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Rotary Club to Sponsor Blood Drive

The Londonderry Rotary Club will be hosting a blood drive, in conjunction with the American Red Cross. Scheduled to take place Monday, July 25, 2011 from 2 PM until 7 PM, the blood drive will be held at the Londonderry High School.

Appointments are recommended and can be scheduled by calling the American Red Cross at 1-800-RED-CROSS. As always, walk-ins are welcome.

Be sure to stop by the high school, located at 295 Mammoth Road, between 2 PM and 7 PM Monday, July 25, 2011!

All donors will receive a coupon for a free carton of Friendly’s ice cream, an American Red Cross/Red Sox t-shirt and will have the chance to win two Boston Red Sox tickets and to be honored on the field as the Blood Donor of the Game.


FBI Warns About Skimming Schemes

ATM users and bank customers should be aware of a scheme called “skimming”, warns the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Skimming involves placing an electronic device on ATMs that takes information from the bank cards’ magnetic strips whenever the machine is used. The scheme is a growing problem that costs banks hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

How it Works

The skimming devices are made by criminals who have become adept at creating them and are often created so well, they blend right into the ATM’s facade. The devices are often realistic-looking card readers that have been placed over the factory-installed card readers. Customers insert their cards into the fake readers and their account information is swiped and stored on a small attached laptop computer or sent wirelessly to the criminals waiting nearby.

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The scheme may also include hidden cameras, which are installed near or on the ATM to record the customers entering their PINs on the keypad. Some schemes have used a phony keypad placed over the top of the real one to record the keystrokes of the customers, rather than a hidden camera.

These devices are usually installed for only a short time, usually just a few hours, so they’re often attached with nothing more than double-sided tape. They are then removed by the criminals, who download the stolen information and use it to create fake bank cards. These cards are used to remove money from the victims’ accounts at other ATMs.

Skimming is not just limited to ATMs. The FBI has also seen cases that involved gas pumps and other point-of-sale locations where customers swipe their cards and enter their PIN.

How to Avoid Being Skimmed

  • Inspect the ATM, gas pump, or credit card reader before using it.
  • Be suspicious if the machine has anything loose, crooked or damaged or if you notice any scratches or adhesive or tape residue.
  • When entering PINs, block the keypad with your other hand to prevent a possible hidden camera from recording your number.
  • Whenever possible, use an ATM in an inside location, where there is less access for criminals to install skimmers.
  • Be careful of ATMs in tourist locations, they are a popular target of skimmers.
  • If your card isn’t returned after the transaction or after hitting “cancel”, immediately contact the financial institution that issued the card.

To read more about the investigations and recent cases, click Read More! Click here to view the press release from the FBI.

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Fish and Game to Hold Public Meeting Regarding Fishing Rule Changes

A public hearing held at the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department on July 26, 2011 will focus on some proposed changes to the state’s freshwater fishing rules for the year 2012. The meeting, to be held at 6:30 PM, will discuss changing rules such as the amount of fish taken through ice, the definition of a “kids’ derby” and more.

Those interested in commenting on the rule changes can submit written comments to comments(at), with “Comment on Fishing Rules” in the subject line. Comments must be received by August 8, 2011. Mailed comments can be submitted to Executive Director, NH Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301 or fax comments to 603-271-1438.

Proposed rule changes include:

  • Adopting a rule specifying that, while being guided and taking freshwater fish by trolling, the number of lines being used for angling shall not exceed the legal number of lines allowed by the anglers, excluding the guides.
  • Change the following pond restrictions to:
    • Increase the trout bag limit on Dublin Lake, in Dublin, from 3 fish to 5 fish;
    • Change Perch Pond, in Lisbon, from a designated trout pond to a general regulation pond;
    • Remove the slot limit regulation on Profile Lake, in Franconia.
  • Amending the rule relative to the taking of black bass through the ice on the Connecticut River and the Massachusetts/New Hampshire interstate water, bringing them in line with the rest of the state. For the Connecticut River, from January 1 through March 31, anglers may take only two black bass through the ice, and only one bass may be greater than 16 inches. For the MA/NH interstate waters, these ice-fishing restrictions apply from ice-in to ice-out.
  • Defining “kids’ derby” as a fishing derby for participants under the age of 16, not 16 or younger.
  • Making a slight change to the definition of a “fishing tournament.”

