Londonderry Country Club Offers Free Golf to Girls

Londonderry Country Club will offer a free golf clinic for daughters age 8 through 16 on Thursday, July 11, 2013 from 1 PM to 2 PM during “Take your daughter to the course week!” The clinic will offer a great opportunity for parents to introduce their daughters to the game of golf.

In addition to the clinic, Londonderry Country Club will offer free golf to daughters ages 8 to 16 from Monday, July 8th through Sunday, July 14th, 2013 when accompanied by a paying parent. These promotions are part of the national “Take your daughter to the course week!” which is sponsored by the National Golf Course Owners Association.

Golf is a healthy, individual sport that can be enjoyed by girls throughout their lifetime. This is a great opportunity to introduce your daughter to the game of golf, or to continue to encourage an already interested player.

Londonderry Country Club is an 18-hole executive golf course with a course layout designed to accommodate every golfer’s skill level, translating to a rewarding and challenging golfing experience for even the most avid players.

Londonderry Country Club is located in North Londonderry 1 ½ miles from Route 128. For further information please call the Pro Shop at 603-432-9789 or visit their website.


Reds Take Championship Title

The Londonderry Athletic Field Association Majors team the Reds took home the Championship title this year. Members of the team include Josh Berube, Evan Cormier, Ryan Dooley, Ryan Lowe, Zack Luongo, Reece Manor, Josh Morin, Cam Ness, AJ Thistle, Shane White, Nick Wood, and Jake Wrobel. The Reds were coached by Greg Thistle, Mark White and Jamie Wood.

Front Row (L to R): Zack Luongo, Shane White, Nick Wood, Ryan Dooley, Ryan Lowe, and Cam Ness. Back Row (L to R): Coach Greg Thistle, Josh Morin, Coach Mark White, Josh Berube, AJ Thistle, Jake Wrobel, Evan Cormier, and Coach Jamie Wood. Reece Manor not pictured.



New Beginnings in Londonderry


I’ve known all week that my title for this week would be New Beginnings… I’ve been scratching little notes here and there so let’s get going!

Did you realize we have two new stores in our town and both opened within the last month!  How Great Is That!  Remember Visit Londonderry, your Commerce and Visitors center is here to promote all of our businesses profit and nonprofits.   Our mission is to bring new businesses and families to our area and to let everyone know all the great things we have right in our own backyard.

Stop in and Welcome Sweet Kiwi and The Dollar Store.  We are so lucky to have both of these businesses in our town.  Now we have to remember to support them, stop in and tell other people they are here.

Sweet Kiwi is truly one of the happiest, most welcoming, bright, clean, and dear me, from what I’ve heard most delicious places in Londonderry!  Two friends Desty Masucci and Laura Calamari had a dream of starting their own Frozen Yogurt Business.  I forgot to ask where the name came from.  I love the name and it somehow draws me in.  Once you get inside you will see how fitting the name is.  Now I can promise you, I have been to many yogurt places here and in Canada too!  Frozen yogurt is a favorite of Meredith and Mackensie’s.  Each place looks nice, but Sweet Kiwi blew my socks off!

Inviting to sit and relax, beyond anything I have seen!  Lights in the shapes of flowers, artistic but fun tables and chairs, you know I could go on and on!  Eight frozen yogurt flavors that are made each day right there in their shop and every topping you can imagine!

Another very important part for me is who’s waiting by the counter when you walk-in.  The three faces that greeted me were as bright and sunny as Sweet Kiwi itself!  Erin, who is Desty’s daughter, Margaret and Evelyn.  Dear goodness they weren’t looking at their cell phones or texting either, which let’s face it, we see in way to many places today!  No cell phones in sight, just bright happy, look you in the eye, how can we help you smiles!

I’m sorry but it drives me nutty when I see cell phones out, messy appearance, pants hanging on the bum, and gauges here and nose rings there.  I find it all fascinating, but not when someone is providing me a service.  Now I know that might ruffle some feathers, “but I’m just saying”, things that you might think are an expression of the “real you” when you are young might make it really difficult to get a professional job when they are older.  That’s a story for another road I guess.  You will love everything about Sweet Kiwi and that’s a promise.  We’ll be heading back in today.

