Boston Marathon Terrorism

Once again relatives and friends of murderers can’t believe the Tsanaev brothers committed the mass killings of innocent people. This is typical behavior of relatives and friends of murderers, who do not want to admit they were in any way aware of or associated with the acts of violence.

There are two added twists to the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.The Tsanaevs are from the Dagestan/Chechnya region of Russia, which is a predominantly Muslim region fighting for control of its area so the inhabitants can impose Sharia law and either convert or expel or kill non-Muslims. They automatically discriminate against non-Muslims.

The other twist is the comments made by Rep. Stella Tremblay of Auburn, NH. She believes the U.S. government could have contrived the bombing and the FBI could be part of a cover up. She also questioned the injuries of one of the victims. How does Rep. Tremblay represent her district with absurd comments like that? How was someone like her elected to office?

Never forget that we are at war with the Islamic terrorists of the world.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, NH

Don Moskowitz is a well known prolific writer on subjects of the nation and the world that spark his interest. Retiring from the US Navy in 1967 as a Lieutenant, he often writes on military and political maters he is very active in the Londonderry American Legion. A long career in corporate management he retired after developing a successful business with multiple locations in southern New Hampshire.

He lives in Londonderry, New Hampshire with his wife Betty, they have three children and four grandchildren.


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