NH Fish and Game Issues Warning About Life-Threatening Polar Plunge Activities

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department today issued an urgent warning about potential danger associated with a statewide, social media-driven craze enticing teens to jump into frigid icy waters. Responding to the “Polar Plunge” dare, young people are jumping, dressed only in summer swimwear and without life vests, into frigid New Hampshire lakes and ponds, as well as fast-flowing rivers and streams coursing with snow melt. An insidious aspect of the trend is that participating youth must dare five other youth to take part, creating a fast-growing phenomenon with enormous potential for tragic outcomes.

Recent information received by the Fish and Game Department indicated that today (April 14, 2014), a large number of North Country youth had reportedly made plans to jump into the raging Connecticut River. Right now, the Connecticut River is boiling with fast, high water from the spring snow melt, with chunks of ice and debris coursing past.

Members of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Dive Team, who are responsible for drowning recovery operations in the state, are very concerned about the unsanctioned Polar Plunge activities youth are engaging in. “We are strongly urging youth not to participate, and we are asking families and community members to stay alert,” said Conservation Officer and Fish and Game Dive Team Member Glenn Lucas. “The potential for life-threatening incidents to occur, because of the Polar Plunge trend, is huge.”

Lucas noted that even when ice is not visible on top of the water, there can be ice below that can easily cause a slip into dangerous fast-moving water. In one recent incident recorded on Facebook, two New Hampshire teenage girls jumped into Garland Brook in Lancaster, slipped on the ice and were nearly swept into the current without life jackets.

According to the N.H. Marine Patrol, immersion in cold water can quickly render even a good swimmer helpless within minutes. Even short amounts of time exposed to the rigors of frigid water can exacerbate hypothermic effects. Hypothermia is an abnormally low body temperature, often caused by prolonged exposure to cold. Symptoms of hypothermia can include shivering, a lack of fine or gross motor skills, slurred speech, stumbling, confusion, poor decision making, drowsiness or low energy, apathy, loss of consciousness, weak pulse and/or shallow breathing. Those suffering from the effects of hypothermia may not be aware this is taking place. A person experiencing hypothermia while in the water is at a greater risk of injury or drowning.


Londonderry Woman to Run 2014 Boston Marathon!

Sarah McKitterick has been hard at work training throughout the winter getting ready to run the 118th Boston Marathon in support of the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress and their mission of promoting acceptance and inclusion. Sarah has set a fundraising goal of $5000 for the MDSC’s critical programs and services.

Over the past year and a half, Ms. McKitterick has worked closely with the MDSC through her work as Community Relations Manager at Boston Ballet’s Department of Education and Community Initiatives. One of the department’s programs, Adaptive Dance, provides creative movement to individuals with Down syndrome ages 2 through adult, and many of the students involved have found support through the MDSC.

Through the program, she had the opportunity to work with the MDSC and was consistently impressed by the depth and breadth of the services that they provide to ensure that individuals with Down syndrome are valued, included, and given the opportunities to pursue fulfilling lives.

Inspired by the individuals involved in Adaptive Dance and in the MDSC, Ms. McKitterick was moved to run the Boston Marathon in their honor in 2013, but due to the tragic events on April 15, was unable to finish the race.

But thanks to the Boston Athletic Association, she has been given a second chance to finish on April 21, 2014 and is looking forward to finishing strong.

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Solicitation Warning to Residents

The Londonderry Fire Department and Town Hall are aware that there is a company or individual who is soliciting funds and donations. They are implying that they are a representative of the Londonderry Fire Department. The Londonderry Fire Department however is not holding any fundraisers or making any calls. If you receive or have received  a phone call, you are urged to call and report it to the Londonderry Fire Department immediately, along with any other information you might have. (603)432-1124.


Spring Fling with Tony Pace!

The Rotary Club of Londonderry is presenting “Spring Fling” with Tony Pace. It will take place Friday, April 18th at 8:00p.m at The Yard Restaurant in Manchester, NH. Enjoy an evening of music, comedy, live auction, raffle, and food! This will benefit local charities, including Liberty House and the Sonshine Soup Kitchen. Tickets are available. General admission tickets are $40 each, and inner circle tickets are $50 each. Make sure you reserve tables of 8 to 10 people ahead of time!

To reserve your tickets or for more information about purchasing tickets, contact Claudia Charbonneau (603) 425-4532 or Deb Waitt (603) 490-6133.


Register for Local Golf Tournament!

Sign up for the 6th Annual Golf Tournament and help support the Londonderry Lancer Athletic Alumni! The event will take place on June 20, 2014 at the Windham Country Club. Check-in time is 12:30pm and Shot Gun Start is at 1:30pm. Golfer registration for 1 golfer is $125.00. This event includes 18 holes to golf, a golf car, driving range use, a light lunch, dinner and prizes! For anymore information on the Golf Tournament or to register click here.


Position for Board of Director Member

The Merrimack Valley Water District is seeking individuals to serve as their appointed member on the Pennichuck Corporation Board of Directors.

The responsibilities will include a commitment to oversee of the company’s business operations, financial performance, compensation and benefits and to ensure stable management and business continuity.

Board members must exercise sound business judgement and be able to maintain familiarity with the company’s operations and senior management, read and understand information prepared by management and other board members, and attend regularly scheduled and special board meetings.

The position requires experience business manage, water resources, watershed planning or alike. The Merrimack Valley Water District is made up of a number of communities and is focused on securing the long term water needs for the region.

Compensation is $12,000 per year.

Anyone interested should send a cover letter and resume, no later than April 30, 201, to:

Merrimack Valley Water District

C/O Rick Sawyer

Town of Bedford

24 North Amherst Street

Bedford, NH 03110