WildCat Season

• WildCats Start Training Camp
• LHS Coach Jon Rich Runs Annual Football Camp

The calendar may indicate it’s the middle of summer, but for 300+ Londonderry families it’s the start of the WildCat season.

Training camp opened up this past week as the WildCat football and cheerleading teams started their annual training for another exciting year of cheerleading and football action.

The WildCat teams spread out all over the fields behind LMS as the WildCat family welcomed new friends and renewed old friendships.  “As much hard work as our volunteers put in, it’s always exciting and fun to see it come together the first week of August”, proudly said LYFS President Chris Cole.  Nearly all of the WildCat teams are full with a couple of kids on waiting lists, notes Chris.  Chris thanks the nearly 100 board members, coaches, and team parents for bringing it all together.  “None of what we do would be possible without the support of the community” indicates Chris.  “It’s all for the kids” he adds.

With well over 100 cheerleaders this season the WildCats look to competing in state, regional and national cheer competitions later this fall.  The D8 cheer team, most new to the sport, gets things going by show how football and cheerleading work together – the winning TD pose.

Even after one day of practice……..”These 9 moves are not as easy as they seem”…see for yourself.

On the other end of the spectrum the 30+ strong D13 team start practice with a stretch.

On the football side over 200 athletes are set to play football for the WildCats this year broken up into teams U3 (3rd graders) through Varsity (8th graders).  Below long time WildCat coach Gary Richard patiently works with the U3 football team showing them the proper spacing for offensive line work.

The highlight of the week was LHS Varsity Head Coach Jon Rich and his three day football camp.  This now annual event brings together the WildCats and the LHS coaching staffs to work on the basics of the single-wing offense used by LHS.  The WildCats introduce the base concepts of the single wing at the U3 level and add to that other skills all the way up to the Varsity level.  When players move on to high school they not only have an understanding of football – but have been instructed using the same concepts used at LHS.

Check the link below for some more exciting pictures and videos of “Noodle Time” and hear what Coach Rich had to say to the young WildCats.

The WildCats have a long history of having former players and cheerleaders, now LHS veterans, coming back to our program in support.  Annually several LHS cheerleaders come back to the WildCats to act as demonstrators and coach trainees.Below “Little” Jed Sweetman and Dylan Cole, now LHS seniors, come back to help out at football camp.  Both Jed and Dylan started their football life’s as WildCat Mitey-Mites 9 years ago.

Below Coach Rich works with the U5 team.

The new U3′s learn the basics of the hand-off and run……right from the coach.

WATER BREAK – It was hot last week and everyone had plenty of breaks and water.

At the end of every practice the dreaded sprints.  Even at the end of 2 hour practice in 90 degree heat, you just have to do sprints.  WHO says that can’t be fun.  Watch the Noodle Video and find out just how much “fun” you can have.  Watch “Sweets” do the bear crawl.

What do you think Coach Rich had to tell the WildCats at the end of the three day camp.  Did he tell them about making the NFL or did he speakl to something more important


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