The complete rule-making notice, with original and proposed language, can be viewed here.

Your purchase of fishing tackle, firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and motorboat fuels, along with license sales, helps fund sport fish management in New Hampshire. This provides opportunities for hunting, fishing and other wildlife-associated recreation.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s fish, wildlife and marine resources and their habitats. Visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game website for more details.


Audubon Amateur Photo Contest Opens Mid-July

The Massabesic Audubon Center in Auburn will be hosting their fourth annual Wild NH Amateur Photo Contest. Up to three amateur photographs will be accepted between July 15 and August 16, 2011.

Submitted photos will be judged in two age groups, Youth (under 17) and Adult (over 17) and three categories: wildlife, wild plants and land- or water-scapes. Winning photographs will be on display in the Massabesic Audubon Center from September 10 through December 4, 2011.

As with past years, the wining images will be donated to a silent auction, with proceeds benefiting the Audubon Center. Bidding for the images will begin September 9 and will end at 4 PM on December 4, 2011. Those who attend the gala will be able to take home their winning bids that day.

For more information and complete rules, call the center at 668-2045 or email mac(at) Also, visit the Audubon website.


Chili’s to Host Fundraiser for Local Soup Kitchen

Chili’s in Salem, New Hampshire will be hosting a special fundraiser for the Sonshine Soup Kitchen on Monday, July 18, 2011. The fundraiser will benefit the kitchen’s meal program, which provides free, hot meals to anyone in need.

Participating in the fundraiser is easy! Visit Chili’s on Monday, from 10:45 AM until 11 PM, order a meal, or more, and present a coupon. Your tab will be counted in, and 10% of all proceeds will go directly to the soup kitchen!

The Sonshine Soup Kitchen meal program is a free program to anyone in need. A hot meal will be served to anyone who enters the dining room Monday through Friday, between 4:30 and 5:30 PM. Anyone can walk into the dining room, no requirements or questions asked!

Present these coupons at Chili's this Monday to support the Sonshine Soup Kitchen. Click this image to print a PDF of the coupon!

The soup kitchen strives to provide healthy meals and uses its own fully equipped commercial kitchen to prepare the meals. The program is run mostly by volunteers, both groups from churches and schools, and individuals.

To learn more about the soup kitchen, click here.


Two Arrested in Kidnapping, Boy Sustains Injuries

Manchester Police responded to a report of a 15 year old boy being held at knife point shortly after midnight this morning, July 15, 2011. After making entry to the Kimball Street apartment, police noted that the boy’s lips had been glued shut and he had sustained injuries to his left arm.

Initial investigations revealed that the boy was summonsed to the apartment and, when he had remained inside the apartment longer than expected, friends and family went to check on him. The occupants refused to open the door, and the family members saw through an open window one man kneeling over the boy holding a large knife. They immediately called police.

When officers arrived, they found a woman outside the apartment reporting her son was being held against his will. The two occupants holding the boy were detained as they exited the rear of the address. They were identified as Ismael Bangs, 19 of Manchester, and Yvens Luclaise, 25 also of Manchester.

Police entered the building and found the boy in a rear bedroom. He was subsequently treated for his injuries at Catholic Medical Center. Luclaise and Bangs were arrested and charged with Kidnapping. The Manchester Police Juvenile Division has continued the investigation and is expected to add charges.

Both men are being held on $100,000 cash/surety bail and are expected to be arraigned today in Manchester Court at 1 PM.