Free and Beautiful in Londonderry

Beautiful free things right here in Londonderry. I never really have any idea where these On the Road stories will take us, but this week’s just started in a direction I never dreamed of before I went to bed, just a few hours ago.

I woke up early, again my mind spinning with so many thoughts of my road this week. Finally I started making little brain storming notes during my days so that I don’t forget some of the important parts. I knew I wanted to tell you about the Londonderry Times this week. I walked down our stairs, house pretty dark, with our dog (no, maybe my dog Shea) and looked up through our window. There, gleaming through my window was the most beautiful full moon surrounded in complete, almost like Halloween, darkness.

I tend to get very distracted when I look up to these free beauties. The stars, heaven, and dear goodness those unpredictable moons. Predictable yes, I know you can check a calendar, but like so many things in life just when you think you know what to expect, it’s on the calendar, you’ve planned, something pops up and changes your definite charted course and you have to switch gears. The moon and stars are like this too. The clouds, the weather, the surrounding lights can change our view. This morning it was perfect.

Now here is what I love about not always having a great plan. My plan was to start writing my story at 5:30 and maybe for once, ramble less and be done in much less time than I usually am. That moon threw my plan out the window! Then next thing I know I’m running through the house trying to find my daughter Mackensie’s phone; she has the best phone out of all of us to take pictures with. Now this is where life gets strange. I turn her phone on and this phrase is her screen saver. Ready, you won’t believe it either:

Shoot for the moon… Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars…

Now that took my breath away. The first part of my morning definitely went off plan beautifully! I hope Jackie, our amazing Office Manager, can download my picture so you can really see what I mean. Jackie can do just about anything with computers and she has a great personality, too! She puts up with all my questions, and I know you must be thinking: and you must have a zillion! She’s always kind and helpful. We are so lucky to have her.

I promised myself only two pages this week, I better get started.

When I came home yesterday to my very messy kitchen counter, I noticed someone (it may have been me the day before) had left the mail there for me to go through. I decided to take a second to clear things off; throw this away, throw that away. But then finally I came to something that is worth taking time to look at; our own town paper, the Londonderry Times. In my distracted counter mess that I was very annoyed at, I stopped and smiled. There looking back at me was this beautiful little girl hanging an ornament on one of the Christmas trees on our town common. I read on to learn that she is one of our little preschoolers from our own Learning Stop Preschool in town. And remember the owner Corrie writes our monthly column “Corrie’s corner”, which gives us all fun ‘free’ craft ideas for our kids.

If you haven’t seen or taken the time to really look at our Londonderry Times, you have too. I promise that picture will make you smile and brighten your day. For me, it kind of kicked off my Christmas cheer. Chris has taken so many memorable pictures for us throughout the years. This one might be my favorite yet. I‘m still turning to look at it as I type and it just makes me stop and smile.

Take time to look at our hometown paper. I know so many people are into their computers, and iPads. Everything really is on line. I know, I know, it’s our present, our future, but I don’t care what anyone says, I still like to flip through a paper, see a picture and circle things with a real pen if I want too. I know many people feel this way about their reading material now too. “Oh I’ll just buy it on e-books, I put it on my Kindle; it’s thin, it can slip into my purse.” Yuk to all that too.

Yes, of course John and the girls bought me a Kindle a while back, and yes of course I do use it and like it, and yes it’s convenient. But I still love to hold a real book, flip the pages, circle things if I want, dog ear the pages or put random things in it to help me remember where I was. I love holding a real book and reading a real newspaper. Seeing real pictures of our kids that I can cut out and put up on my refrigerator if I want too. I hope this never goes away. Oh dear, I’m on another roll. Sorry. Onto my real road this week.

This week I am only going to talk about two places in town. At least that’s my plan right now.