Now I love when this happens…. Our house phone just rang and it was Trisha from Ark Animal Homecare that I told you about a few weeks back.  I’m embarrassed to say I needed to pay my bill for Shea’s medication!  It slipped my mind, the bill is in a pile somewhere, so I left a message asking them to give me a call.  As Trisha and I were talking about their On The Road story, I asked her to let me know if she hears of any businesses I should tell you about.  She said “well today I’m taking a dear friend to a new yogurt place in Londonderry, something Kiwi”.   Of course I jumped in to say, “Trisha that’s what I’m writing about right now!”  Then I told her that they should stop in the new Dollar Store too!

Now I have to tell you about our new Dollar $1 store in town!!!!!  I could have kissed the owners Ivi and Ray for opening this store!  I love Dollar $1 stores and I seek them out at various times, but I always have to drive outside of our town to find one…. Not Any More!!!!   Ivi has brought to us a real dollar store.  The first thing I checked was is it going to be one of those so called dollar stores that advertise, $1 but then charge 3, 4 even 5 dollars for many items.  Not at all!  Everything is a dollar and the quality is over the top!  One thing I always love to get at a dollar store is balloons.

I’m sure many of you, like me know how hard it is to find balloons in this area at a fair price.  I hate paying 2 something a balloon or even more.  Not anymore!  They have every party need you can think of and a beautiful selection of balloons… yes for a dollar!  Pauline who works with Ivi, told me they even have the latex balloons, 2 for a $1.  Our Dollar store is the nicest one I have ever been in!  Like yogurt shops I seldom miss stopping by one.

Bright, clean, welcoming, same words again.  This is another family run business, they are taking a chance on us, and we need to support them!  Plus it will save you so much money.  To cute you can take the money you save at the $1 store and buy yourself a treat at Sweet Kiwi!  I saw so many things I loved and you will too!  Nice quality kitchen tools, cleaning supplies, toys, food items all in nice wide aisles, neat and inviting.  Bring your little ones in, they will be welcomed.  When the girls were little, even not that little really, I would love to be able to give them a dollar and tell them they could pick something out while I shopped.  It’s a win win for everyone!

Pauline showed me beautiful bracelets that they have in many styles that kids of all ages can buy charms for.  So neat to think that they could buy a new charm at each visit really.  They are right at the register, yes for only a dollar.  Oh, I’m heading back in our Dollar$1 Store today too.  I saw the cutest gift bag for the arrival of a new baby.  Precious!  We are all in holding mode in our house for a beautiful new gift to the world named Quinn.

As we talked about their new business they stressed that they are here for our community, too.  They want to be involved.  They are planning a Grand Opening Event, July 20th, probably in the afternoon, and they will be doing this with our Visit Londonderry member, Edible Arrangements, right next door to them!  Again, that’s what I love about Visit Londonderry, members working together, helping each other and supporting the community!  Oh I don’t think I made it clear but our new Dollar Store is located in the back section of our Crossroads Plaza.   Great parking too, which I always love.

Please stop in both of these new businesses and welcome them to our town.  If you think of it mention On The Road with Sherry too, and please if you have other ideas for places I should visit please let me know!

Now I have to mention one more great place I visited this week too, Martinelli Travel.  Faye and Bert Sell the owners, of Martinelli Travel, have had their business in town for over 25 years.  They raised their family here and have done so much to support and help our community behind the scenes, too!  Martinelle Travel has moved from the Shaw’s plaza, again where they have been for all these years, to the Papa Gino’s Plaza.  A huge loss for the Shaw’s Plaza.  Now they are right next to Integrity Fitness Center.  Roco the owner of Integrity must be so happy to have them there.  Two great businesses next to each other!

I popped in on Michelle Frawley who has worked at Martinelli Travel for 18 years now.  Michelle took the time to show me around, and it is breathtaking!  Stop by and you’ll see what I mean.   One thing I have always loved is that Faye has chocolate treats placed around the office so that you can relax and enjoy as you learn about all the places that await you.

This is a beautiful new beginning for Martinelli Travel and for Londonderry, too.

Remember, that our strawberry picking days are coming to an end, but now Blueberry picking will begin!  I love driving by Sunny Crest Farm and seeing everyone out there picking fresh berries.  We are just lucky to be living here in Londonderry!

