Safety and Sobriety Checkpoint at I89, Route 3A and Hall St./Bow

On Saturday, August 23rd the New Hampshire State Police, Troop D, conducted a Safety and Sobriety Checkpoint at the intersection of I89, Route 3A and Hall St. in Bow. State Troopers screened 175 vehicles, which yielded 5 arrests: 2 for Driving Under the Influence, 1 for Possession of Controlled Drugs, 1 for Operating After Suspension (DUI) and 1 Warrant Arrest for Criminal Trespass. In addition, 1 intoxicated passenger was taken into Protective Custody.

The New Hampshire State Police is committed to taking an aggressive stance in utilizing Safety and Sobriety Checkpoints as a tool to deter, detect, and apprehend persons while driving when intoxicated. New Hampshire has some of the most aggressive laws in the country to fight the intoxicated driver and we are dedicated to using those tools to their full extent to make sure our citizens and visitors are safe when operating their vehicles on our roadways.


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? To Make a Political Statement.

The man in the chicken suit was arrested during this year's Old Home Day Parade. Photo credit: Jamie Reynolds.

A man in a chicken suit was arrested for disorderly conduct at this year’s Londonderry Old Home Day Parade on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Reports indicate that the man, 23-year-old Michael Zona, was trying to send a political message by following Senator Jeanne Shaheen along the parade route. It was reported that he was trying to send the message that Shaheen was “too chicken to hold town meetings.”

Kathy Wagner, Chair of the Old Home Day Committee, states that she, along with several others, saw the chicken at the start of the parade route. He was told to leave and his sign was taken away by Rick Mansfield, the parade Chairman, Wagner states. “We then saw the chicken run off and thought it was gone. About 10 minutes later, Rick got a call that the chicken was back in the parade near Senator Shaheen.”

Zona was seen carrying this sign, which Old Home Day organizers were able to take away from him, before the start of the parade.

Zona, who acts as the Operations Coordinator for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, was seen later as the parade approached the high school. Steve Young, School Board Member, saw him running up the pathway while he was in the parade. “We were three or four units behind the Senator. He ran across the road from the fire house side in front of Dan Lekas another School Board Member and I, Dan made a joke about ‘now we know why the chicken crossed the road, to get to the other side of the parade,’” said Young.

Police reported they received several complaints of a man in a chicken suit running in and out of the parade route in the area of the Governor and Senator Shaheen. Zona was warned multiple times to stay out of the parade before he was apprehended. He was escorted from the parade route and was ultimately handcuffed. Wagner added, “The police did a really nice job because I think most of the people watching the parade didn’t even know what was happening, they did it so discretely.”

Zona was charged with the misdemeanor of disorderly conduct, was released on a hand summons, and will appear in court in September. But he still defends his actions. “I believe that Senator Jeanne Shaheen should be holding town halls and I have a First Amendment right to express that point of view,” he was quoted as saying. “I wasn’t bothering anyone. I wasn’t disturbing anyone. In fact, I got a good deal of encouragement from people along the parade route.”

Be sure to listen to the audio clip below of the arrest! Please note, the clip has been edited to remove dead air and unrelated police calls.


Londonderry Police Log

Police Logs for 7/20/2014-6/27/2014

On Sunday, July 27th, two arrests were made after a motor vehicle stop in Londonderry. Zachary Terrell of Windham was arrested by Londonderry Police and charged with driving after revocation or suspension, open container of alcohol, possession of drugs in a motor vehicle, aggravated driving while intoxicated, disobeying an officer, and equipment violations. The 24 year old’s bail was set at $2,500 pr and also the $40.00 bail commissioner’s fee. He is now scheduled to be arraigned in Derry District Court on August 11th.

Shaun Cooper of Derry was the passenger in the vehicle. The 24 year old was charged with possession of  controlled/narcotic drugs and an open container of alcohol as well. His bail was set at $1,000 pr plus the $40.00 bail commissioner’s fee. He is scheduled to be arraigned in Derry District Court on August 25, 2014.



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Multiple People Arrested at Nashua DMV

The New Hampshire State Police arrested two subjects today at the Nashua Department of Motor Vehicles after learning that they had presented false documents in order to obtain New Hampshire driver licenses.

Troopers from New Hampshire State Police Troop G were alerted that a subject claiming to be Jose Miguel Alvarado, age 25, of Peabody, MA had used a false identity and fraudulent documents in an attempt to obtain a New Hampshire driver license.  Alvarado was arrested for multiple counts of Tampering with Public Records and Unsworn Falsification.  Members of Troop G are still working to ascertain Alvarado’s true identity and encourage anyone with information to contact Sergeant Andrew Player at (603) 223-8778.

Alvarado’s accomplice, Leisa Yarelis Tejeda Pimentel, age 24, of Peabody, MA was arrested for multiple counts of Tampering with Public Records, Unsworn Falsification, and Conspiracy to commit Unsworn Falsification.  It was revealed during the investigation that Tejeda Pimentel had also used a false identity and fraudulent documents in order to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license after illegally entering the country from the Dominican Republic.

Both Alvarado and Tejeda Pimentel were taken into custody at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nashua, NH.  Alvarado was held without bail pending an arraignment in the 9th Circuit – District Division – Nashua Court on August 6, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.  Tejeda Pimentel was held on $5,000 bail pending an arraignment in the 9th Circuit – District Division – Nashua Court on August 6, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

The New Hampshire State Police Troop G was assisted by members of the New Hampshire State Police Troop B, Nashua Police Department, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles.


Londonderry Man Arrested for Attempting to Poison Drinking Water

On Wednesday July 30, 2014, Manchester Police arrested Wayne Hasnohorse, 48, of Londonderry based on a felony warrant for two charges of Attempted First Degree Assault. The victims alleged that he made comments towards them regarding killing them by poisoning them. The next morning the victims noticed that their drinking water in the refrigerator had a strong chemical odor coming from it. A field test was done by Londonderry Fire Department that revealed an unknown chemical compound present in the drinking water. Information was obtained that Hasnohorse was attempting to purchase a bus ticket to leave the State. He was arrested and he refused the services of a Bail Commissioner. Hasnohorse is due back in the 10th Circuit Court in Derry, NH on August 7, 2014 at 0930 hours. Any questions can be directed to Detective Christopher Olson at 603-432-1118 or via email at .


Reckless Driving Arrest

On August 1, 2014 at approximately 0705 hours, TFC Gary Ingham, NH State Police-Troop A, was on routine patrol on Route 101 westbound in the Town of Exeter, NH.  He observed a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed.  TFC Ingham was able to determine that the speed of the motorcycle was 125 m.p.h.  TFC Ingham and Trooper Jeffrey Costa were able to stop the motorcyclist a short time later as it was necessary for him to slow down in heavy traffic.

The operator of the 1989 Suzuki GSX750 motorcycle was identified as Stephen G. Brown, age 48, of Merrimack, NH.  Brown was arrested for reckless operation.

Brown is due to appear in the 10th Circuit Court-Brentwood District on September 25th.   Anyone with information pertaining to this incident is asked to contact TFC Gary Ingham, NH State Police- Troop A at (603)223-8490.