The first I have to tell you about is a business that I bet many of you have never walked into – Gold and Diamond Traders. I have been in and around this store almost every day for the last year and I have never stopped in. Honestly, I think I was a little nervous to. For one, I don’t have any gold or diamonds to trade, so why would I go in? What a world I have been missing, and you too I bet. Kathy and Craig at Pack and Ship have been telling me to go in and meet the new owner Saad for a couple months now. Wednesday I did. I opened the door and there in front of me were lovely jewelry cases with a variety for everyone. Variety on prices too! Truly something for everyone.

Now here is the other part. Saad has watch batteries, does jewelry repair and, yes, if you have some pieces of gold that you might want to sell, even if they are broken or tattered, you’ll be surprised at how much money you will receive for them. What I love the most about opening the door and walking in was meeting Saad. He is a family man, raising two beautiful children. His welcoming eyes and smile say, “Come in and look around.” He is fair and honest. I can just feel that in my heart.

He explained to me that many people get taken advantage of when selling their gold, so be careful. He told me how once he was taken advantage of years ago with gold pieces and he promises to never do that to anyone who walks through his door. He gives you a fair, honest price for what you have. I plan to bring some of the broken gold chains I have kept through the years into Saad and have him look at them. I also plan do part of my own Christmas shopping right there at Gold and Diamond Traders this year, now that I really understand everything they have and can do.

We all need to support these good people and their businesses right here in our town. Sadly, if we forget too, we will lose them. Let’s make it a pact this Christmas to do as much of our shopping as we can right here with our local businesses that support our community and are always there for us. Don’t forget about the game store in town, Countryside for our table arrangements, Lindt for our chocolate; no more empty store fronts, it makes me sad when I see them.

I’m going to begin to end my On The Road story this week, with a business that has been in Londonderry for many, many years. In a sense, many of us have grown through our adulthood with them; Al and Amy at Salon Bogar. I feel like sometimes as part of Visit Londonderry, I ignore them a little, and I would never mean too, but maybe that’s because in some ways they feel like family to many of us. Isn’t it true that often the people we take for granted the most are our family members or people who have always just seemed to be there for us?

Back when I was a very young teacher at our high school, Al took a chance on Londonderry and opened his first business as a very young man too, here in Londonderry off of Route 102. Back then, there was very little on the road compared to now. Al was from MA but knew of Londonderry as a nice place to Live, Work, and Play, even back then. In the beginning Al had I think three chairs in a small area and we would all come in from the back door. We were all starting out in life I guess.

Even back in the beginning, Al always made his clients feel like family and, even back in the beginning when I’m sure he wasn’t even sure the salon would make it here, he was always generous to help wherever he could, donating to help our schools, kids and community. Now I think back to Tammy’s comments about Avandi’s Restaurant, “Everyone knows your name,” and I think that’s Salon Bogar.

Al and his staff, back in 1993, helped me get ready for my wedding day. John and I were getting married at 6:00 pm at St. Jude’s; they were doing my hair and make-up and I was to be picked up at 5:00pm by my dad, to go home, put on my dress, take pictures and begin. 5:15: no one was there to pick me up; 5:20: still no one. Again, being an only child my parents were as frazzled about the idea of a wedding as I was. Somehow the bride wasn’t getting picked up. I will always remember Al, rushing around the salon, like a worried brother, watching the clock, worried, still no one, suddenly Al says, “That’s it, I’m driving you home.” So, so precious. I’ll never forget that.

Of course, just as he headed to get his keys, there comes my dad’s old white Monte Carlo swirling around the corner. Al was right in the heart of it with us. That kind of care and such a grateful heart for each and every client that walks through their doors is what Salon Bogar is all about. That’s just my story, I know there are many. Maybe you have one you could post here. They care, that’s the bottom line and they are grateful that you are part of their Salon Bogar Family. With Christmas right around the corner, even if you’re not stopping by with an appointment or maybe you’ve never gone in, go in. They have so many different, elegant and affordable gifts and services that you could pick for someone on your list. Don’t forget Gift Certificates too.

This weekend is Salon Bogar’s Annual Holiday Shopping Event. Friday and Saturday from 8:30 – 4:30 pm, you get a 20% discount on all products and merchandise if you bring a new unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. I know you won’t see this until Saturday, but head in, you’ll be surprised at how much you can check off your list. It’s great fun, too.

