All Sapped Out

The end has come and what a great ending to a questionable beginning. The maple sugaring season for 2013 has come and gone. In the short five weeks that make up the season for the entire year, this year has been the best in the 8 years we have been tapping our trees. So if 2 cups = 1 pint, 2 pints = 1 quart and 4 quarts = 1 gallon, I would venture a guess at our yield of 24 maple trees at a little over 1 gallon. For that ‘hefty’ amount there comes a price tag of approximately $17 to fill the propane tank x 4, finishing the boil on the indoor propane range top and well, you do the math. What it does is make the product very expensive to produce or on the other hand very lucrative if you are in the business of selling maple products.

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Canada has the world market hands down at over 70%. #1 is Quebec Province, #2 Ontario Province, #3 Vermont, #4 New York, #5 Maine, #6 New Brunswick Province, #7 Wisconsin, #8 Pennsylvania, #9 New Hampshire and #10 Michigan. Pennsylvania before New Hampshire. Really? It all comes down to the number of trees tapped. New Hampshire may have more maple trees but fewer are tapped and more are tapped in Pennsylvania. So there you have it.

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    Yummy, yummy. I have the waffle iron and the bacon. What time can I come over ?

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