Holiday Cheer and Stories on LEO 102.9 FM

People bemoan the loss of “old time” entertainment to the video age, but it is clear through the influence of radio personalities such as Dan Patrick and Rush Limbaugh, that radio is a vital part of this information age. At Londonderry High School, the Radio Club is keeping radio alive, broadcasting over LEO 102.9 FM.

This holiday season, Steve Juster’s Honors Writing Workshop class has been getting some exposure to radio broadcasting. Students worked in groups to write children’s holiday stories, then reformatted them for radio: adding some dialogue, timing out pauses, recruiting other students for acting roles. Then, under the direction of one of the students, Rachel Beaton, also a radio club member, students produced five shows for broadcast.

“Rachel gave us all an overall understanding of the studio, then I sent her there each day with the writers and actors. She produced the entire series of shows. For many students, it was their first experience behind a microphone, so she had to edit out some nervous giggles and mishaps.

Everyone wrote the stories. I just hadn’t anticipated keeping the coursework going in the classroom and having a group out of class each day. Knowing the time constraints, next time we will get more shows produced. I say ‘next time’ because it was an experience they all enjoyed. The radio station is a hidden gem of which classes should take advantage. I’m glad we dipped our toe in the water this semester.”

The stories are currently running on the air individually on 102.9 FM and also streaming live on the school district’s website.  There is a compilation of all of the stories available on the website on-demand also. Both can be found at


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