And if you’ve started mailing Christmas presents and cards, Pack and Ship will make it much easier and faster for you. And remember too, they have many great gift ideas also. I have to pick up the maple syrup cotton candy, made in NH, for the girls stockings.

Trivia question of the week: If anyone has a picture of Avandi’s pirate that once stood in the woods near the restaurant, we will give you a gift certificate to the restaurant!

Support our local businesses they really need us….. With A Grateful Heart Sherry<3

The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60′s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Sherry is an account manager for the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center.  You can follow her at


Avis C. Patterson of Londonderry

It is with great sadness that we announce the peaceful passing in her home of our mother, Avis C. Patterson, age 75. She was born in Enfield, NH and was the daughter of the late, Clarence and Rena Tyrrel.

She resided in Londonderry, NH and grew up in Everett, MA. Left to cherish her memory are her children Linda DelGreco and her husband Bruno of Pelham, NH; Daniel Patterson and his wife Elaina of Wilmington, MA; Glen Patterson and his wife Deanna of Pelham, NH; and Beth Leighton and her husband Rick of Londonderry, NH. Also left to remember her are her grandchildren. Jenna, Bobby, Dan, Joseph, Alex, Connor, Carleen, Jesse, Taylor, Briana, and Mikayla will greatly miss their Grammy.

Visiting hours will be on Monday December 3, 2012 from 4:00-5:00 PM in the Peabody Funeral Homes and Crematorium, 290 Mammoth Road,Londonderry. A memorial service will follow at 5:00 PM in the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Salvation Army, 18 Folsom Rd., Derry, NH 03038.

Visit the Peabody Funeral Homes website to leave a condolence note or view others.


Nick Fanaritis of Londonderry

Nick J. Fanaritis, 57, of Londonderry died November 29, 2012 at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, Lebanon, NH after enduring a lengthy, courageous battle with leukemia.

He was born in Warren, PA on July 4, 1955. The son of Magda Fanaritis and the late John Fanaritis.

He was a resident of Londonderry for the past 35 years. He was employed as a Software Engineer by Digital, Compaq, and Hewlett-Packard.

He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Mona Fanaritis, three beautiful children, Alexandra, Nikitas and Alana. Two sisters, Maria Marano, Kathy Decker, and his brother, Pan Fanaritis and mother, Magda Fanaritis.

The most important and precious things in Nick’s life were his family, his home and Tootsie. Surrounded and comforted by those he adored, know that he was his witty, wise cracking self.

Calling hours will be Sunday December 2, 2012 from 3 to 6pm at the Peabody Funeral Home and Crematorium, 290 Mammoth Road Londonderry, NH. A private funeral service is being planned by the family.

In lieu of flowers a donation can be made to Fanaritis College Fund, PO Box 9130 Marlborough, MA 01752.

Visit the Peabody Funeral Homes website to leave a condolence note or view others.


Glass – A Story of a Common Everyday Item

Glassware purchased at the kiln shop replicating a design from earlier times

The beginnings of glass in the use by man began in the Stone Age. This particular crude glass was created by certain volcanic actions of heating and cooling along with just the right minerals. It was found by early man and used extensively in tools to cut and pierce. Archeological evidence points to Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and the northern Syrian regions as having the right environment to create glass. Beadwork, a highly prized item, was created as a byproduct found in the ash of fire. As the centuries unfolded changes and enhancements of glasswork across the globe was reflected by the vast uniqueness of the different regions use of natural materials. As more experimentation with oxides and metals were used clear glass was created. Colored glass became significant and highly regarded throughout the world later on. Glass was always seen as a highly prized item used extensively in royal palaces. It has always been a commodity highly bartered and traded for. The history lesson goes on and on right up to modern times.

In an earlier article on a recent trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia the focus was on the history of the settlement and the beginning of the American colonial times. Omitted due to the vast amount of information and to do it proper justice in a later story was the introduction of glass making to this country by the tradesmen brought on the initial voyage in 1607.

