Recovery Londonderry Style

Well I really didn’t get far this week! I thought when I typed to you about my road last week and the back problem I suddenly found, that I would be tip top during this week. Once again, I can be very naïve! My dear Doctor friend Bart told me, be careful, take it easy, rest…Quote Unquote, he said if you don’t take care of these things a 4 day alignment will become a 4 week one! Wouldn’t you know he was right! He said ice often and then long hot showers. I heard ice once, what an inconvenience, and one hot shower. Not listening has led me into week two of shuffling around.

Finally John insisted on going out and finding me this ice belt that Bart kept telling us about… you freeze the ice pack and then tuck it into this Velcro belt that can go where ever you do! (The one he got is called, get this…. CRYOMAX) Begrudgingly I gave it a try and now I don’t want to take it off! If only I had listened I probably would be fine now. If you see me On the Road This Week, I may look a little like “Beam Me Up Sherry”, but that belt has become my best friend and where ever my Visit Londonderry Road goes this week, The CRYOMAX, that we bought at Walgreens, on route 102, is coming right along with me!

Drug store corner in Londonderry, New hampshire

As uncomfortable as this has been, I know that compared to other people with real back problems I am being a bit of a baby. This is my first back pain and I don’t like it! It has gotten me thinking though… I’ve never been one to get to upset when someone goes speeding past me on a ‘road’ or riding my bumper. I really do move over, let them pass and as the kids or John are getting upset about it I try to remind us all that maybe that person just got horrible news, maybe their child is sick, someone they love might be near the end. Now I know that most of these people are just being idiots, but what if that one is not. I’ve driven in all of the above panics and now I just try to let the person go by. Not always, but most times.

This week I experienced more of this “revelation” though when I drove my daughter to Pat’s Ski for the school ski program. I’ve been a passenger with this back, but driving an hour was hard. I shuffled into the beautiful new entrance area very slowly. I watched the other people race by and of course with a ski area you always get a few little bumps and pushes from skiers or oversized clothing. People always say to me “Sherry, you are always happy, smiling, so positive”. Well that’s real easy when nothing hurts, your family is safe and your bills are paid. Wednesday, I was polite, a smile and helping hand here and there, but my situation had changed. Going up and down the stairs I was slower than the kids with those big ski boots on. Just trying to get my Clam Chowder and Coke that I look forward to each week, was a juggling act. I knew I might drop everything with one wrong move. Instead of relaxing with my book by the ski window I sat in a corner with my heating pad plugged in and kept trying to get comfortable for the next 3 hours ahead. I have to tell you I wasn’t quite so bubbly or quite so positive. Just something else that got me thinking.

Now, when I see that slightly older women in Market Basket that just isn’t smiling behind me in the cashier line, who doesn’t seem to want to talk, this will remind me that maybe she’s not so upbeat because of the road her life has taken. I know we all think of this from time to time, but maybe not enough. We think they are just being rude, nasty, or abrupt, but they probably have a real good reason, too.

I didn’t tell you but I will now, I had stopped writing to you last night at about 12:00. I really didn’t plan to write on the Road this Week, but a dear friend from school saw me yesterday and said “How’s Your Back?” I knew I had not told many people about it directly, I looked puzzled and he said “I read it in your story”. Someone that looks forward to my rambling story, as I always say even if there are only 3 of you out there… it means the world.

Now that’s not what I wasn’t going to tell you… I was excited to get up early and finish On The Road… I really like Sunday’s. The house is quite, I can make my coffee or tea, put on a little music and begin the day. I walked down our stairs, quite easily I might add, smiling inside only to find that our corgi dog, Shea, had made a huge mess all over our cream colored carpet. I mean huge, disgusting, repulsive you name it. A small explosion! My back definitely a little better…. just enough to kneel comfortably and clean up one pile after another…. Hey there is that opposite thing I wrote about a couple weeks ago again. One minute I was “up” the next definitely “down”.

Anyway I better get going here about great places and stop boring you with all this… What I wanted to tell you before my rambling was that I had no idea that Pat’s Peak Ski Area is celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary. I know we have many beautiful ski areas In NH, but it will always be my favorite. It was beautiful before to drive up too, now with the new construction they did and changes they have made it is breathtaking. I have been doing this school ski program with our girls for years and I always say that I feel, after driving only about 45 minutes that I step out of the car and suddenly I’m in Europe. Years ago I use to ski with the kids, now I really love the tranquility of sitting and reading, do work on my computer and yes enjoying the food! What I love most is the Chowder, it’s a tradition for me, so much that when all of us mom’s years ago came up with goofy ski names for each other, I was deemed Chowder Head (another mom got Suzie Chapstick). I look forward to the Clam Chowder every week.

This Saturday they were having a huge celebration day for their first 50 years. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to tell you about it earlier. Fun things are always going on up there. From the time when the girls were little it’s the first place I ever felt safe letting them go on without me right by their side. It is almost impossible to get lost, there are so many ski instructors around to help and guide, the parking is easy and then that food! There is a lovely pub area for adult drinks and food, a great cafeteria that I get my chowder from, and even a sandwich stop that makes fresh grilled cheese sandwiches and many others. I’ll tell you more about specials that are coming up down the Road…

The only business that I want to tell you about is something different this week Pampered Chef. Jean Manley and her husband Tom made Londonderry their home when they were very young. We met in girl scouts years ago. Jean is a Pampered Chef consultant and has been for years. I’m not big on a lot of these different party lines but I do have a couple I really like. Pampered Chef is my favorite. Honestly with most of the others we just can’t afford them. I love Pampered Chef and I love the quality of the product. I can go to one of Jean’s parties see some old friends, spend what I can afford, get many great recipe ideas and come and go as I need to. I can even order things right on line with Jean, which I love. I really wish years ago when I attended my first Pampered Chef party I had become a consultant, like Visit Londonderry it’s something I believe completely in and it has never disappointed me Contact Jean at She told me there are many specials in January. I usually have one party each year. This summer we called it Mid Week Margarita’s, it was a great night and I was shocked at how much free product I ‘had’ to pick out. Some friends didn’t need anything, others did and we all simply had fun together. To me it has always been the best quality cooking supplies for the money and a Home Economics teacher should know.

Oh I did forget one part of running into my friend Chris yesterday morning… Chris is now the 3rd person that said , “You might want to go to a Chiropractor”. I’m a big believer of 3s in life. It meant so much that Heather took the time to write a comment last week and suggested a Chiropractor, she was my first. One more person midweek and then Chris was my third. Honestly I’m a little afraid, but Chris went on to tell me how helpful and gentle it has been for his teenage son. Then he said Dr. Lundgren is great! I think the world of Dave Lundgren, always have because he does so many great things for our town and State. He was our Grand Marshal of the Old Home Day Parade this year…. Just another Good Man that is vested in our community.

Well I will give it “3” more days… I hope to back on the road by Tuesday…

With A Grateful Heart (and dreadful carpet) Sherry

The amazing thing about being part of Visit Londonderry is that I never know exactly where a week will lead. Even though I have lived here since the 60′s, grew up at Kendalwood Condos, taught at the High School, and raised my family here, each day I learn something special about our community. One thing is for sure, Londonderry is the best place to Live, Work and Play! Each week I will share with you some of the amazing businesses and things I have learned about Londonderry.

Sherry is an account manager for the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center.  You can follow her at

You can visit the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center, where “Business is Good. Life is Better!”


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