Orchard Christian Fellowship To Break Ground November 30th

Orchard Christian Fellowship, known as The Orchard, has begun construction on a multi-purpose building in Londonderry. Projected completion of the 5800 square foot building and 100 space parking lot is the summer of 2013.  The building will be located at 136 Pillsbury Road.

According to Pastor Ken Glasier, the building will have seating for up to 300 people, a lobby area, an office and a nursery. Pastor Glasier relates, “The Orchard is excited about taking this step of building our first facility – a place for our community to Love God, Love People, and Live God’s Message.”

The Orchard has contracted with Northpoint Construction Management, a design/build firm from Hudson to make their vision of a new church facility in Londonderry a reality. Financing for the project has been arranged through Enterprise Bank and Trust Company in Derry.

Working together with the Planning Department of the Town of Londonderry, Northpoint Construction has put together a site plan preserving many of the apple trees, which have grown on the property for years. Glasier commented, “The Orchard is all about people growing in their faith in God. How great it will be to see the property used for a harvest of a different sort!”

Currently The Orchard meets at Matthew Thornton School on Sunday mornings at 9AM for worship and 10:30AM for Christian education. “We are so grateful for our fantastic working relationship with the Londonderry School District. The staff of the district office and local schools have been so helpful since The Orchard began in September of 2008,” tells Pastor Glasier.

To find out more about the construction project and The Orchard, go to orchardnh.org or find them on Facebook – The Orchard.

This just in from Matthew Thornton Elementary School.

Dear MTS Families,
As you may have noticed, there has been quite a bit of construction behind our field next to the Morrison House. A new church is being erected in the orchard. As a part of the construction process there will be some periodic “blasting” for up to 4 weeks potentially starting as soon as this week. District representatives have met with all parties involved, including the construction management team, and we have been assured this will be entirely safe.

The blasts should not amount to much more than a rumble with the possibility of a very small amount of vibration. All blasting times are currently scheduled to take place when there are no students on the playground.  However, in case schedules are not maintained, we have worked out a communication system with the construction team to let us know when blasts will occur. We will use this knowledge to keep students off the “field area” of the playground at those times. This is merely a precaution.

We are optimistic this will be completed quickly.  Thank you for your wonderful children.  We will, as always, take good care of them.

Carol Mack


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  1. -4 Vote -1 Vote +1Justin Case

    It is unfortunate that the Orchard Christian Fellowship and the Presbyterian Church good not join in fellowship and share the same building even though their religious views differed. Now the town is subjected to yet another intrusion into the Pillsbury Orchard.
    The Moose Hill School is set back from the road and blends nicely and satisfied an unmet need in town.
    The Historical Society has gone way overboard in trying to create a mini-Sturbridge Village. And there is still the unsitely barn in a box – 2 tractor trailers sitting in the orchard. Disgusting waste of town money. I know we voted for it. It is still a waste of $150,000.00.
    I know the Orchard Christian Fellowship owns the land after their split with the Presbyterian Church. So they get to do with it what they want.
    It is still a shame they couldn’t get along with their neighbors and former church members. The Catholic Churches have multiple masses on Sunday and Saturday in the same building.
    What a shame! 3 rows of apple trees is hardly “many of the trees!”
    I can’t wait to see the wonderful transformation of Woodmont!

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