On that note too, a dear friend was visiting from New Jersey, Sandy Q and she said to me “you are so lucky to be here in New Hampshire”, she gave many reasons but one big one was that here in NH we can celebrate holidays with fireworks in our own backyards.  In most other states around us fireworks are illegal.  Even small sparklers are against the law.

Live Free or Die…. New Hampshire, our State, our Pride!

….and to my Italian reader….. “Grazie”

With A Grateful Heart and A New Beginning   Sherry<3


Ps.  John and I just drove by Gigi’s Cuisine, it’s Saturday morning now, I didn’t know they started their ice cream stand!  It’s the best ice cream around, it comes from Annabelle’s in Portsmouth.   Gigi and Bill wanted to bring us the best flavored homemade ice cream, and that’s what they did.  We are Lucky again!

The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60′s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Sherry is an account manager for the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center.  You can follow her at Twitter.com/Sherry_CVC

You can visit the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center, where “Business is Good. Life is Better!”


Summer Fun Run Series Takes Off Under Threatening Skies

In spite of the rain, 198 hardy runners signed on to the series.  The Greater Derry Track Club’s 39nd annual Kids Summer Fun Run returned to the Pinkerton Academy Track in Derry, NH.  Under threatening skies, the occasional rain shower did not stop hundreds who came out to run.  Donations of a nonperishable food product are requested of each runner at each session of the five-week series to help restock the local food banks.  At the first session, 245 pounds of food were taken to St. Thomas’s Food Pantry in Derry.

The children are lead in stretching exercises and given running tips by GDTC members.  The 2-3 year-olds run 50 meters, 4-6 year-olds run 200 meters, 7-8 years-old run 300 meters, 9-10 year-olds run the 600 meters and the 11-13 year-olds run the cross country mile.  Those 14 years old and older run the open mile on the track, bringing out local high school elite runners.

Children receive participation ribbons each week supplied by the Derry Recreation Department.  Water, Gatorade, and watermelon are supplied each week.  Runners who complete the series will receive medals and T-shirts from GDTC.  For more information and pictures go to: www.gdtc.org

Boys Girls
9 year olds
1.  Kyle Santangelo  (Derry) 1.  Grace McDonough (Londonderry)
2.  Zach Youksette (Chester) 2.  Marisa Preble (Hampstead)
3.  Zachary McDarby (Candia) 3.  Kristina Packwesky (Hampstead)
10 year olds
1.  Brody Burke (Hudson) 1.  Grace Holland (Londonderry)
2.  Trevor Demers (Auburn) 2.  Karolyn Wright(Chester)
3.  Willian D’Amico (Bedford) 3.  Sarah Corbett (Litchfield)
11 year olds
1.  Henry Hood (Derry) 1.  Lea Baum (Londonderry)
2.  Nolan Preble (Hampstead) 2.  Jasmine Brown (Londonderry)
3. Emily Powers ( Londonderry )
12 year olds
1.  Conrad Demers (Auburn) 1. Nicole Alves (Derry)
2.  Ethan Desmarais (Chester) 2.  Julia Youkstetteir (Chester)
3.  Walker Stinson (Chester) 3.  Samantha Hinton (Hampstead)
13 year olds
1.  Richard D’Amico (Bedford) 1.  Adrianne Sull (Chester)
2.  Priscilla Ong (Derry)
3. Katelyn Mckivergan (Londonderry)

The series continues on July 11, 18, 25, and August 1, 2013 at the Pinkerton Academy Track in Derry.  Registration is at 6:00 p.m. and the races start at 6:30 p.m.  Please bring nonperishable food items to restock food pantries in greater Derry.


THE FIXX and HOLLY WILLIAMS Just Booked! Exceptional Comedy this Saturday

ALBERT CUMMINGS- Only 20 tickets remain!
CHRIS SMITHER – Only 38 tickets remain!
BIG COUNTRY – Selling Fast!
DAVID BROMBERG – Selling Fast!
SHAWN MULLINS – Only 14 tickets remain!
SMOKIN JOE KUBEK – Only 22 tickets remain!
THE BODEANS – Selling Fast!
JOHN MAYALL – Selling Fast!
THE TUBES – Only 40 tickets remain!

Our Air Conditioning will be cranked up for this special Saturday night comedy show featuring Tony V and Carolyn Plummer. This is going to be a hysterical show.

