“Oh Poop” in Londonderry….

Last night before I went to sleep I typed a Text to John that said just that “Oh Poop”… as I say almost every week now, we never know where each day will lead and yesterday was surly one of those days. Remember I had planned to title my story something very refined and European in many ways, “Solere” well in just one day our titled changed from such a lovely word, to “Oh Poop”! The direct opposite!  Here’s what happened…

Thursday evening, Mackensie and Kendra decided to make care packages of cookies and banana bread for the “college crew” that left a few weeks back.  They worked all evening and gave me the easy job… just take out the Banana Bread before I went to bed…. Thank Goodness I did, but it was 45 minutes too late!  Shea started barking, I ran to open the oven door and there was my not so famous BURNT banana bread.  I Yelled, “Oh Poop”!  I kept giving it just 2 more minutes, 2 more minutes, and then “Oh Poop”!

Here’s how yesterday started… you will see how the title really does fit with so many great things I plan to tell you about this week.

Many of you know that I was a teacher in Londonderry for years.  In High School I wanted to be a lawyer, but God had a different plan and he kept nudging me toward teaching.  It’s hard to believe but when I look back on all the years I taught everything from pre-school through High School, I really did love just about every minute I spent in the classroom.  I guess he knew what he was doing.  Now that our home life is changing; it’s time for me to decide what to do next.

Kathy and Steve gave me a wonderful gift of Sharing Visit Londonderry with our Community.  That’s my passion and I think I must have said that maybe 50 times this week! Through Visit we help the entire community, all of our businesses, churches, preschools, orchids everyone!  I also work for Welcome Wagon, which is a wonderful company that has been around for 80+ years now.

Welcome Wagon specializes in helping all of the new families that move into a town.  It’s been one of the top ways for great businesses to connect with new homeowners who are trying to figure out what to do in their new area.   It’s exclusive too, so only one business can be represented in each category.  I try to go to the businesses that I know personally first, but if you know of anyone who might like to work with Welcome Wagon, please let me know, 603 512-5596.  Many of Welcome Wagon’s partnerships have been with them for years.

You might remember Welcome Wagon the way I do… a nice women, would come to your home with a basket of information from local businesses.  As times changed Welcome Wagon did too.  Funny when I was a young teacher and bought a condo up by North School, with a great government program that required no money down, Welcome Wagon came to Visit me.  How great is that!  Maybe I was meant all along to spread the word about each of these!   Welcome Wagon and Visit, I like that.

****Side Note… we have not had a trivia question for a while… The first person to answer how Welcome Wagon really got started will win one of my famous when it’s not burnt “Sherry’s Banana (and chocolate chips of course) Bread!   It’s really not famous but in our little neighborhood it kind of is.

Back to the part of the story about me being a teacher.  Lately I have been really missing the classroom, so I decided that subbing might be a great way to find my way back.  I filled out many applications and “yesterday” I was called to sub!!!  I was so excited; it felt like my first day of school!  Everything was going great, I arrived early, which for me can be a challenge, I read over the lesson plans carefully, practiced the students names and the first class came in.  They were the nicest group of students.  I gave them their assignment, and everything was going good.  Then I decided that I would be the substitute teacher Extraordinaire!   Instead of just passing out their assignment I decided to write it on the board.

I use to have pretty nice writing on the board, if I do say so myself.   I think I even wanted to show off a little!  I grabbed a black marker, went to the white board, (they use to be black boards with chalk, but I knew I could handle this) I started to write Mrs. Farrell in cursive and the assignment.  Well this beautiful, quiet class just about jumped out of their skin!  Wait! Don’t!  Oh No!  These were just a few of the phrases, all kind though, that I heard.  I was very confused I wondered what the heck was wrong….. Finally one said “You can’t use marker on the Smart Board!” Dear Goodness, What had I done!  Again, one minute feeling pretty darn good, to here it is again “Oh Poop”!

Now I’m standing there trying to remain professional, smart, and worthy of being their teacher!  Oh Poop!  One boy said “Oh no they cost $300.  Double! Oh Poop!

How sweet these students were, they weren’t mocking me, they really felt bad, a couple couldn’t help but laugh just a little though, it looked like out of shock more than anything else!  God bless these children, one ran and got a paper towel another found the “stuff” that might take it off, and they got to work for me.  I’m still shaking my head in disbelief that it turned so horribly wrong!

With patience and elbow grease, if you look extra hard now you can just faintly see Mrs. Farrell written in lovely handwriting.  Yes, it was an “Oh Poop” moment.  Thank Goodness we all let it go as best we could and got on with the lesson.

Now this is making me giggle a little even…but staying on the Poop theme, and I promise you I never thought any of this would connect as the week unfolded, but let’s keep going…  I can hardly believe this myself… but I had planned to tell you about two great Open Houses that are happening this coming weekend right here in town, and my notes for each go along with the unexpected title we ended up with…. Oh Poop!

Our own family run Dollar Store is having their Grand Opening this coming Saturday, September 28th from 2 -5pm.  There will be all kinds of fun for the family…face painting, music, food, Stop By!  Remember our Dollar Store is not a franchise.  Our Londonderry Dollar Store has high quality items and everything really is a dollar!

If I had to pick my three favorite things to buy there I would say their Balloons, party decorations and gift bags, and I bet you didn’t know they have lots of pet supplies, too!  Beautiful puppy leashes and now I’m giggling like those students did…. “doggy poop bags” to take on your walks.  How cute is that.  For only a $1!  Please help us spread the word.

The second Open House I want to make sure you know about is being held the same Saturday, the 28th right down the street at our own Southern NH Montessori School.   You will have an opportunity to tour their newest classroom the Upper Elementary area, learn about the Montessori Education Philosophy and just maybe you will have a chance to meet “Guardian”.  Guardian is the school’s pet that spends each day with the children.  Guardian has been trained in many behavior techniques and educational therapies. Here is a picture of “Guardian” and one of the students.

After all this you must be wondering how did my week end ….

There was only one fitting place for it to end….and here is a picture:

Mackensie and I stopped at one of our favorite places in the World…. DH’s Dog House right at 656 So. Mammoth Road.  For $2.25 you can get a delicious “steamed” hot dog with the works just the way “I” like it!  Ketchup, relish, onions, and mustard.  Denis Huard, the owner, puts it all on for you, neatly along the bottom of the bun. As we left I said to Dennis, I could have had 2 more… He said something like “it’s good you know your limits” .

With A Grateful Heart, from Banana Bread to Hot Dog  Sherry<3

I guess you could say My Week Ended Happily In The Dog House once again!


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