Commute Green New Hampshire Kickoff: Monday, May 13

Commute Green New Hampshire is kicking off a Statewide Challenge to encourage the use of commuting options, such as walking, biking, carpooling, and using public transportation.

Track your trips saved at and see where you rank in the State! Peter Capano, Chief of Parks for the City of Manchester and SNHPC Vice Chairman, is leading the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission’s team.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Statewide Challenge. Commute Green NH encourages you to start a new habit by pledging not to drive one out of every five days from now through December 31, 2013. Then tell a friend or coworker to do the same!

Commute Green New Hampshire is a partnership of businesses, schools, transit agencies, regional planning commissions and other volunteers dedicated to encouraging people to choose transportation options other than driving alone. We provide easy ways for people to try green commuting for the first time and to celebrate their efforts and those of people who already green commute.

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