Moonlight Meadery Expands Internationally

Moonlight Meadery LLC, producer of craft mead available across the US, is expanding sales internationally to Australia. This startup business has seen its sales quadruple year over year since its beginning in 2010. With a mission of establishing mead as an entirely new niche category of the adult beverage market, Moonlight Meadery is delighted to announce its first sale to Calibre Craft Beer Trading Company of Queensland, Australia.

Moonlight Meadery has established itself as a leader in this rapidly expanding craft mead category by using top-quality True Source Certified honey, which ensures fair trade practices, sustainability and the ability to track honey sources back to the hives of origin. The company started production in May of 2010 in the owner’s garage in Londonderry, NH, and now has a tasting room and production facility that can produce 400,000 bottles per year. Considered by the industry to be the fastest growing craft meadery in the USA, Moonlight Meadery is thrilled to extend its reach overseas.

Michael Fairbrother, Moonlight Meadery founder and mead maker, smiles as he reminisces, “I never fully understood this as a young man: when you make a woman happy, she will tell anyone she can… To think that within three years of operation my meads would be available commercially in Australia is nothing short of incredible. I am proud that our reputation for producing nothing but the best honey wines is spreading across the world.”

About Moonlight Meadery
With 17 years’ experience making international award-winning mead, Michael Fairbrother started Moonlight Meadery with a mission: bring premium meads (over 70 varieties) that showcase dry to sweet styles to a mainstream market. Now available for distribution to all 50 states, they also offer tours and tastings seven days a week at their world headquarters at 23 Londonderry Rd, Unit 17 Londonderry, NH. Contact them at (603) 216-2162 to learn more.

About Calibre
Calibre Craft Beer Trading Co., founded in 2012 by long time, passionate craft beverage supporter Daniel Rickard, focuses on providing a ready supply of quality craft beverage portfolio carefully handpicked and collated to showcase some of the most diverse range of styles. Their mission: To bring the highest Calibre and most progressive Craft Beverage Brands to the Queensland market for drinking pleasure.


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    Great job, Michael. Your meads are amazing!

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