“Whatever” and Healing… On The Road with Sherry

I always make little notes throughout the week to help me remember the people and places I want to tell you about on Friday morning.  I just went to my word file and I was a little shocked at the title I gave my notes this week….   It reads” February Whatever….”

Wow that doesn’t sound like me at all, I don’t even use the word Whatever, just doesn’t sound right when I say it.  People who use “Whatever” seem to have aswagger that I’m missing, a tilt of the head that I haven’t mastered, it seems weird for me, but that’s what I typed.  Maybe typing it does work for me though…

Last week, I still can’t believe that we all needed to be reminded about a great man, Mark Baldwin, I can’t believe that he is not with us, and maybe I think that if I type his name here somehow it will all disappear and it really was just a bad dream, or coma that we were all in.  This week reminded me too that behind every great man is a great woman, and that’s his wife Cindy.  Together they raised a beautiful family that had love as their foundation.  I know that love will carry their family on.  Through sadness this week, I did meet a couple businesses in our town that I had heard great things about but just had not stopped in to Visit yet. 

The first one is A Sante Message Therapy which is located right over in the Papa Gino’s plaza.  I had met the owner Victoria Cameron at the apple orchid when Mark and Cindy had brought us all together a couple years ago, but I never made the call.  Even back then we talked about my daughter Meredith, her basketball body aches and how many of our friend’s athletes and parents found so much relief in seeing Victoria I just didn’t move forward.  Just a little while ago, I made the call.  Mere has been pretty sick most of the week, some flu that is going around, and another good friend of ours the Lasocki family mentioned Victoria’s name again.  You know I look for signs, and after Cindy saying so many wonderful things about Victoria and her healing messages this week and then for Lisa to mention her name too, I know it was meant to be.

I called Victoria with no notice, told her how awful Mere has been feeling and asked if there was any possibility of an opening today.  Victoria, listened, and I know it will be an inconvenience to her but she found a time to see Mere today.  It will probably mean no lunch break or rest for Victoria, but she did it anyway.  You know what I’m going to say, How Great Is That!  That’s the gift of so many people here in our town, willing to go that extra mile for each other and usually willing to hear your story and find a way to help.

Another new business in town that can help us all heal from so many hurts in our lives just like A Sante Message, is Progressive Nutrition.  Boy when I started typing to you this morning I had no idea that My On The Road this week would be about ways to heal our mind, bodies and soul.  Just so strange where the road in life takes us….  Thank Goodness Linda Julian took a chance on Londonderry and opened her first Progressive Nutrition Concepts here.  When I talked with Linda she explained to me she’s here to help us when everything is feeling “Out of Whack” I just love that she put it that way.  I was a nutrition teacher for a while, and that’s what we need to understand, food effects every part of our lives.  You don’t need all the mumble jumble, you need to understand that what we are eating effects every aspect of who and how we are.

Boy has food choices changed from years ago, too.  John called me from Market Basket a couple days ago just to tell me he couldn’t believe that now we have about 10 or more types of Cheez-Its to pick from.  He said “Honey, can you believe there is now a 4 Cheese Cheez-Its, Provolone and even Cheddar Jack and Hot and Spicey Cheez-Its, too.   That’s almost scary to me!  More food for us to grab, more flavors and ultimately more damage to our bodies and our families.  Linda is there to help all of us learn what the heck we are putting into our bodies and the effect it has.  Are you feeling unusually tired lately, nervous, nauseas, or even jumpy?  Linda will help you figure out what your “triggers” are and how they most likely relate to the food you are either eating way to much of or simply not enough of.  I hate to even type this word but are you feeling blotted or puffy, I know Linda can pin point the problem with you and you will have a chance to really make a difference in your life and those you love.  Anyway I know I’m rambling, but give Linda a call at 603 566-8334.  This is the best part… your first consultation with Linda is free.  You have no risk at all, and think of the information you will learn.  Linda offers one on one sessions, 12 week group sessions and she wants to expand and offer classes to our schools and community.   I forgot to tell you that she is located right inside IronWorks, another member of Visit Londonderry that offers us a great way to begin healing.

Looking for the bright spots in such a tough couple weeks, I guess I’m blessed that both Victoria and Linda came into our lives.   Two great places for healing of all kinds to begin right here in our town for us all.

That darn word “Whatever”, is popping into my head again…  I’m not sure why, time to end for this week, and I promise to tell you about more of our businesses that need our support next week.

“Whatever” you do this week, please don’t forget about last week’s On The Road, ask yourself Who’d I help? Did I make a difference?  Did I not swear at that driver in front of me, because maybe they just got some horrible news too, Oh and If you haven’t already, Make a Donation to our Londonderry Trailways, in the Baldwin Family’s name…. Whatever you do make a Difference, somehow that helps us all to heal too.    Not to be Corny, but you are loved by me and I am just so grateful that you choose to read this rambling little story that I tell, somehow it makes me feel that we really are connected or “one”.



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