What’s Next for the NBA?

Meredith Farrell is a Sports Communications major at Marist College. She was a four-year varsity athlete at Trinity High School. Table Talk is her unique female perspective on sports.

Last Sunday night all my dreams came true as the San Antonio Spurs defeated the Heat to win the NBA Finals. Finally it happened; Lebron has been knocked from the top and I must say I thought he was going to get a couple more championships before someone was able to beat him, but I could not be happier that the legendary Heat were not able to put up legendary championship win numbers.

Now the question is, will Lebron stay in Miami after failing to complete his championship after championship plan? Personally, I think Lebron should stay in Miami, both because of the strong team that still exists there as well as his legacy. Miami may have lost in the Final, but regardless there is no doubt that they will still be a dominating force next year. If Lebron sticks it out in Miami with this team he will undoubtedly win another championship in the next few years, if not next year.

As far as the legacy component – if Lebron is smart he realizes that being remembered as the player who hopped around from team to team selfishly trying to win championships, is not the way to be remembered. Lebron is good enough to continue to win as long as the people around him are decent and willing to accept that to win Lebron must be the focus. He has that in Miami and honestly he could find that almost anywhere. However, when thinking about legacy he needs to find a home and stay true to it. The only team I think would be acceptable for him to move to would be Cleveland, but I don’t think that is very likely. Miami may have lost this year but their dominance is far from over.

With the end of the NBA season, the trade talk, free retirement talk, and potential big three discussions have officially begun and the Celtics have found themselves in the middle of all the talks. The Celtics, who were planning to enter next season with the plan to continue on forward with rebuilding and enduring the grooming of the future Celtic All-Stars. However, Kevin Love has presented a new plan. Love has recently expressed interest in moving to the Celtics in order to play with Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Contingent on Love committing to the Celtics, the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony has said that he would wish to join the Celtics as well.

This is far from the Celtics plan for next year, but they would be stupid to turn the opportunity down. These three players could be phenomenal together. Rondo is a highly skilled point guard who is an excellent passer and leader on the floor. He is very athletic and has excellent court vision. Anthony, as we all know, loves to shoot and with a killer point guard force like Rondo leading the offense there is no doubt that Anthony would get countless open shot opportunities. Then throw in one of the best down low forces in the entire NBA with Love and the Celtics might have a chance at challenging Miami for the Eastern League Championship title.

Also last weekend the Los Angeles Kings put a stop to the Rangers’ come back and became this years Stanley Cup Champions. The Kings simply out played the Rangers and based on pure effort the Kings deserved the win and the Rangers deserved the loss. As some of you may know, the Monarchs are the Minor League affiliate for the Los Angeles Kings. That means a rather large, shiny, and historic trophy will be making its way to Manchester very shortly. Keep and eye out for that in the news and as soon as I hear anything I will write about it here.

Finally, the World Cup is in full swing and the USA, despite predictions, is actually holding their own. I must admit I am not a soccer fan so please excuse my ignorance on the subject; however, I am trying to pay attention to this year’s games because I feel that I must cheer on my USA boys. The USA surprised the world by defeating Ghana and scoring only 32 seconds into the game. Talk about the right way to start of their World Cup journey. Ghana has knocked the USA out of the World Cup the last two times, so getting revenge was every USA soccer fan’s dream. This was only the third time in the past 12 world cups that the US has scored more than one goal in a World Cup game.

Even though this was a fantastic and historic victory for US soccer, they still have an uphill battle as they are in the so-called death group of this year’s world cup. Their group includes major footballing countries such as Portugal and Germany. Fans seemed to be very optimistic about American’s chances in this World Cup; many think that the US will be able to take out Portugal. Portugal so far has not been as impressive as predicted; however, Germany on the other hand has definitely been living up to expectations. Germany might be too tough for the US to compete with, but until then I plan to enjoy the success and continue to develop my soccer knowledge and enthusiasm! Keep watching as the World Cup unfolds over the next few weeks!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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