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As we welcome 2013, let’s take a moment to reflect on how we view various life experiences and personal beliefs from the “eyes” of a teenager through the wisdom that comes to us with age. Yes, we all remember those changes. It’s when we are 17 and believe our parents are the most ancient, old-fashioned and strangest creatures that ever walked the face of this earth. You know what I’m talking about. The eye rolling gives it away. It’s the silent moments our teens think “No way will I EVER do that!” We know that all people have different personalities and points of view, which makes us all individuals, but how often do we see our own changes?

So here is a great “challenge” for parents to pass on to their teens. Fact is, make this a nice “slip into their graduation card” gesture. Along with the check, of course!

There’s no need for me to write how we change our views as we experience life through all the joys, traumas and ups and downs as this is pretty self explanatory.
Just keep in mind if you answer these questions and are now over the age of 50, it is doubtful your answers will change much in the next ten years. It will, however, be amazing for your teens to see how much they will change over the course of the years! And yes, even some of us “old geezers’ will change on a few of these between 50 and 70.

Here are the instructions:

Step 1:
Print and write down your answers to the following questions. No need to share with anyone. (Unless of course you want to!)
Place the questions, and the answers, into a large manila envelope. Seal it.
On the outside of the envelope, write “IMPORTANT INFO” and “Do not open until January 01, 2023″
That is in 10 years. Naturally at 18 the ten years will seem very far away, but trust me it will go fast. (Hmm, maybe I should have made that one of the questions?)

Step 2:
In 10 years open the envelope and answer the same questions as to what you believe you feel on that date of 2023. Now go back and read your answers from 2013. Any changes? Perhaps some slight.

Now repeat step 1.

Do the same thing again, seal it and date envelope, this time as “Do not open until January 1st 2033″
I guarantee you, without a doubt, by 2043 you will have a lot of different feelings, answers and viewpoints than you do today.

Have fun! Enjoy your life and remember…be patient with others as you never know what rocks may be in their shoes.

The Questions:

1. Which is more important to me? The newest styled shoes so that I do not set myself apart from my peers, or, not the prettiest, but comfortable shoes that I can walk miles in?
2. What do I feel about Abortion?
3. What do I feel about living with a partner before marriage?
4. If I only had $100 to last for a month of living and my neighbor needed to borrow $50, would I politely tell him/her that I am not financially in a place to loan money or would I loan it?
5. Do I believe racism exists?
6. If I could have any house built for me, what would it look like and be like?
7. Do I believe in euthanasia?
8. Do I believe that parents have a better insight into who I should date than I do?
9. If haven to be given the choice, what would be worse…living in poverty or having wealth but being disabled?
10. What “age” would you consider yourself to be when you are viewed by others as “old?”
11. Should people over the age of 75 be allowed to drive a car?
12. I would rather receive, for a present, an actual wrapped gift or a giftcard/money?
13. How important truly is knowing algebra in life?
14. How much money would I need to have in savings to ensure if something happened to my job that I would do ok until a new job found?
15. Do I believe that God personally exists? If so, why?
16. If I found that I was adopted, do I believe I have the right to know who gave me up for adoption and why?
17. Would I rather have a male supervisor or a female supervisor at work?
18. If given the option, I would rather have a successful career that earns a great salary so that my family has all of their needs met, or, I would accept a minimal salary to work from home and be there for my children, even though we will have a lot of restrictions in where we go, what we do for extra activities?
19. Do I believe angels?
20. If I had a very strange disease in which each morning I wake up and I’m in excruciating pain, unbearable pain, for 10 minutes each morning…but a pill will take away that pain…but it takes 10 minutes for it to begin working….vs..taking a pill that will allow me to die peacefully, which would I choose? Daily pain for the rest of my life for ten minutes each day, or, death?
Cynthia Caron is a married mother of 3 adult children, the youngest 18, and the President/Founder of LostNMissing Inc. a 501c3 Nonprofit that assists law enforcement and families of missing nationally, located in Londonderry, NH


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Laura

    2043? Not sure I’ll still be around by then! :-) I like the concept, but some of the questions are kinda strange. Anyway, thanks for the idea. And have a very good 2013.

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