Frank Vignola & Vinny Raniolo are some of the most extraordinary guitarists performing before the public today. Frank’s stunning virtuosity has made him the guitarist of choice for many of the world’s top musicians, including Ringo Starr, Madonna, Donald Fagen, Wynton Marsalis, Tommy Emmanuel, Mark O’Connor, the Boston Pops, the New York Pops, and guitar legend Les Paul, who named Vignola to his “Five Most Admired Guitarists List” for the Wall Street Journal. Vinny Raniolo at the age of 28 has already proved himself to be among the elite having performed and recorded with Bucky Pizzareli, Tommy Emmanuel and David Grisman just to name a few.
Since Frank and Vinny teamed up in 2008 they have performed over 1000 shows at some of the most prestigious concert halls and festivals in the world including the Sydney Opera house, Lincoln Center, Liverpool Philharmonic, Quebec Music Festival and Italy’s Teatro Olimpico. Their jaw dropping technique and incredible showmanship explains why the New York Times deemed them, “—-stars of Guitar.” LISTEN

August 6 THE FIXX
The 80’s produced some great band. The FIXX is one of them. After seminal hits such as “One Things Leads to Another,” “Red Skies,” “Saved By Zero” and “Stand or Fall,” The Fixx has always been very conscious of making sure it had something to say. Their live performances are great. This band hasn’t missed a beat in 30 years! LISTEN

Part of the key to Holly Williams’ success as a singer-songwriter is that it’s never been her mission to try and live up to the legacy cast by her famous and prolific father and grandfather – Hank Jr. and Sr., respectively – nor has she spent a lot of time trying to live it down. The respect that Holly has garnered as an artist over the course of many years spent building an international fan base, and the release of two acclaimed albums, 2004’s The Ones We Never Knew (Universal South) and 2009’s Here With Me (Mercury Records), has come on her own terms, based on her own sound. Indeed, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a last name is just a last name. LISTEN


LAFA All Star Team Begins Summer Tournament Season

The 11-Year old LAFA all-star team enjoyed a successful start to their summer tournament season by finishing in second place at the inaugural LAFA Invitational Tournament last week.  Team members include:  Sean Cavanaugh, Nick Cote, Jack Dingman Ryan Dooley, Ben Doris, Tyler Kayo, Nolan Lincoln, Zack Luongo, Reece Manor, Alex Peters, Jeremy Roberts, Jake Slide, and Zach St. Hilaire.

The team started off the tournament with a 15-5 win against Youngsville.  Tyler Kayo pitched 4 innings.  The last two innings were split between Reece Manor and Jack Dingman.  Tyler helped his cause going 2-3 at the plate and Ben Doris scored 3 runs.

Londonderry met Dover in the next match with Nolan Lincoln pitching 3 innings and Jack Dingman closing out a 17-3 win.  Offensive highlights include Zack Luongo 1-3 with a double and 3 runs scored, Jeremy Roberts 1-2 and 3 runs scored, Jacob Slide 1-2 with 2 RBI and 3 runs scored, and Zack St. Hilaire 1-1 (double) 2 walks and 1 RBI.

Londonderry beat Dracut 9-5 In the final game of pool play.  Tyler Kayo and Jack Dingman took the mound.  The team displayed good plate discipline by taking the Dracut pitchers deep in the count and earning numerous walks.  Sean Cavanaugh went 1-2 (single) with a run scored.

Londonderry beat Barrington 8-2 in the first round of elimination play.  Reece Manor and Ben Doris had strong pitching performances in this hard fought battle.  Nick Cote went 1-3 with 1 run scored, Ben Doris 1-3 with 1 run scored, Alexander Peters 1-2 with 1 run scored, and Zack St. Hilaire scored 2 runs off 2 walks.

The team fell in the championship match 6-12 to Hudson. Tyler Kayo, Jack Dingman, and Reece Manor pitched.  Zack Luongo went 2-3 with 2 runs scored, Tyler Kayo went 2-3 with 1 run scored and Jeremy Roberts went 2-3.

Throughout the tournament, Ryan Dooley anchored the Londonderry defense catching every inning of play.  Ryan framed pitches, threw out runners, handled numerous plays at home and was a rock behind the plate.