A view of the workings of the replicated kiln in colonial Jamestown, VA

One of the purposeful reasons for the Virginia Company to settle in the area was to procure vast riches that were supposedly bountiful. The demand in England for glassware was one of the driving forces propelling the venture to this new continent. The necessary raw material for glassware were being depleted and they knew there were limitless opportunities here. As the Jamestown fort was established in the early hardship months, the beginnings of the humble glass business also began. On the grounds of old colonial Jamestown was the ruins of the wood fired glass furnaces. The Virginia Company’s first attempt at industrialization and manufacturing began with glass products using German and Polish artisans. Attempts at glass blowing were made time and again but did not succeed. Italian glassblowers were brought in but the industry once again failed in those rugged times and they abandoned further attempts until much later.

Today kilns of the 17th century have been recreated simulating what they would have looked like. Gas has replaced wood as the fuel. The methods and tools used are closely replicated to the colonial times. It is quite impressive watching the process unfold. The signature pieces that are created every year are outstanding pieces of work and always sold out.

Working the molden glass two workers attach delicate handles to a signature piece

The next time you reach for a drinking glass, a bottle of wine or beer, jar of peanut butter, glass ornament or candle jar, think about humble beginnings nearly 400 years ago when America put its own unique stamp on the industry.

Fast forward to 2012 – Glassware today

Verne Orlosk at her kiln where 'happy accidents' are known to happen on occasion

There is a modern day glass artisan right here in Londonderry to further add a layer to the story. Verne Orlosk is a Fused Glass Artist who teaches her art at the Currier Art Institute in Manchester, NH. With a degree in Fine Arts from Boston University she took a class at the Currier to further her knowledge. Glass was a new medium to Verne. But by the end of the session she was an obvious gifted student and was asked “would you like to teach?” Fifteen years later she is a well-established instructor teaching several mediums at the Institute. Fused glass is her personal studio choice. Using the power of the kiln’s melting process along with various manipulations of powders, frits (crushed glass), and the painterly use of copper wire, Verne works the magic of art and science. Always prepared for a ‘happy accident’ in the end result opening up the kiln is the fun in finding a unique unplanned surprise.

“My first love is drawing” she says showing me into her studio. Many of her pieces reflect this talent as she adds her own uniqueness to the process. Glass powders can actually be layered in a painterly effect with multiple firings showing the depth of various color blending. The process is only limited by the imagination of the artist. “California” she tells me is “where it’s at.” It’s where the most creative use of glass is used, shown, and highly prized in its uniqueness.

A postcard showing signature pieces created by Verne Orlosk

One cannot comprehend the extreme hazards that must have existed in glasshouses throughout the world as experimentation with metals, oxides and volatile substances were used. Trial and error, always the ‘Mother of Invention’ has produced and continues to produce exceptional work. The glass industry can never reproduce the colors of long ago but there continues to be an abundance of quality workmanship. With the essence of past processes fused forever in time new visions today push the medium forward by the hand of the artist.

Debbie Curtin writes stories about people, places, events and other topics of interest that engage the reader. As a member of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, Debbie keeps ‘in the game’ with other like minded people. She has been an artist and creative person all her life and uses the unlimited sources of inspiration that abound everywhere in her writing as another art form.


Located Safe: Kathleen Colburn, 29, last seen in Milford, NH; Manchester Airport

Kathleen Ann Colburn, 29 was located safe in Florida. 12/6/2012




LostNMissing Inc., is an all-volunteer national tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the “code”) and qualifies as a public supported organization under Sections, or Categories: P99 (Human Services – Multipurpose and Other N.E.C.); M99 (Other Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Relief N.E.C.); I01 (Alliance/Advocacy Organizations). LostNMissing is organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. We never charge a fee for our services.


High School Quarter 1 Honor Roll 2012

Did you know…?

Londonderry High School has 36 different athletic teams, ranging from the varsity level to freshman teams, and covering three sports seasons: fall, winter and spring. These teams have claimed titles like the 2012 Division I State Championships in boys’ tennis and the 2012 Division I State Championships in girls’ cross country.

