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Although I have had very little experience in reporting, I have never had any complications with taking a situation and writing a story about it: until now. As I sit here staring at a handful of photographs and recapping today’s dedication ceremony, I find myself struggling to formulate sentences deserving enough to describe Sean Cardwell’s Eagle Scout Project. For those who do not know, the project is a memorial consisting of five granite columns representing each branch of the military, honoring Londonderry High School alumni who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

It was almost a year ago when I first heard about Sean’s project. At the time, as a single granite structure in its early stages of planning, it seemed like a very simple idea. Since then, the project evolved into a more complicated structure that involved a lot more work—and a lot more press coverage—than what was originally anticipated.

As a close friend of Sean’s, I know that such an achievement was not an easy task for him. The amount of planning, organizing, hard work, and stress that he sacrificed his time—and even sleep—to put towards the completion of the memorial is simply unbelievable for a seventeen year old high school senior. When I first saw the finished structure, a wave of emotions hit me, rendering me speechless. It has become impossible to communicate the full impact and response to the memorial; Sean has achieved his goal of building something people would remember that will last. Thank you, Sean, for this incredible memorial. We’re all proud of you.

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View more pictures of the event in the Londonderry News Darkroom.

Lauren is a staff photographer for the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center while attending Londonderry High School. Londonderry, New Hampshire has a very active scouting history with a high percentage of young men reaching the rank of Eagle Scout.


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  1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Bob Saur

    Congratulations to Sean! It is a wonderful project that I’m sure the Eagle Board will be impressed by. Best of luck in wrapping up the requirements for your Eagle Rank.

    Lauren, your writing for this story was just perfect. Any reporter would be proud to put their name on this article.

    Let’s all hope and pray that the three names on the memorial never get added to.

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