Perfect Peaches, Perfect Scenery in Londonderry

We were warned, upon selecting the “Just right peach” at Mack’s apples, we asked how much would it weigh? The estimate was nearly a pound, so at over $2.00 a pound we moved in the direction of the register cradling it with care. It came in just over one half pound, good thing since only $4.00 was found in the wallet.

We were also warned, “If you are going to eat that in the car, you had better take some napkins with you…” Interrupting we explained a personal preference for chilled peaches. Off for home, with one fresh, ripe, peach cradled but certainly not fitting into the cup holder of the sport utility vehicle.

While the peach was good enough to film, the way home lead us through a bit of paradise in Londonderry. The Adams road Scenic Byway.

As you travel down the byway from Mammoth Road you will find that the canopy is dramatic with the trees close to the road. This vegetation can not be removed without Planning Board and Town Council approval, so enjoy it!

Just past the pond on your right as you pass around the corner with Cross Road on your left, just past the Bee Hives you will come to Mack’s U-Pick 2. Across from the huge maple trees once tapped for Maple Syrup you will find Mrs. Cross’s peaches. These fresh picked fruits by Mrs. Cross herself are a bargain at only $2.00 a great big box. If you want seconds, they are even less.

While you may consider them utility peaches and not quite as perfect as those grown by her son Mike Cross, these are worth the stop. They are only $2.00 for a great big box, as long as you use the recycled bag Mrs. Cross has under the box. Good thing we still had the two dollars left from Mack’s!

By the look of the peach trees in her back yard, and the gopher standing on his back legs picking them, you had best get to this stand this holiday weekend. Mrs. Cross should have plenty left, that is if she can keep chasing off the gopher with her broom!

You must be wondering, the taste test? Just the same, juicy fresh and a taste of Londonderry. Both the same one more perfect than the other.


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