The Lancer Marching Band and Color Guard are nationally renowned, playing in China, events like the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena California, New York’s Saint Partick’s Day Parade, on ice at the Manchester Monarchs hockey games, on the parquet at Boston Celtics games, as well as in the 2009 Presidential Inauguration Parade in Washington DC.

With such a great variety of after-school activities, students still strive for excellence in their academics. Be sure to share this publication with family and friends through many popular social networks by clicking the Share/Save button!

Londonderry High School Honor Roll
Quarter 1
2012 – 2013

High Honors

Grade 9
Victoria Ackley, Nicholas Anderson, Colby Austin, Riley Barton, Declan Battles, Alexis Bertrand, Matthew Bompastore, Courtney Brown, Raimond Chevalier, Malissa Christie, Hannah Cohen, Stephanie Colon, Sarah Countie, Griffin Cowles, Ryan Crowley, Amir Daouk, Emily Dawson, Cameron Dickson, Nicholas Donnelly, Elijah Ellis, Abigail Espaillat, Jacqueline Facendola, Rebecca Feenstra, Logan Ford, Natasha Gallagher, Gianna Galluzzo, John Galluzzo, Zachary Germano, Hailey Gilbert, Katherine Gore, Aanchal Gupta, Madison Harper, Gabrielle Hernandez, Brianna Ho, Jillian Hoffman, Breda Holland, Mae-Lynn Hutchinson, Sarah Jackes, Caitlyn Johnson, Stephany Joncas, Jillian Joubert, Jared Kane, Orianna Kane, Elizabeth Keller, Robert Kilgore, Taylor Krause, Travis LaGree, Susan Lane, Dale Larie, Ethan Lauer, Yini Liang, Nathaniel Livernois, Kayla Lovy, Colleen Lucey, Scott Lynch, Kyle MacKenzie, Elizabeth Mak, Matthew McElrath, Hannah McGrath, Anthony McGray, Erin McKenney, Gabrielle Morris, Liam Murphy, Jillian Murray, Laura Nolan, Allyson O’Neil, Conor O’Regan, Angela Peikert, Rachel Pepin, Hayley Peters, Jessika Pignone, Kelly Plakyda, Daniel Pleva, Evan Plevinsky, Alexander Powers, Karamel Quitayen, Kevin Radzelovage, Nathaniel Robillard, Katherine Ryan, Srishti Sadhir, Shannon Sonia, Thomas Stanley, Kirsten Sweetman, Skyler Tarmey, Anna Tighe, Claire Tighe, Drew Twombly, Luc Velie, Noah Vogler, Joshua Wasserman, Abigeal Wright

Grade 10
Chelsea Austen, Bradley Baldinelli, Cody Ball, Jeffrey Baroody, Jake Barr, Hanna Batchelor, Eryk Bean, Marissa Beaton, Alexis Board, Emma Breslow, Jeffrey Brien, Raquel Brooks, Coleen Burpeau, Meredith Byerly, Christian Calawa, Rebekah Carroll, Emily Casey, Melinda Chan, Jacob Childs, Shannon Coburn, Catherine Collins, Jessica Cournoyer, Jason Cournoyer, Emily Crocetti, Julie Delano, Michael DeRosa, Michael Donovan, Madeleine Doris, Victoria Dumoulin, Eric Fairweather, Ashley Fatur, Mariska Feenstra, Gabrielle Feig, Molly Feldmann, Alyssa Fitzgerald, Christopher Garian, Natalie Howes, Tonya Jiang, Colby Joncas, Casey Keeley, Theodore Keller, Matthew Kennedy, Pran Kerdkrung, Michelle Kerns, Mackenzie Kewley, Michaela Kewley, Alison Kraytenberg, Cameron Letalien, Gabriella Liles, Arianna Liles, Emily McClure, Justine McElman, Madison Milton, Sophia Mirageas, Amanda Mitchell, Andrew Mitchell, Frank Moskal, Kathleen Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Ryan Muse, Katy Nelson, Dorina Neveu, Nicholas Nigro, Jordan O’Donnell, Megan Parrott, Joseph Paulenka, Jacob Peabody, Maria Pento, Margaret Phillips, Robyn Raadmae, Emily Radford, Ian Radloff, Kayla Robbins, Timothy Russell, Alisha Savoy, Nicole Singh, Annika Skov, Kayla Slide, Rachel Stevens, Benjamin Stoller, Kassia Swanson, Caitlin Tanner, Haley Tarbox, Alexis Vaughn, Rebecca Walker, Alex Walter, Keith Weidner

