Kevin Smith Gets Down to Business in Londonderry

As part of his first full week on the new job, Town Manager Kevin Smith met with Moonlight Meadery’s Michael Fairbrother on Friday to discuss the future of the business, among other things. Smith began as Town Manager last Thursday, August 15, 2013 and has spent the last week getting to know the Town staff and attending the Old Home Day events before venturing into businesses around town.

When discussing his plans for Londonderry, Smith said, “One of my highest priorities is the economic development of the town and finding ways that we can attract more businesses here and keep businesses that are currently in town to stay here or expand.”

With the steady and rapid growth Fairbrother’s business is experiencing, and the difficulty of finding a suitable place in town, he has considered the idea of moving out of town. Smith stressed that, as part of his job, he plans on finding ways to keep businesses from doing just that.

“I’m going to be learning where the obstacles are that I’ll be running into and I’ll be talking to the Town Council and the Planning and Economic Development Department. I’ll figure out pretty quick what the obstacles are and what needs to be done so that when we run into an issue where we want to keep a business in town that’s thinking about moving out because they can’t find the space they need, I know what we can do about that,” Smith said.

Kevin Smith (left) discusses business growth and development with Michael Fairbrother (right).

Regarding the future of Londonderry, Smith said, “Obviously there’s two large projects in the horizon, Woodmont and Pettengill Road, and I’ll be working very closely on those particular projects. Then it’s working with the various boards in town on implementing the Master Plan.”

Kevin Smith was appointed the new Town Manager of Londonderry on August 1, 2013, after a unanimous vote from the Town Council. Smith, a Litchfield father of 3, graduated from Londonderry High School in 1994. He was elected as a State Representative in 1997 and is a former Governor candidate. He has also served as public address announcer for Friday night Londonderry Lancer football games since 1992.


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