Showing Love with Crafts this Valentine’s Day

I believe children learn best when they do not even realize they are learning! Enjoy these activities that incorporate hands-on projects while touching on a child’s five senses.  Three major academic areas, math, science and language, are focused on, as well as some crafty and tasty treats.

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Children!

February Theme: Valentine’s

Song: The Little Love Bug (Muffin Man)
Do you know the little love bug,
The little love bug, the little love bug.
Do you know the little love bug who comes on Valentine’s Day.
He comes to give a kiss and a hug, a kiss and a hug, a kiss and a hug.
He comes to give a kiss and a hug to mommy(daddy) on Valentine’s Day.

Art: Love Bugs
Need: Construction paper, scissors, glue, markers, popsicle sticks

  • Draw a small heart and let your child cut it out.
  • Let them draw a face on the heart.
  • Help them add antennas.
  • Let them color the popsicle stick and then glue the face on the top of the stick.
  • Use your love bug as you sing The Little Love Bug song.

Gross Motor: Healthy Heart
Need: 10 cutout hearts, beanbag

  • On each heart write a number 1-10.
  • Place them on the floor.
  • Have your child throw a beanbag onto the hearts.
  • Give them an exercise that they have to perform that amount of times (sit-ups, pushups, jump n jacks, arm twists, leg lifts, squats, run in place etc…).

Science: Feed the Birds
Need: Dried or stale bread, heart cookie cutter, ribbon, egg whites, birdseed

  • Let your child cut out heart shapes from the bread.
  • Thread the ribbon through the bread.
  • Brush on the egg whites and sprinkle on birdseed.
  • Hang from a tree that is visible from your house and watch the birds enjoy your tasty treat.

Language: I Love My Name
Need: cutout hearts (as many as there are letters in your child’s name), brown lunch bag.

  • On each heart write a letter of your child’s name.
  • Put them in the bag.
  • Let your child pull out one letter at a time.
  • If they do not pull the letters in order of their name they must say the sound of the letter and put it bag in the bag.
  • See how long it takes them to pull their name in order.

Tasty Treat: Heart Cupcakes
Need: Cake batter and ingredients that go with it, cupcake liners, marbles, cupcake pan, frosting.

  • Follow the directions on the cake box to make the batter.
  • Pour the batter into the liners.
  • Put a marble between the paper and the tin before you bake. It makes an easy heart shape.
  • Cook and let cool (the marble will be hot).
  • Frost with pink frosting.

Corrie Binette is the owner of The Learning Stop. It is located in the Londonderry Commons on 44 Nashua Road. The Learning Stop is a Preschool-Kindergarten and also provides after Moose Hill care and drop-off hours. For more information please visit their website or call 434-0082.


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