Do We Suck It Up Again?

There’s always one in the crowd. You know, the guy who can’t ever seem to catch a break. The one who, even when he does get something right, is never good enough for his critics, who always find other faults in him.

You know a country with those traits. It’s the United States. And you know the critics too – those pesky Islamic fundamentalists. As with these most recent American Embassy incidents, is there ever anything bad happening in or to the Islamic world, that isn’t eventually blamed on the United States?

It makes me wonder these days, why we should even have international relations (such as some of those laughingly are…) with any Muslim country. Given the grudges they seem to carry about our country, our way of life, our religions, and our government, I’m not sure they’re worth the aggravation.

In the interest of political correctness, I’m sure it’s worth noting that, just because some factions in the Muslim world would love to see all Americans hung by their necks, it doesn’t mean that all Muslims feel that way. Fair enough. But, on the other hand, you never hear much of a peep from this ‘silent Islamic majority’ to defend us – or at least denounce the words of those Islamic fanatics when they do spew their crap. That mean that, deep in their hearts, either they too really hate us or they fear backlash from the bad guys if they open their mouths. Either scenario depicts a coward’s attitude.

It’s certainly true that a number of Islamic factions among the Muslim population deeply hate the United States and always will. We’ve already seen the Al Qaedas and the Talibans of the world, and their spinoffs and imitators. They are very good at strategically planning the incidents they wish to foment against us, and are masters at inciting other Muslims, among the general population, to do their bidding. We’ve witnessed this with the recent attacks on our embassies and consulates in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and nearly thirty more stations around the world. Thirty more! It’s not just any country that lets its citizens rampage against – and invade – the sovereign territory of another country’s embassy, which the host country, by international law, is sworn to protect. “That no work” as they say in the movie “My Great Big Fat Greek Wedding”.

So when a Muslim country doesn’t care about another country’s sovereign territory (heck, a lot of them didn’t care on September 11, 2001, when Osama bin Laden attacked us right here) and the fanatics get smart, they will use an excuse like this stupid “anti-Muslim” movie, to again slap the United States in the face, knowing the consequences to them will be light, if at all. The impression many in the Muslim world wanted to make with this film was that the entire U.S. population pitched in to make it, with the sole intention of insulting the entire Muslim world. Please… I’ll admit First Amendment rights can be a tricky thing. Then again, what do most Muslim countries know about First Amendment rights, anyhow… They’re most sophisticated governments still chop off someone’s hand for stealing a loaf of bread.

This all begs the question why should Muslims like us?

After all, we have no shared religion. We don’t believe in the same ways of governing ourselves. We don’t hold the same regard for man-made laws, the rules of decency, or rights for women. One side kills in the name of God, while the other side wonders what the heck that’s all about. We haven’t seen that kind of twisting of heavenly values in the western world since the Crusades – but, of course, that little 200-year tiff was also with the Muslim world, who have made an art of killing for Allah these days.

And of course, the Muslim world could never fully embrace the United States anyhow, because, above all, we support Israel. Remember, “the friend of my enemy is my enemy too.” There probably isn’t one Muslim country whose population doesn’t pray daily to Allah for the destruction of Israel. Now not all Muslims would openly say that, but I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that very few wouldn’t shed as much as a tear if one of the louder condemners of the Jews was to successfully annihilate them. It didn’t work for Egypt’s Nassar, but don’t count out Iran’s little president in the ill-fitted suits.

The Jews, as a people, have lived in that region for thousands of years and have more claim to their traditional homeland than any Arab country. To those who believe in the Judeo-Christian heritage, the Jews weren’t called God’s Chosen People for nothing. They belong right where they are.

It’s just been one debacle after another with Muslim countries, since the 1979 take-over of the U.S. embassy in Iran, with one Islamic fundamentalist group or another poking sticks at the big bad Americans. Are we fooling ourselves by thinking that the United States can really make any sort of difference in Islamic countries that don’t really want us there – war or not – and in many cases, simply hate us?

These people know how to read us. They know the American public has little stomach for protracted wars. And they know we have a hard time, as large as our fighting forces are, with successfully fighting a guerilla war. They only need to study the Vietnam War to see that.

Yet our real options are limited. While some may fantasize amount just dropping a bomb on the entire middle east…well, it ain’t that simple. But isn’t there a better way than just sucking it up every time this happens? Or are we always gonna be the guy who can’t ever seem to catch a break?

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  1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Tim Patten


    Like Dennis the Menace said we’re “good ole Mr. Wilson.” But it’s not funny when it’s our sons and daughters that are put in harm’s way.

    But we have the thanks of grateful nations: Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Aganistan, Pakistan. And what is Saudi Arabia doing to help?

    I have to go now to apply for a loan. My gas tank is nearly empty.

  2. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1Laura

    Thanks, Joe. Gotta say I laughed and sighed at the same time.

    Just one quick correction – we DO share a religion with them – there are many Muslims here in the US. But like the rest of us, they’re just getting on with living their lives and not blaming others for their problems.

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