regional success rates for moose hunters last year ranged from 82% in the Connecticut Lakes Region to 25% in the southeastern part of the state.

Hunters whose names were selected in today’s drawing will be notified by mail. Lists of successful applicants and alternates are available online here; at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord; and at the Department’s regional offices in Durham, Keene, Lancaster and New Hampton.

Limited-edition 2012 New Hampshire moose hunt shirts will be available this summer.

For more information on hunting moose in New Hampshire, click here.

A description of the lottery process and table of applicants and odds may be downloaded here.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s fish, wildlife and marine resources and their habitats.


Car Rollover with Runner, Motorcycle Crash and DWI Helper shut down I93

At approximately 8:36 last Saturday night, NH State Police – Troop B Troopers responded to a report of a rollover accident northbound on Interstate 93 in the area of Exit 4 in Londonderry. While Troopers were responding to the scene another accident involving a motorcycle was reported in the same area of Interstate 93 on the southbound side near Exit 4.

Londonderry Fire and Londonderry Police were on the scene while troopers were enroute.  The rollover was a 2005 Mazda 6 was traveling northbound when the vehicle left the western side of the roadway, inverted and came to final rest at mile marker 12.2 in the center median.

Trooper C. Lavoie investigated the first reported accident and determined that a 2005 Mazda 6 was traveling northbound when the vehicle left the western side of the roadway, inverted and came to final rest in the center median. The passenger of the vehicle fled on foot and was initially searched for by the Londonderry Police department in the surrounding area.  The driver of the vehicle was arrested for being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol. Driver inattention was determined to be the cause of this collision.

Londonderry Fire called in the second crash a motorcycle at mm 12.4 just north of the rollover on the north bound side and immediately dispatched aid from the scene.

Trooper S. Harrington investigated the motorcycle accident and determined that traffic had slowed to view the vehicle inverted in the median. The operator of the motorcycle, identified as Julie Nigro, age 31, from North Andover, Massachusetts, subsequently attempted to stop with traffic when she lost control. Nigro was transported to the Elliot Hospital and released with minor injuries.

The roadway was littered with cars and the northbound lane closed using a Derry fire engine at the exit 4 northbound on ramp.  Live Reports streamed in to followers and readers from Londonderry News at www.Twitter.com/LondonderryNH last night providing details and helping some to avoid the area.

If you are going to help it is a good idea not to be intoxicated.

As these accident investigations were being conducted a male subject stopped his 2008 Honda Ridgeline in the section of the scene on the northbound side of the interstate. The operator then attempted to speak with Troopers. It was determined that the subject, Keith Lord (age 50) of Plaistow, NH, knew someone involved in one of the collisions. During this time Lord was subsequently arrested for Driving While Intoxicated by Trooper M. Cedrone.

The northbound high-speed lane of Interstate 93 in the area of Exit 4 in Londonderry was closed for approximately 45 minutes during these investigations. The southbound high-speed lane in the immediate area was closed for approximately 15 minutes during this time.
NH State Police – Troop B Troopers were assisted by several members of the Londonderry Police Department and the Londonderry Fire Department.
Anyone with information pertaining to any of these incidents is asked to contact the respective Trooper at Troop B at 603-666-3333.

Be sure to follow Londonderry News on Twitter for breaking news as it happens or view the breaking news column at the top right hand side of this webpage.