Fire Department Hosts First Annual Recognition Ceremony

On Saturday, January 19, 2013, the Londonderry Fire Department and the Londonderry Professional Firefighters Local 3160 held the first annual Londonderry Fire Department Recognition Ceremony. The evening began with a reception at 5:15 PM and the ceremony commenced at 6 PM with approximately 180 people in attendance.

The guest speaker for this event was retired Pittsfield (NH) Fire Chief Gary Johnson. Chief Johnson has been involved in the New Hampshire fire service for over 30 years, spending much of his career working for the Lebanon, NH Fire Department. Chief Johnson also worked as the fire chief for the Pittsfield (NH) Fire Department and currently works for the New Hampshire

Bo Butler, Londonderry Firefighter of the Year.

The Recognition Ceremony has been in development for about a year and was a joint effort between the Londonderry Fire Department and the Londonderry Professional Firefighters Local 3160 union. Chief Kevin MacCaffrie has been very supportive of the development of this recognition program and stated, “Our first annual awards ceremony was a huge success.”

The ceremony has two distinct portions, the first being a celebration of career milestones during which the department recognized members who have completed probation, reached a ten year anniversary, received a promotion or achieved retirement. The second half is an award ceremony to recognize major accomplishments of the members. In order to be considered for an award a member must first be nominated by a peer. All nominations are then vetted by a review committee that consists of seven representatives from the department membership in a truly peer-driven process.

Highlights of the ceremony were a celebration of Chief MacCaffrie’s upcoming retirement, the naming of Paul MacCallum as Support Services Member of the Year and firefighter James “Bo” Butler as the department’s Firefighter of the Year. Chief MacCaffrie stated, “We honored those firefighters that achieved career service milestones and those that went above and beyond their regular duties to serve the department and the citizens. We also recognized those who came before us for their service.”

For a complete list of those recognized during the event, click Read More.

Celebration of Career Milestones

Completion of probation

  • Benjamin Blake
  • Michael Roberson
  • Christopher Schofield

Length of service awards: 10 – 19 years

  • Michael McQuillen (19 years)
  • James Gagne (16)
  • Elizabeth Mahon (16)
  • Gary Dion (14)
  • Donald Waldron (14)
  • Jeremy Mague (14)
  • Scott Geraghty (14)
  • Peter Devoe (13)
  • Patricia Hamann (13)
  • Anthony Maccarone (13)
  • Jeffrey Anderson (13)
  • Shawn Carrier (13)
  • Michael Buco (12)
  • Brad Stocks (12)
  • Bruce Kenison (12)
  • Robert Simard (10)
  • James Butler (10)

Length of service awards – 20-29 years

  • Darren O’Brien (29 years)
  • Suzanne Roy (28)
  • Douglas Cardwell (28)
  • James Bilodeau (27)
  • David Johnson (27)
  • Kevin Zins (26)
  • David Tallini (26)
  • Eugene Jastrem (26)
  • Frederick Heinrich (24)
  • Gerald Johnson (24)
  • Brian Johnson (24)
  • Jonathan Cares (22)
  • James Roger (22)
  • William Brown, Jr. (22)
  • Mark Brien (22)
  • Michael Roberts (21)
  • Michael Walsh (21)
  • Vincent Curro (21)

Length of service awards – 30-39 years

  • Gordon Joudrey (32 years)

Length of service awards – 40-49 years

  • Chet Ham (40+ years)

Celebration of Retirement

  • Chief Kevin MacCaffrie


Certificates of Merit

Child Birth Call

  • BC Douglas Cardwell
  • Lt. David Johnson
  • Lt. Michael McQuillen
  • Kevin Barnett
  • James “Bo” Butler
  • Jonathan Camire
  • Peter Devoe

Cardiac Arrest Save

  • BC Darren O’Brien
  • Lt. Eugene Jastrem
  • Lt. Jeremy Mague
  • Jeff Anderson
  • Shawn Carrier
  • Ed Daniels
  • Scott Geraghty
  • Christopher Lamy

Recognition Planning Group

  • Lt. Michael McQuillen
  • Lt. Donald Waldron
  • Fire Marshall Brian Johnson
  • James “Bo” Butler
  • Christopher Lamy

Overall Contributions to

  • Vincent Curro


Work on EMS Projects

  • Bruce Hallowell

Paramedic class valedictorian

  • William St. Jean

Support Member of the Year

  • Paul MacCallum

Firefighter of the Year

  • James “Bo” Butler


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