Power out to 14% of Londonderry Snow Continues to Fall, Schools Closed

At about 11pm last night Londonderry Fire responded to a pole down in the road near Moose Hill School on Pillsbury Road.  At the same time readers were reporting in that West, Watercrest, Preserve, Chandler, Premier and other neighborhoods in the area were without power.

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The pole blocked the roadway, PSNH was working on the outage at Midnight.  At 5am 1,533 or 14% of Londonderry were still without power. local temperature 30 degrees with no winds.  Litchfield had 161 without power.  Reports indicate it could be noon before power is restored to the area.

PSNH reported by twitter of a “car accident in Londonderry” causing the problem.  There were no indications from Londonderry Fire that that was the case.

Schools were closed at 4:30 this morning, the last day of school for Londonderry will now be June 20th.  Pending any further closings this year.

Spring arrives in Londonderry on March 20th for now, we have our March coloring book for you.

In like a Lion Coloring Book page

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Lamb coloring book page

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