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Mackensie and I were driving through Derry, what I call Broadway, the main street that runs through Derry.  I was telling her about the places I had visited this week as we passed each one.  Suddenly I said this is “Space Town USA”.  Mackensie said “what did you say” and I repeated “Space Town USA”.

I was nine when my parents first moved us from MA to Derry NH, Space Town USA!  My dad was a truck driver and he had found a great new job at a company called Nelson Trucking back them.  We found a cute two bedroom apartment at 11 Linwood Ave, Derry.   We were living large!  The great thing about this apartment was that you could walk right into the downtown area in just a few minutes.

One of the first things I remember doing with my mom and dad when we first moved here was going to the Space Town USA Parade in 1969!  If my memory is right the reason for this parade was to honor the very first USA Astronaut to go into space, Allan Shepard.  I remember he was sitting on the back area of a blue convertible, I think it was.  He was smiling and waving to all of us.  The town was so united, everyone felt equal, happy all there for the same reason.  Allan Sheppard had been raised right in East Derry.  He was a hometown boy, he even attended Pinkerton Academy….  Now you know where the name Space Town USA came from.   I even had a T-Shirt that said Space Town USA on it!

When I visited the Derry Historical center a few years back, I saw so many pieces of not just Derry but our areas past.  Richard Holmes, the town Historian pointed out a few things and there was even a t-shirt just like mine.  Wish I had kept it, but of course I didn’t.   As I listened to and watched Mr. Holmes,  he just looked so very familiar.  Finally it hit me, now this is really strange…. When he and his wife were first married they moved into the apartment below us.   There were 12 units in the building.  They were the nicest couple and were just  starting out on their life together.  I was 9 or so.  You know I did asked him and he said I was right they had lived there too!  The world does get so very small.

Well this week I really didn’t intend for my Road to lead to Derry but it did.  I had contacted Andy from our Drinkery right here in Londonderry.  Andy and I had met during a show at the Tupelo and then one day when  I was in to just look around we started talking about Visit Londonderry.  Andy went to our Website and really liked the way we bring the entire community together to support each other, and to live work and play right here in Southern NH.

I don’t think I even mentioned this last week, but Kathy Wagner one of our creators went before our town planning board to address the signage problem that exists here in town.  So many businesses just want to be able to put an A-Frame sign out to help promote their businesses and we have a “Rule” against it.  Maybe  not completely against it, but it makes it ridiculously hard, in my opinion, for good businesses to use them without a major hassle.  Well Kathy who has been working on this for a long time made progress last week, and this issue will now be addressed.  One of Visit Londonderry’s goals is to keep our good devoted  businesses here, not chase them away…. Oh dear on a ramble again…. Anyway, this is just one example of what Visit Londonderry has been working on to make a difference for everyone…. Saving our Adam’s Pond here in Londonderry is another area.  Again, Visit Londonderry is for the good of everyone our businesses and the community, our families.

Back to Andy…. Andy had told me that he and his partner Alana had a vision of opening a beautiful place for people to meet, share wine and enjoy time together, in a peaceful and inviting atmosphere that encourages them to come relax and to me escape.  Many of you probably already know, but they made their dream a reality!  This January, 6 months ago they opened the Flask and Vine right on… here it is again…on Broadway in Derry.  It’s right in the center of the down town area.  I have had friends that have been there and loved it, and I could not wait to walk in.  Once you open the door you will realize you have stepped into a different world and a completely different experience.  It really took my breath away.  You are probably thinking that’s what she says all the time, but it did so much that once I stepped in, I stepped back out to call John to see if he was in the area because I wanted him to come in see how beautiful it is!

If you need a haven to talk (and Listen) with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends this is it.  Soft Jazz plays in the background, there are no loud TV’s blaring, there is no rush or hurry.  Be comfortable, wear your jeans or make it a date and dress up.  It’s everything in one.  I had no idea that they also serve beer.  Not just any beer though, they feature very unique Big Beers that you won’t find anywhere else.  They are served in the proper glassware too, as they should be to experience the flavor the way it was meant to be enjoyed.  For an example they have snifter glasses to serve their Stout beer in

For wine lovers they have 4 wines featured that they rotate so that you can get a different experience each time.  You can do a flight of Beer, Wine or a mix of both!  What a lovely night out, I felt like I was in NYC, you will too!  You may not want to leave!  Did I mention that Andy and Alana have an Executive Chef, George Craft that creates food pairings that use and compliment their featured wines and beers.  Don’t think as I did that this is just a place for a appetizers…. They serve dinner as well.  Two things I hope to try in the next couple weeks, first the Beer Braised Short Ribs!!!!!!  and Heirloom Tomato Salad.   Maybe I’ll see you there!