Grade 11
Caroline Aaron, Emily Agostino, Brooke Alpers, Rita Andary, Kaitlin Anderson, Kiley Andrews, Hailey Angione, Hannah Austen, Kristen Bates, William Bates, Brent Beaudoin, Alexa Bedell, Gabrielle Berry, Katherine Biondo, Cailey Blatchford, Andrew Bompastore, Morgan Brady, Samuel Breslow, Nicholas Brodeur, Merissa Brousseau, Robert Brown, Matthew Brown, Hannah Brownstein, Andrew Brunelle, Cassandra Burbine, Brittany Burk, Jaimee Cava, William Chen, Stephany Christie, Angela Ciarletta, Katelyn Cintron, Hemenway Coburn, Andrew Collins, Erin Conti, Shannon Corcoran, Anissa Cote, Timothy Court, Robert DelSignore, Bridget Deyeso, Makayla D’Urso, Audrey Eccles, Lyndsey England, Brendan Enwright, Brett Evangelista, Andrea Falcon Leal, Alana Fanaritis, Tianna Federico, Brianna Ferraro, Alexander Forgues, Maria Gagliardi, Christian Gamache, Emily Georgakopoulos, Faith Giguere, Victoria Goggin, Daniel Haas, Curtis Harper, Dakota Hayes, Ryan Hennessey, Isabella Hernandez, Maeve Holland, Sarah Ijaz, Jacob Jaehne, Amanda Jeanty, Hannah Johnson, Jonathan Keating, Jaime King, Omer Klaen, Adam LaFleur, Nora Lane, Kaylin LaPointe, Samantha Larkin, Cassidy Litch, Alaric Liu, Christopher Livernois, Hanna Lundgren, Marc Lussier, Samantha MacKenzie, John Magrath, Kaitlin Mak, Mallory Manning, Jordan Marett, Kelly Marko, David Marks, Stephen Marzik, Justin Mayer, Allison McCarthy, Joseph McGrath, Matthew McGrath, Dillon McKay, Matthew McKinney, Shannon Meeks, Lindsey Michalewicz, Mary Miller, Ana Milosavljevic, Alden Milton, Sean Montibello, Caroline Muse, Clarissa Navarro, Ashley Nelan, Emma Nelson, Matthew Nolan, Gina Occhipinti, Meghan O’Regan, Jillian O’Rourke, Gabrielle Owens, Benjamin Parker, Ann Payneau, Stephanie Pestka, Grant Peters, Naomi Phillips, Kyrsten Pizani, Casey Plummer, Joshua Pouliot, Gabriella Pucciarelli, Kylee Quitayen, Kimberly Radzelovage, Lauren Reinhold, Hannah Rettig, Brooke Robinson, Marissa Russell, Mitchell Schirch, Simone Selover, Anna Shveshkeyev, Hannah Solomons, Danielle Souza, Connor Student, Blair Swasey, Natasha Telschow, Nikolas Theodhosi, Amelia Tighe, Laura Troisi, Brooke Tulley, Jordan Tutt, Andrew VanSchalkwyk, Andrew Vivian, Kai Volkers, Nicholas Yennaco, Kelli Zaino, Brandon Zalinsky

