We All Stand Together For Boston

I am a native New Yorker. Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. New York has always been my city, even during the years that I worked on the corner of State and Pearl Streets in Boston. Monday, April 15th at 2:50 PM along with 308 million Americans I became a Bostonian. I wonder when or if our enemies, both foreign and domestic, will realize that when they perpetrate cowardly acts upon any of us we will rise up, stand shoulder to shoulder and defeat them.

Monday was Patriot’s Day in Boston, a day meant to remember the battles that began our war for independence. Since that April day two centuries ago when we cast off the yoke of tyranny at Lexington and Concord; to the World Trade Center; to the streets of Boston we will stand side by side, together until justice is served.  There is not enough information yet to determine who did this. But they should rest assured that we, the American People, will not rest until the full measure of American justice and resolve has held them accountable for these heinous acts. Boston we are with you.

May God Bless all those affected by this senseless tragedy and may God continue to Bless the United States of America.

George Herrmann


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