Never Too Old to Learn (Again)

Originally published: December 7, 2008

I have been taken creative writing classes that the senior Center on Mammoth road. It was offered for a price that I can afford on a fixed income. How I look forward to Friday afternoons to meet with new friends and to share the lessons we have learned.

Exercises in writing about setting a scene, creating conflicts and making our characters real are but a few things that the elder students are learning. We enjoy the challenges and have come to know each other on a more personal basis. We have become close friends and that was not a lesson; it was because of the classes that we came to know each other. For that reason alone I hope that more seniors will join the Mayflower Grange Senior Center. They have so much more to offer.

Our teacher is a young mother with all the patience one needs to teach all age groups. Considering her age, she is almost as wise as her senior students.

If Anne is reading this, I smiled as I was writing this and wonder at her reaction. Hopefully I have written well enough to show her that I have been paying attention in class. Fiction writing is totally different from writing about one’s memories. It is a craft that comes out of your brain and not from a reservoir of remembrances’.

Imagine the feeling of writing a good story that has been created from imagination, your imaginations coming to life in print form. The ideas and words belong to only you. Sharing the workings of your brain with the public is a brave endeavor.

The senior center is a fun place to be. The older citizen’s of Londonderry have a choice of playing board games, of sharing their talents, staying well and just simply chatting with others.

Until the spring season arrives, the writing lesson have been put on hold me and my class will be continuing to meet for we are friends of a feather. The feather being the writing implement of the past; a feathered pen dipped into an ink well.

The Girl Scouts of America have a song that states; make new friends but save the old for one is silver and the other gold. I encourage all of our senior citizens to join a senior center. They will find that their lives will be lined with silver and will add to the glitter of the gold.


Learn more about Anne Kelsey, her innovative, instructional and fun classes at the “Dare To Write” website.

Editors Note: Lorraine Cookson passed away on October 27, 2013 after a brief illness. As one of our first columnists, she was very active with the Senior Center and attended nearly all the events in Town. In memory of Lorraine, we will reprint each one of her columns on Sunday mornings.


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