Grade 12
Thomas Abruzese, Benjamin Ackley, Kyra Angione, Katie Aramento, Jenica Arsenault, Farrah Ashe, Nicole Aubrey, Emily Austin, Adrian Baker, Emily Balke, Cory Baum, Michael Bears, Rachel Beaton, Brandon Beaudoin, Kimberly Behrens, Andrew Beliveau, Zachary Bisson, Scott Bonfanti, Stephanie Borjeson, Devin Boyle, Serina Brenner, Kyle Brodeur, Myranda Brodsky, Katlyn Brutus, Shannon Burke, Jordan Burnell, Caitlin Burns, Shane Butters, Taryn Caito, Sean Cardwell, Briana Carlson, Stevee Carollo, Erin Casey, Tomas Ceron, Aimee Charest, Jennifer Chouinard, Anthony Colameta, Matthew Cooper, Sydney Countie, Justin Cournoyer, Cassandra Cronin, Michael Crouse, Lucas Crowley, Bridget Crowley, Rachel Cummings, Driss Dallahi, Samantha Danis, Amanda DePasquale, Jacob Deschamps, Kenneth Desmarais, Ethan Doherty, Katharine Duffy, John Dunn, Victoria Durrett, Katherine Dzenis, Melanie Eccles, Haley Enos, Madison Enos, Kirsten Enwright, Mary Espaillat, Jennifer Facendola, Anthony Ferrara, Jessica Fleet, Sarah Ford, Daniel Freda, Lydia Gallup, Dominic Galluzzo, Jacqueline Geisler, Eric Gesualdo, Taylor Glynn, John Gomes, Jennifer Goodwin, Alexander Gray, William Gu, Sandy Guenther, Hans Gui, Alexander Hadley, Amanda Haggerty, Alexander Hale, Tyler Hamsmith, Julia Heffernan, Sarah Henault, Lauren Holahan, Dylan Holland, Jenna Horne, Alexander Horton, Savanna Illinger, Danielle Jellison, Andrew Johnson, Abigail Joy, Rebecca Kahn, Meghan Kelly, Colleen Kennedy, Drew Kennedy, Jesse Kruszka, Ryan Lacey, Amy Lagasse, Sydney Lagueux, Jessica LaPlante, Katherine Lasocki, Julia Lasyone, Joshua Leahy, Kelsey LeBlanc, Alexa LeBrun, Jaclyn Lecaroz, Zachary Lee, Danielle Lewis, Tyler Litch, Cameron Lombardi, Marissa Lucci, Katherine Lynch, Shirley Maczko, Mary Madison, Kathleen Maggio, Elisa Magrath, Nicole Maio, Kyle Maley, Kailey Martin, Lauren Mattucci, Harrison Max, Mark McCarthy, Margaret McGarry, Morgan McGrath, Cameron McInnis, Kevin McIntire, Kyleigh McMullen, Lexann Mecklenborg, Eric Mehm, Lorrin Melanson, Andrew Mitchell, Christian Mitchell, Megan Moran, Eric Morin, Jessica Morrissette, Anthony Novelli, Mary Osgood, Mary Ouellette, Melanie Packard, Sirena Paiva, Christen Palange, Michael Paquette, Morgan Parr, Emily Parrott, Ian Perry, John Perry, Stephanie Peters, Gregory Pfalzgraf, Melissa Plakyda, Gabriel Quimpo, Brandon Roche, Alissa Rogers, Britney Rose, Alexander Roy, Andrea Ruge, Shannelle Ruggiero, Tori Sailor, Matthew Selinka, David Sharkey, Lydia Simmons, Eric Smith, Keegan Smith, Erin St. Peter, Emma Stepanik, Amanda Szymanski, Amanda Tarquinio, Alexis Thornton, Sarah Townsend-Phillips, Erin Twombly, Michelle Vecchione, Kassiana Viaud, Katrina Viaud, Michael Vitale, Sabrina Wallace, Rebecca Wallace, Troy Ward, Julia Wasserman, Jessica Waters, Jake Welch, Allison White, Brittany Witherell, Stephen Wong, Allison Yennaco, Alysa Zamora, Katherine Zheng

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