As I was going in to meet Andy Day at Cask and Vine I walked pass this beautiful Salon called Revive Salon & Spa.  They were very busy, and I know that they have been in Derry awhile.  Even though I love to just walk in places, I never bother places when they are busy.  From the big window I noticed everyone looked so happy and friendly and I made a note that I should go back in for a Visit another time.  Well as I was leaving I noticed things had quieted down.  Two girls were checking things at the desk, and they just looked so friendly I decided to drop in.   My dear neighbor Kendra told me she loves to buy gift certificates for her friends there so I was curious.

Erica M and Nicole could not have been more welcoming.  Sometimes I wonder if people must be thinking who is this nutty lady in usually a floral skirt and pink top that just walks in to learn about and try to help promote their business!  To funny really.  They took the time to explain to me that Revive has been in business for 7 years but 3 years ago they moved to this location.  I remember when they use to be on that side area, walking distance from where they are now.  Some of you might remember when Fred’s Barbara Shop was located in the front of that building.  Mr. Fred Graham was a great Barbara in Derry for years.  He and his wife Irene lived next to my family in Kendallwood  Condominiums, what a great man.  Great fun to argue politics with, but that is another story.

The location they are in now use to be my dad’s favorite place to visit each week.  It was a baseball card shop.  That was my dad’s haven  years ago, and he use to bring the girls in when they were very little to look at all the sports things.  I bet those visits with Grandpa to that little card shop was the beginning of Meredith’s passion for sports.  From there she and my dad would usually go to listen to a Red Sox game on his radio.  I still can’t believe that a little kid could do that, sit and “listen” only to a game, but she did.  She loved every second … and still does today!

Wow Space Town USA has sent me into a walk down memory lane that I never expected this week….  But let me tell you more about Revive.  Friendly, convenient, great pricing, and beautiful all in one.  They offer a free manicure when you have a pedicure done, now that’s pretty great.  For new clients they give you a free cut and style with your first hair color.  What a great way for you to take a chance, find out what a great job they do, and get a special thank you for coming in by saving money on your first visit!  I was very impressed.

Erica who is a top stylist told me something else interesting about Revive…. They are a certified Ouidad Salon.  This is a new technique used for taming beautifully curly hair for those of you who have it!  That’s something I always wished for, my dad had it, but somehow I missed it completely.   Stop by and see everything they have waiting for you…. They are just lovely! or call603-425-2484.

Oh I can’t believe how long this already is… I promise one week it will be short quick info about all the places I Visit….
One last place….maybe two….  As I’m leaving the Salon to walk to my car…. I pass one of my family’s favorite restaurants not just for the past year or two, but yes for 30 years!  C & K Restaurant again right on Broadway!  If you haven’t been in or kind of forgot that they are there, Dear Goodness get back in there!   C & K is just as delicious as you remember!  What I have always loved about C & K is that I can always count on everything being homemade, and not to sound corny but their food is prepared with love and pride.  It is a family run business that kept their business right here in our area through the years. They have been so much a part of my life through the years.  It was my mom’s favorite place and she loved bringing the girls their when they were very little.

I have been in twice in the last couple weeks just to buy Quarts of their Chicken and rice soup!  Sarah Dube has helped me each time.  Always with patience and a smile!  Whenever someone I love is sick or healing that’s what I bring them.  Yes I could make, but not the way Billy and Cosmo make theirs.  I swear it is a secret healing recipe!  As I walked by today I remembered another family friend Katherine who just had her wisdom teeth out a few days ago.  What a trooper she’s been, but we all know it’s hard to eat after that surgery .  C & K to the rescue again! She had to have the soup at room temperature but she loved every spoonful.

I could go on and on, but have you have to see all the remodeling they have done recently.  It’s fresh and beautiful, like all of us it just needed a little face lift even though it had aged gracefully through the years!  Wait until you see it now!  Their prices have always been great and you can bring the entire family in, little ones too, or you can go for a special date night just to get away and enjoy a delicious meal, beautiful atmosphere and a drink too if you like.   From mac and cheese, stuffed peppers, baked lamb to scallops, they have it all! or 603 432-9875.

Next week I promise to “Tie Up Some Loose Ends”, things you might be wondering about, but I’ll stop for this week… Oh I was trying to see if I could tie this last thing in, then decided to wait, but it really does fit!

My family completely loves our Apple Tree Cinema right here in Londonderry.  I love that they still pop their own popcorn and add lots of butter.  I hope that never changes, but this week John wanted to see the new Man of Steel Movie.  The girls and I rolled our eyes at sitting for 2 ½ hours, but we all headed out.  From Space Town USA to Superman!   The girls and I ate our words about going to this movie!  It is the best super hero, out of Space, beyond the stars, super anyone movie I have ever seen!  I don’t like seeing movies over again, but this one I could see again tomorrow!  You really need to see it on the big screen as John would say and he was right!

With A Grateful Heart and many words this week….. love Sherry

The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60′s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Sherry is an account manager for the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center.  You can follow her at

You can visit the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center, where “Business is Good. Life is Better!”


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