New Years around the world with WLLO

The Londonderry High School Broadcasting Class put together a collection of how other countries celebrate holidays.  This originally ran in 2011.

Listen in and hear the history

  • Chinese New Year a four to fourteen day celebration
  • Mexican New Year after dinner families take to the streets
  • New Year in Spain people go out after midnight and eat 12 grapes put on red underwear
  • Brazil celebrates with songs, prayers, fireworks and drums
  • In the United Kingdom People watch the Television and the Big Ben Clock some people dress in costumes and run into the sea
  • Japanese New Year ring bells 108 times for 108 human sins
  • Russia starts at 11:55pm the president lists the years accomplishments for the year
  • Australia have outdoor celebrations with fireworks
  • Italy start with a feast of lentil and a stuffed pork sausage, red underwear is also part of good luck
  • India has countless New Years celebrations

Play the on demand show from WLLO for more detail on these New Years Celebrations.



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  1. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1Paul Yankowskas

    And in Londonderry, NH, USA, entire families get dressed in only running singlets and shorts, regardless of the temperature, and promptly at 2pm scurry nilly-willy from the local fire department downhill to a place of worship exactly one mile away…

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